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FXCryptoClub.cc is a site which was registered on March 5, 2019 for 1 year. Today is October 10, 2019. This site then has been online for 7 months. They have been growing steadily in popularity and currently seem especially popular in New Zealand. We have just heard of them recently when a visitor left the following comment:

Can you please review fxcryptoclub.cc!! I received a call and I was unfortunately convinced to invest 250 euro with a bonus of 250v euro!! During the first day my so – called advisor was kind and keen to help me with several phone calls. I even made a profit on their plattorm. On the second day I received one phone call and one email!! Since then I received no phone calls and no emails in response to my emails.

So if you too are wondering whether FXCryptoClub.cc a SCAM, read on!

fxcryptoclub.cc - FX Crypto Club

What is FXCryptoClub.cc?

FXCryptoClub.cc uses the Activ8 online CFDs trading platform by Leverate Ltd.

Leverate offers a service which many companies use, allowing them to instantly open an online FX/CFDs trading site.

There is also an Activ8 mobile app by Leverate Ltd available on Google Play and Apple Store.

The reviews of these app show that scam brokerages may be using it to fleece money from investors, much like scammers used the SpotOption platform in the binary options days. For example, in July someone wrote:

I had an account in their broker cryptokartal i mean they are scam please guys do not invest in their broker you will lose all of your invest i lost 1700$ they did not let me at all to withdraw be aware about where you invest

Who is Behind FXCryptoClub.cc?

Milton Group Ltd. is the company operating FXCryptoClub.cc. They are registered in Marshall Islands (Registration number: 93114).

Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro Republic of Marshall Islands MH 96960.

Contact Information

Support is allegedly offered 24/7 via the following channels:

  • FXCryptoClub.cc offers a call back feature where you can leave your number and email and have them call you back.
  • There’s also a live chat option and a contact form.
  • Phone: +442080893079.
  • Support email: support@fxcryptoclub.cc
  • Compliance email: compliance@fxcryptoclub.cc

Review Conclusion: Is FXCryptoClub a SCAM?

FXCryptoClub.cc looks like a legitimate CFD provider. At least at the time being we don’t have enough reasons to suspect that FX Crypto Club is a scam.

That being said, CFD trading in itself is quite a questionable investment. It is very similar to binary options trading which is now illegal almost everywhere. CFDs trading is already illegal in the United States and Belgium. There’s a very high chance to lose money, sometimes even more than was deposited. Moreover, when you make money, the house loses. Which makes it very unlikely that the brokerage will allow you to win. If someone starts winning too much, then they will probably be blocked from the platform.

We feel that it should be realized that CFDs trading is financial gambling. If you can afford to lose a minimum of $250-500, then by all means, sign up and enjoy the thrill. Remember though that the chances of winning any money are very slim.

The bonus scheme mentioned in the introduction to this review is something to beware of when signing up with CFD brokers. Remember that once you take a bonus, you will often not be able to withdraw even the amount you invested.

If you feel that you have been scammed by FXCryptoClub.cc, please let us know by commenting below.


  1. Issa saidou BA

    I was scam fxcryptoclub.cc but till 2 years I make process to take my money back we never help me.

  2. issa saidou BA

    they call me about bitcoin and they me to sent moey they take my money by wireless bank now i callthem to take nmoney they dont answer me..what can i do to take back my money

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