Giga Watt Scam Warning!

Giga Watt, found at, claims to be the “best home for your mining” as well as the “world’s first full-service mining solution provider.”

Giga-Watt Information

The domain was registered on November 13, 2016 using a privacy service to hide the identities of its registrant. According to the site’s Privacy Policy, GigaWatt, Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore entity. This is in contrary to what’s stated on their homepage, which would be that the address of GigaWatt Inc. is 1 Campbell Pkwy, East Wenatchee, WA 98802, USA.

The only contact information available for GigaWatt Inc. are the following email addresses:

  • Customer Support:
  • Press Inquiries:
  • Open House Visit:

Is Giga-Watt a scam? Testimonials

Unfortunately, we’ve just received a troubling report from one of our subscribers, indicating that GigaWatt might be a fraudulent mining service. Here is the testimonial which was sent to us on January 1, 2018:

Greetings, I wanted to give you a heads up of a scam / deceptive trade practices. My dad lost $50,000 with GigaWatt (the miner company based in Wenatchee, Washington) and the coins to be traded on the GigaWatt (MTT) sold by Cryptomonous. Very Enronesque. He bought mining equipment that was to be delivered in June but they have failed to deliver or give a refund of the miner. They have now agreed to refund the amount of the coins. But we are having to take the matter to the Attorney General of Washington to get a refund of the miners on the basis of deceptive trade practices. I have a slew of information about this company – including the alter-ego between Cryptomonous and GigaWatt. I have been to GigaWatt’s offices and were met with a handful of young women who likely worked at Wal-Mart prior to this job. It was a boiler room sort of feel inside an airplane hanger!!!! I suspect there are lots of people who have been scammed by them. GigaWatt funds its operation by selling “miners” and then Cryptomonous sells “coins” under MTT that can only be mined on GigaWatt miners. And then they got themselves into a bigger deceptive practice – Thank you for warning people about this scam.

The reviews we found on Google, averaging 1.8 stars out of 5, for Giga Watt Inc. are unflattering at most, as you can below:

Trash do not trust this company

Orders delayed months, no communication or transparency. They still sell miners on website for December yet my orders from August/September won’t be setup. I cannot even dispute my orders with my credit card company… just keep fingers crossed this company stays afloat

Cannot recommend them to anyone. Poor customer service

Shaddy company! Nothing but a run around. Over promise, and late deliveries on product and when you ask for answers they just ignore you.

This company is a soft ponzi scheme. Very late in delivering the product and dishonest. They will use being delayed as an excuse while they’re overclocking your equipment and send you the used machines afterwards.

Popularity is a rather popular site, it would seem. According to SimilarWeb, their global rank is 145,834. In the US, they are ranked 65,325. which comes as no surprise since almost a third of their traffic comes from the US. They are also slightly popular in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

Much of their traffic is referred from, and they also seem to have a connection with

If you too were scammed by Giga Watt, please share your story with us or any information you have about them by commenting below.

In case you’re interested in legitimate mining opportunities, feel free to visit our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide.


  1. paul

    I was scammed by gigawatt also 1btc at the time about $3000 how can join the law suit

  2. goku

    It not scam i’m be happy to do mining with them

    • bppsp

      Really ? Enjoy the bankruptcy filing but you are probably a shill so it wont matter.

  3. gino

    scammmmmmmmm scammmmmmmm scammmmmmmmm

  4. B Kripto

    This is what I think it happened in case of giga watt.
    They used money from wtt ico to build pods promising us batches of miners deployment.
    Than they were late with issuing tokens while telling us to pay for miners and get in line for their deployment. While our miners were “stored” and waiting for deployment, I think they used our miners, payed by us to mine crypto for their own benefit.
    So while I was financing their pods and financing their equipment, they were collecting LTC and BTC on massive scale. At same time they were giving us sad stories about “unforeseen” delays. Now that difficulty is to the roof, they will let us to mine for peanuts. One L3+ was able to mine 7 LTC in September October, and today its like 0.8 LTC. Now you do the math how much they stole from us. I think whole project needs to be shut down and all arrested. When I was mining they had 1000’s of L3+ on litecoinpool dot org. it hurts man.
    scammers to the bone

    • Anonymous

      Complete scam – purchased November 2017 and still not deployed and it’s July 12 2018 the L3’s are worthless – they need to be shut down ASAP

  5. Hemraj Singh

    Paid for 2 L3+ miners which were never delivered. So i filed in small claim courts in TN. I am filing judgment and will tear their cloths for my money because I can do so. Judgement is very powerful tool. So i recommend all to file for claims, get judgment and get your money. Process is slow but eventually you will get rewarded. They are running 1000’s of L3+ miners on
    They are #2 on their mining site:
    2 gigawatt 1,825.9 Gh/s and making 95.0 LTC/day.
    2 gigawatt 20,638,821,411

    • Manik

      Hi Hemraj,
      Can you please tell me how can i make a court against against Gigawatt. I paid $2100 for Dash miner on September, 2017 and it has not been delivered yet.
      I want to have the money refunded back to me, Support/Sales of Gigawatt have been giving me lame excuses that my equipment will be equipped in the Pod very soon. The miner is worthless now, atleast I want my money back. Can you please help me with the court case against them? Many thanks in advance!

  6. Stephen Jones

    NOT a scam. My miner has been running since December giving me great profits. There was a two month delay ( was scheduled for October) but this is a STARTUP. So many immature investors in crypto, most startups don’t generate any money for years and idiots have their panties in a bunch over a few months? If you want instant gratification then DONT invest in startups.

  7. FahQ

    I was scammed by Giga-Watt. I am now jumping onboard with the class action lawsuit. They initially indicated in the summer they would be ready to host me by October. They still have not sent me a reply about what is going on. Over $1.5k invested of Bitcoin when Bitcoin was around $2,000. So now that investment is worth nearly $13,0000. Never trust your bitcoin to some mining scam like this!!!!

  8. namron

    admin:can you give us some reviews about this mining site called THE PERFECT CLOUD MINING ZONE…

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