Review is a high yield investment program which supposedly generates up to 50,000% after 3 days. Their claims are nothing but outrageous lies.

When we were investigating this service, we found a lot of disturbing facts which proves that, this platform is nothing but a scam which targets newbie investors. This service has been active for little over a month and within this short while has scammed a lot of people.

Continue reading our full unbiased review to know why we recommend all our readers not to mess with this fraudulent platform.

Creator, Company and Support

Though we went through every page there wasn’t a single clue which could be used to trace the identity of the actual creators behind this platform. These faceless criminals are very well aware of the fact that they have to face criminal prosecution if they ever get caught.

The firms which provide financial services in the United Kingdom has to be licensed by FCA in order to raise money from the investors lawfully. Though this firm represents an ICO there is no company details except the name put up on their website, We have confirmed through FCA Limited has never been licensed which means they are operating outside the law.

There a few bogus details like address and email put up just to appear trustworthy.

Address – 130 Colney Hatch Lane, London.

Email – [email protected]

How does Work?

This firm was supposedly founded by a bunch of self proclaimed professional traders, brokers, auditors and bankers. These people have the required experience and analytical skills to choose specific financial instrument to gain maximum amount of profit.

They state that their strategies are based on principles of controlled risks and effective money management which helps them predict market movement which guarantee profits.


The narration might seem believable if you are a newbie as they have used a lot of technical words but rest assured it does not make much sense. The explanation is so vague and inconclusive that is does explain how the funds are handled or utilized.

How can an investor trust this firm with their money without knowing the trading system it follows?

What kind of profits does offer?

Earning an income through the market requires effort and dedication just like the other things in life. There is no magic button which can make you rich.

Get rich quick schemes like this one use high returns claims to catch your attention lure in new and inexperienced investors. For maximum return investors have to select a costlier plan which requires more upfront capital.

The 3 investment plans offered by this platform are

Plan 1

500% after 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $30

Ref. commission – 3%

Plan 2

5000% after 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $300


Ref. commission – 5%

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Plan 3

50,000% after 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3000

Ref. commission – 10%

Returns like these are impossible to deliver on a consistent basis.


Testimonies are used to earn the trust of the investors by most legitimate solutions but scams like these have twisted them for their own crooked needs. The testimonials on this website from the alleged early users is extremely favorable towards them wherein they express their views about this firm and how it helped them earning a stable source of revenue. - Fake Testimonials

When we were trying to verify whether they are from real users or not, it was clear that all of them are from fake user profiles with stock photos purchased or stolen from other websites.

Ask yourself why would they put up fake testimonials unless they are trying to hide something from us?

Affiliate Program encourages its existing users to refer more people on to their platform. Attractive incentives are provided to anyone promoting this platform. The affiliates are paid up to 10% of the deposits made by their referrals.


The affiliates are also provided with access to marketing and promotion tools.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10.

They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly.

Domain Popularity

According to this domain was registered on 17/05/2017 and expires on 16/05/2019.

This website has a global rank of 1,050,074 and it ranks 21,278 in Bangladesh.

This service specifically targets users from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Is a Scam?


Considering all the facts above it is pretty clear that it is an overblown fraud. If this platform was really legitimate they would have provided a demo account to see how their so called software performs in real time.

Since there is no free trial or any other way to test out this service do not waste your time on this fraudulent platform. Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which might pay some clients once in a while but understand the fact that this model cant last for long. Don’t yield to any of these get rich quick schemes.


If you have any experience with, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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