Hash-Ocean.com Review

We’re not sure what Hash Ocean is since at the time of writing this review, the site was already down. We first heard of HashOcean in a comment a visitor from Sweden left in our Contact Us page. The person wrote: “I went into 2 big Ponzi Scams: Hash-Ocean.com Cryptoexpert24.com.” We already blacklisted Cryptoexpert24. HashOcean was already gone, indicating that it indeed was probably a scam.

hash-ocean.com (Hash Ocean)

We have decided to post this warning anyway, in case they return. They may have already returned with a different web address. If you are aware of something like that, please make sure to let us know by commenting below.

The domain Hash-ocean.com was registered through Name.com, Inc. on April 15, 2019 for 1 year. It is currently ranked moderately well internationally, especially in the United States. It seems that most of the visitors to the site while it was live were Americans.

If you were scammed by Hash-Ocean.com, please comment below and share your story with us.


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