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Note: We’re posting this Ethmine review even though the site seems to be down. We hope it’s gone for good and will not resurface with a new domain name. If it does, or if you have already been scammed by, please let us know by commenting below this review. is an amateur infestation to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As you collect the facts throughout this review, you will begin to realize how feeble of an operation Ethmine is compared to other reliable platforms. Specializing in Ethereum, Ethmine asserts their platform as a cloud mining destination with virtually little to no information besides promised returns disclosed upon the site. Acquire the truth about throughout this detailed publication to learn why you should avoid this substandard Ponzi scheme!

What is

According to, Ethmine is an ICO cloud mining operation specializing in the mining of Ethereum. Why they are asserting their site as an ICO hybrid we are unsure, since no other cryptocurrency other than Ethereum is featured on their platform. As with most illicit mining sites we review, the investment service concept employed at Ethmine is only sustainable for a short duration of time due to functioning off of a Ponzi scheme business model.

How does Work?

Ethmine functions similar with most Ponzi schemes that we have blacklisted. A prospective investor looking to invest their cryptocurrencies, which in this case Ethereum, researches various sites in the hopes they find a promising investing opportunity where they eventually stumble upon Investors are immediately allured due to the promise of high returns featured on their site where they then deposit into the platform.

The deposited Ethereum gets broken down where a generous portion is kept by the creators while the remaining Ethereum gets used to fuel the deposit requests filed by previously established investors. While no transparent evidence of mining or investing of Ethereum are disclosed upon the site, the only verifiable source of income entering the site would be through the mislead deposits of victimized investors.

As with all Ponzi schemes, this business model becomes unsustainable once the quantity of traffic needed to balance out the withdrawal requests are failed to be obtained. This is where the creators behind these scam launches will then resort to petty excuses regarding withdrawal delays until finally they simply resort to the straight theft of all deposited Ethereum. In time, Ethmine will resort to these same measures which is why we are urging investors to avoid this operation.

Ethmine Investment Packages

Listed below are the 3 mining packages offered at

Package 1

Deposit: 0.01 ETH

Daily Return: 2.5%

Annual Return: 912.50%

Duration of Plan: Forever

Package 2

Deposit: 10 ETH

Daily Return: 7.5%

Annual Return: 2,737.50%

Duration of Plan: Forever

Package 3

Deposit: 100 ETH

Daily Return: 15%

Annual Return: 5,475%

Duration of Plan: Forever Scam Test

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

Of course not! The creators and operators behind Ethmine are trying to remain anonymous so that they can continue to deceive investors once has shut down for good.

How old is the website?

A report will reveal that is a relatively new site that was created on October 9th, 2017. The site,, was privately registered which means we are unable to find out information pertaining to the owners.

Does the site disclose a physical address?

The only address we are provided on the site would be their email address,, along with the telephone number +1 732-200-278. To no surprise, none of the social media widgets located towards the top right of the site function properly either as you can see. - 404

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website?

No sites of any kind share an association with

Does the website promise unrealistic returns?

The returns promised at don’t even dwell within the same dominion of plausible. Clearly the creators behind this operation are trying to make their mining packages as enticing sounding as possible.

How popular is the website?, as of December 2017, did not possess any rankings or results due to how unpopular and little quantities of traffic the site receives. Review Conclusion is a manipulative and ridiculous Ponzi scheme created by half-witted scam artists. Every characteristic exhibited on the site screams scam while the returns guaranteed are obviously too good to be true. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted with such absurd claims of generating quick riches through no effort on your end, this is the epitome upon which most scam operations are built and it is no different with the unethical Ethmine operation.

Review Verdict: Ethmine is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Sergi

    I lost 900€ there. Any one know what can I do? Thanks mil.

  2. Ignacio Rodríguez

    i lost .01 Bitcoins in ani i tried to contact interpol webcrime division but no response what else can i do? i have mails, user account

    • Sergi

      Buenas! Estoy igual que tu. Has podido denunciar o algo?

  3. Isaac

    Bill did you cash that money out or is it sitting in your account?

    • Bill Vincebit

      I have received many withdraws and made much profit with this platform. I love it. It is one of the best so far.

    • Bill Vincebit

      I hope you have not invested in Ethmine. A few days ago they stopped paying.

      • Isaac

        No I have not, thank you for the reply! Sorry to hear that.

  4. Bill Vincebit

    I’m suprised by this review. I have made $200 from this so far. Also there is a lotof wrong info here concerning social sites and the contracts are 1 year.

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