Markets Cube Review – Unregulated Broker!

Markets Cube is a broker with a troubled history. While they do offer many unique one of a kind thing in the trading realm, the amount of negative comments on them is unparalleled.

On the bright side, they do offer tight spreads and excellent order executions, but they come with a higher barrier of entry. If you have stumbled across this broker and wondering whether or not they are reliable, then read our review to know everything about them.

After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. Markets Cube Review

Licenses and Support Team

Ever since online investing became mainstream, the trading world has been plagued by offshore scam brokers. Many people have lost tens of thousands of dollars to these kind of fraudsters who unfortunately still operate to this day.

However, remember that not all unregulated brokers are frauds, but the vast majority certainly is. Markets Cube is not overseen by any regulatory entities.

This broker operates under Trio Solutions Ltd which is operating from Bulgaria. If you need any help or have any queries, then you can contact the support team via email and telephone.

Asset Class, Charting Solution and Account Types

The asset class and instruments offered by this broker covers the needs of most of the traders. Although the spreads might be a concerning point if you are a scalper.

Unfortunately, we do not know the leverage they offer across various asset classes as they have not mentioned that on their website. However, be very careful if you are looking for higher leverage as it can make or break your account in a short period of time.

As far as the charting solutions and interface is considered, this broker uses Sirix platform. The software is web based and offers all the normal functionalities you would expect.

If you are someone who uses expert advisors to trade or need custom indicators, then this platform might not be the best fit for you. When it comes to an all round winner MT4 compatible brokers are the best for most people.

The base account traders will get access to educational series and other common amenities. For tighter spreads and access to personal account managers, the traders have to put up upfront capital of over $5,000 which is too steep. This image will explain the main features associated with different account types. Markets Cube Account Types

Social Trading and Educational Outlet

Social trading is popular nowadays and they allow the people who cannot afford to spend time in front of the charts to take advantage of the markets. However, do remember that even if you are copying someone, you will not get the same execution as them as delays are inevitable.

On the other hand, if you do know an account manager or trader who has got a better stats which justifies the risk, then it might be a worthwhile venture. Do not dream of making money through social trading alone, because every trader will have to face some pitfalls along the way.

There is an educational outlet on their website which is quite comprehensive. Adequate amount of attention has been given to the material and they are available in all formats.

Along with the tutorial and ebooks, there is a section explaining different market trading strategies as well. Spend some time reading their content as the things they have covered is extremely relatable to every trader.

Customer Feedback

Below are the testimonies about this broker on popular forums such as TrustPilot.

Stay away from this so called trading company

The people working for this company are crooks. I paid them 11,000 Euros and it has all but gone. I had a Boris Hunt at first as an account manager but he disappeared after pressuring me to invest in more money, which I didn’t. Then I got a Michael Hutch. Well what can I say about this so called human being? He told me he leaves early on a Friday to fly in the company jet to Greece to stay in his holiday home., then returns on Monday morning. He is one of the most impertinent, churlish and sarcastic person I have had the pleasure of talking to. When I asked if I could get back my money he just laughed. He puts the phone down on you when you try to ask questions, accuses me of having an attitude . He says he is acting professionally. Stay clear of Markets Cube. They are full of lies and deceit. I have a company trying to get my money back. We shall see.


Very bad service. After I deposited, they asked for more money. When i refused to transfer more, they simply stopped calling me!!! Also, I can’t withdraw the money I transferred. Avoid this company!

Markets Cube Review Conclusion

Markets Cube appears to be a reasonable broker on first glance, but due to the overwhelming amount of negative comments from clients, it is difficult to recommend them.

However, if you have used them or planning to indulge with them, then be cautious and start with the minimum deposit. Given the history of unregulated brokers and the damage it has caused over the years, exercise extreme caution all the time.

Do you have any experience with Markets Cube? Feel free to share your views by leaving a comment below.


  1. Dave

    Anybody else on here had account wiped on marketscube out by fictitious trades done not by them, told me i must have been hacked, but logic dictates hacker didn’t benefit so who did.

  2. Annaram

    I have been with this company for a few months and have no complaints so far. Unfortunately I was unable to top up when my margin level dropped and several trades were sacrificed. I just had too many. My advisor told me to reduce the level to 3 or 4 and now I am building up the account again without adding any more to the basic level I started with. I want to take some profit soon, and then we will see what happens,

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