NSX Coin Review – Reputable Broker or Not?

NSX Coin is a relatively new brokerage who has been getting a lot of attention lately. They offer a versatile platform and boasts of a wide array of asset classes.

In short, regardless of what type of trader you are, they have something to offer to everyone. However, they also have got a decent share of criticism as well. They are regulated and offer decent customer support.

If you are wondering whether this broker will meet all your personal requirements, then continue reading our review till the end to find out all the answers.

License, Regulation and Customer Support

As retail clients, it is important to always make sure that the broker you are using is licensed and regulated. We by no means are saying that all unregulated entities are scams, but most of them are.

So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. NSX Coin is operated by Tech Mount LTD, OU and the registration number is as follows: 14487342. Apart from the regulations, this broker follows strict KYC policy which is a positive sign.

If you need any kind of assistance on their platform, then you can contact them via email and telephone. Note that, due to shortage of feedback, we cannot comment anything about their proficiency.

Considering all the things we have discussed, this broker definitely seems both reliable and professional.


Asset Class, Charting Platform and Interface

The asset class on this brokerage consists major forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices. Amount of leverage depends upon the specific stocks and as far as forex and cryptos are considered, the trading conditions are reasonable.

This broker is compatible with popular platforms such as MT4 and even have their own interface as well. To make sure that traders are well connected with the news events and markets, they have come up with their own mobile apps.

If you are someone who prefers to use trading bots or Expert Advisors, then you can easily set up the software accordingly and there are no restrictions whatsoever. Moreover, traders can use most if not all of the indicators with the MetaTrader and even create their own versions of it if needed.

They have a dedicated educational outlet as well. Whether you are a beginner or not, the tutorials and daily market updates will help base your bias.

Customer Feedback

The testimonials from clients are one of the most powerful indicators of the service. After all, the truth cannot be hidden for long. This broker has a kind of mixed reaction from the public, half of the clients are happy with the platform while the other half report scam type behaviour.

Since we do not have all the data, we do not know anything for sure. However, here are some of the comments made by people on Trustpilot forum.

This is my experience with nsxcoin.com. I got enrolled via that btc-loophole ad, and was signed-up lightning fast to nxs coin as a broker, and asked to deposit the minimum of US$250. Got assigned an account manager, who was polite initially and had regular weekly calls with him. Made a small profit in a couple of trades, and then after 3 weeks, the account manager started asking to put in more money. I can understand the need for bigger amount of deposit to do viable trading; but after consideration that I currently do not have enough funds to what was ‘reasonable’ amount, I decided to withdraw instead. After I informed the account manager of this via email, all communications stopped completely, no calls or emails whatsoever. So I continued to request for withdrawal of my money via the website, email confirmation of the withdrawal request came, but after two weeks (they said requests would be handled within 7-10 business days) and still nothing happened. Emailed back to the support team, made 2 international calls to the ‘supposed’ contact number (which is only an answering machine), and still nothing. No response at all. Yesterday I tried to login into the system, and surprise surprise! a message popped up saying “Trading Restricted Please note: Due to our regulatory structure, we are unable to offer our services to residents or citizens of your jurisdiction. Thank you for considering our services, and we apologize for any inconvenience. ” Ironic. If that was so, why the heck did they allow me to sign up and take my deposit in the first place! So my lesson learnt, and hopefully consideration for others thinking to sign up. Stay away or sign up at your own risk!

“Trust build on Trust ” 2nd review

Today I am going to give answer to all the people who give Nsxcoin bad reviews. Most of these bad reviews are about the scam company who will eat your deposit and you will never find money back in your account. Nsxcoin is a trading brand and it is approved trading company in europe. they strictly follow europe and international law of trading. I personally withdraw money from my account and money was approved and deposited to my credit card account. they have professional team of trading and expert who are available to help you in trading and I guarantee you their advice will win you money. Nsxcoin has the most advance and easy trading platform. once you open a account in this company, your account manager will help you for making trades . but you have to have good deposit in your account in order to have a good trade. Dont simply write down baseless negative review about the company, if you dont fully understand it. “Nsxcoin is not scam or fraud company ” if they are fraud company they will already be out of business. I hope it will give answer to those who always try to discourage others about Nsxcoin. They will here to stay for business.

NSX Coin Review Conclusion

NSX Coin appears to be a legitimate broker operating legally in Europe. However, due to the unusual amount of mixed impression about them online, it is better to deal with them cautiously.

While they do offer one of a kind service along with ensuring proper educational content to all the clients, their account types with additional privileges like dedicated account manager are costly.

So, if you really want to get indulged with them, then make sure that you test them out with the minimum deposit amount first and then see for yourself whether they are worth it or not.

Have you used NSX Coin Brokerage? Share your valuable feedback and opinion by commenting below.


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  2. Eric Gee

    bunch of lying deceitful devious MFs, stay away from these theives. as said above, they lure you in with urgency to get the deal, you’ll never get it back, the link to apply for your money back doesnt work. very very cunning liars
    Eric NZ

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