MinerGate Review – Trustworthy Bitcoin Mining Pool?

MinerGate.com is a cryptocurrency mining pool that was allegedly created by a group of crypto coin enthusiasts. Launched into operation a little over 3 years ago on March 4th, 2014, MinerGate has served as a reputable mining pool destination amongst crypto-miners. Recent research though will reveal some shady business dealings being practiced by MinerGate. The chief complaints regarding MinerGate would be the theft of hashing power and taking portions of mined shares for themselves.

While these complaints may seem justifiable to MinerGate due to how inexpensive they offer their services, we still find it shady to say the least. With this in mind, the objective of our comprehensive review would be to provide you with all the information necessary to determine whether or not you believe this Bitcoin mining pool to be a trustworthy and promising mining destination.


About MinerGate

MinerGate is an online cloud mining site where investors can mine a variety of cryptocurrencies. Compared to most cloud mining sites where users can only mine a singular cryptocurrency, users at MinerGate are able to mine different coins simultaneously. Users are also enabled the ability to auto-mine coins with the highest exchange rate so that they can generate the most profit from their computing power.

According to the site, if you choose to mine more than one cryptocurrency simultaneously, users shouldn’t suffer a decrease in hashing power. Contradictory to this claim though, many users have reported a decrease (or theft) of hashing power when they have tried to mine more than one cryptocurrency at one time. No conclusive research has been proven in this regard but numerous user-reports make this a difficult topic of discussion to overlook.

Regardless, MinerGate is still one of the largest and most reputable cloud mining sites currently hosting over 1.7 million miners world-wide.

Who is Behind MinerGate?

Due to how popular of a cloud mining site that MinerGate is, we were surprised to discover that the only identifiable information provided on the site would be their email address (contact@minergate.com). Typically operations of this magnitude don’t remain an anonymous operation for long, yet MinerGate has figured out a way to do just that. A Whois.com report will reveal that MinerGate.com was privately registered making it nearly impossible to acquire the registrar information.

Furthermore, no relevant ownership information can be discovered on their About, Contact or Terms of Use pages. Even their social media pages like their Facebook page (facebook.com/MinerGate) fail to churn up any evidence as to whom is responsible or operating behind this large cloud mining destination.

How does MinerGate work?

Users who wish to mine cryptocurrencies at MinerGate must first create an account at MinerGate.com. For novice users who are new to mining cryptos, MinerGate provides their own wallet so users without a wallet address are enabled to start mining. The incorporation of a 2 factor authentication is recommended so that even if someone figures out your password your funds are still in safe hands.

The next step you will need to complete after you have created your account would be to download the MinerGate software, then install it. If done correctly, the website should be able to detect the software on your operating system and verify that it is the most current and correct version. Once these steps have been completed the software should automatically be able to tell which equipment you possess, where users will be prompted to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency or whichever one they choose.

The last step would be to select Start Mining, then verify the quantity of cores you wish to use. Assumingely, the fewer amount of cores you wish to enact, the slower hash rate you will generate, but the less stress your hardware will have to endure.

MinerGate Platform Features

MinerGate provides miners with a number of unique features that aren’t necessarily available on other cloud mining sites. Listed below are several features that you can expect to take advantage of at MinerGate.com.

Smart Mining

Another feature available at MinerGate enables miners to employ an algorithm to determine which cryptocurrencies will yield the highest profit to power ratio. Users have the ability to determine whether this feature be enabled, or if they prefer to mine a cryptocurrency of their own choice.

Profitability Calculator

MinerGate features a profitability calculator on their site so users can determine their profit at any time. Users can calculate their hourly, daily or weekly profit potential through their profitability calculator.

Versatile Mining

Besides having access to 14 cryptocurrencies, users are able to mine more than one cryptocurrency simultaneously. Allegedly, the site claims you can use this innovative feature without suffering a loss of hash power, but user-feedback argues otherwise.

MinerGate Reward Program

Miners have an incentive program where they are able to achieve badges for tasks completed. The more tasks you complete, the more badges you earn, which will ultimately earn you a free prize through MinerGate once all badges have been acquired.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

MinerGate supports a total of 14 cryptocurrencies. Now, dependent upon with cryptocurrency you choose to mine will reflect your profit to power ratio. This is where MinerGate’s smart mining features becomes quite valuable due to the fact it can check which cryptocurrencies are the most lucrative to mine to enable you to generate as much profit possible.

MinerGate - Supported Coins

Is MinerGate a Scam?

MinerGate is not a scam, Ponzi scheme or pyramid operation. MinerGate.com is a legitimate and reputable cloud mining site for miners who are looking to accrue more cryptocurrencies for their Bitcoin wallets. Relevant and recent user-feedback will indicate to us that MinerGate appears to be skimming users hashing power when mining more than one cryptocurrency at one time, but other than this mishaps, there have been no reports of abuse which is rare across a cloud mining site that hosts over 1 million miners daily.

Community Feedback

I’ve noticed about 15% drop in hash rate when using them, and their miners go down a lot…They’re a great way to get your feet wet, but don’t waste a $4,000 mining rig hashing for them.

I’ve had no problem withdrawing my balances. I have have no doubt they are using some of my hash to benefit themselves. The definition of a scam is something one can argue over. Is this a scam because you could do way better on your own with little effort? Yes. Is this a scam because you will never see a dime of the currency you mine? No.

For more feedback regarding whether MinerGate is a scam, feel free to visit this Reddit thread.


A SimiliarWeb report shows that MinerGate.com had a global rank of 2,345 as of November 8th, 2017, which makes them one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining sites. On average, this site receives a total of over 11 million monthly visits, which indicates to us that MinerGate is a popular cloud mining site. Most of MinerGate’s visitors consist of people from Russia, Brazil, the United States, Ukraine and Vietnam.

MinerGate Review Conclusion

MinerGate is an authentic cloud mining site that enables hundreds of thousands of miners the ability to mine cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. An operation as reputable and widely-used as MinerGate doesn’t achieve their level of users by scamming individuals even though the allegations of them skimming hashing power does raise concerns. Until more feedback has been received MinerGate will not be classified as a scam. However, we aren’t also condoning the use of this cloud mining site.

Verdict: MinerGate is a recommended mining pool!

If you have any experience or knowledge concerning MinerGate, we encourage you to share your feedback in the form of a comment below!

For legitimate mining opportunities, you’re welcome to visit our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide.

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  1. grevanhere

    From my perspective, MinerGate is a legit mining operation. I’ve never witnessed any suspicious actions with my (or anyone else’s) funds from the company’s side. No surprises.

  2. amberty

    Let’s set it straight: you may like MinerGate, you can hate it, you can don’t give a heck about it, BUT it’s obvious that this pool despite some flaws is not a scam. Thousands of people use it right now and they get rewards for mining because MinerGate is doing its’ mission.

  3. VFrrr

    I believe that the company that keeps on developing its’ services and paying people for mining for 4.5 years in the row can’t be a scam. My own experience is enough for me to have no doubts about that.

  4. finnmanj

    I think that scam accusations are the product of the inflated expectations of some angry people who didn’t figure out how MinerGate works and how much they can earn using their hardware. I spent some time to do the research and configured my mining process thoroughly. Now I get some profit from MinerGate without any troubles.

    • Sven Scholten

      They scam me more then 4000 USD. They stopped payout BTC Cloud Mining at 18th January and dont answer any questions but begging for new customers with EOS actually. Why all guys go ahead and mine with them? Yesterday i tried also with my RTX2080 to mine ETH with their miner. After 3 Hours of Mining they dont wrote down anything in the balance. Looks like they also stole your Hashpower away. Tell all People to stop using their service!

  5. Easter Mills

    I think that most of these people who believe that MinerGate has been cheating on them are simply didn’t get the right support from the support staff or didn’t bother to read FAQ section. The users who don’t know how to use the pool properly create a bad reputation for MinerGate.

  6. Gill Smiley

    I like the MinerGate miner very much. It’s really easy to use and the balance keeps on growing. I withdraw the coins to Freewallet without paying fees. That’s awesome.

  7. Signup John

    MinerGate exists for almost 5 years. I use it since 2016. Despite the uncritical flaws of the MinerGate website work, the pool itself is profitable and quite stable. I have never had any issues with the company. My funds are protected and I’ve never seen confirmed actual cases of fraud by MinerGate.

  8. Grass Living

    If I’m not mistaken these ‘scam’ allegations against MinerGate started quite a long time ago and still there are no known cases when people really were scammed. More than that I myself use MinerGate without any issues. Sometimes I think that this myth was created by the competitors or fools.

  9. Pake Mann

    Some people say that they have worse hashrate on MinerGate. I think they just talk about GUI version. I recommend trying console MinerGate miner (MinerGate-cli) and see that the pool is awesome. GUI requires more resources.

  10. Zman

    I’ve heard that MinerGate somehow scams people. On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews so I decided to try it myself. The results are really good. First I was thrilled by the excellent execution of the GUI but it appeared to be not only comfortable but also efficient. So now I can recommend MinerGate to other people!

  11. hoodig

    I’m a dedicated MinerGate user and that’s for a good reason (or maybe two reasons). Reason #1 is the coins that I’ve mined on MinerGate. Reason #2 MinerGate support team is very friendly and helpful.

  12. Tooi

    I couldn’t even start mining when I’ve tried to use other applications. It seems that only MinerGate cares about the comfort of the users. That’s not the only good thing about MinerGate because the miner is working well and the MinerGate pool itself has so many interesting options that I feel I can use it for a long time and discover something new again and again.

  13. Kritt

    I can’t say anything about all the coins that MinerGate offers but I think that it’s one of the best pools for mining of ZEC, BTG and ETC. I do it for about a year and the results are much better than in the other pools.

  14. Freddd

    What can be the reason to call MinerGate a scam? Good hashrate? A diverse set of features? Innovations such as merged mining and smart mining? A big choice of supported currencies? Strong protection measures? Free withdrawals? *shrugs

  15. Dexter Tumblr

    Without a doubt, MinerGate is a fair business. Yes, this company is not perfect, but I don’t know perfect companies. I know it from my experience that MinerGate is doing a great job and you won’t regret using this pool/miner.

  16. Idlebone

    MinerGate is much better than other mining pools that I’ve tried. I appreciate a good choice of currencies and the swift payouts. Also, I like the MinerGate app. I think it’s the most user-friendly mining app nowadays days.

  17. Delex Fy

    MinerGate is a legitimate mining pool. For the entire time that I’m using it I’ve never lost any of my coins. Now I will have even more because MinerGate has canceled the withdrawal fees.

  18. Nope C

    This pool demands no pay (fees) for withdrawals of users’ funds. I think it’s a great move and the rest companies should think of such user-friendly improvements, too.

  19. Elon Redmond

    I mine with MinerGate since 2016 and I don’t know how people can think that this company is a scam. I’ve never had serious issues with them. All I have is altcoins!

  20. Curry Man

    I’ve heard that MinerGate is good for newbies, but I began using this miner after 3 years of mining with other apps in numerous pools. I don’t see any reasons not to use MinerGate. I use my mini-mining farm with MinerGate’s console miner and make real money.

  21. Nasty Pat

    Fast payouts, withdrawals are free, a lot of currencies to choose from (10 or even more). MinerGate supports GPUs, CPUs, and even ASICs. I don’t know a better mining pool.

  22. Nick Bead

    I use it for 2 years in a row without any serious troubles. Every time I when needed assistance support team helped me. MinerGate is a good service.

  23. jessicap

    If we talk about cloud mining you are whether using MinerGate or you’re getting robbed by some scammy “service”. There are no other options. No sir.

  24. Rocky

    My cloud contracts are running stably. I don’t know why some people say that they are not satisfied with their MinerGate experience. You just should dedicate some time (doing literally nothing) to it if you really want to earn something.

  25. Hellena

    I totally agree that MinerGate is not a scam company. I mine and receive rewards for my work. I can withdraw my earnings to external wallet without any problems. I don’t know how it comes that some people say MinerGate is a scam. It’s not so.

  26. Haile

    I use MinerGate for a couple of years or even more. There were some transaction delays last year but nevertheless every single Satoshi got to the destination address. For me it’s clear that the company is honest. Just don’t forget to enable all protection features they offer and you will be fine.

  27. Joy

    You can doubt if MinerGate is efficient or not, but there’s no reason to argue about whether this company is a scam or legit. I use it for 10 months and I receive real money all this time.

  28. Biver

    You won’t make much money using MinerGate with your home computer but if you invest some cash in buying of a graphics card, you will be able to make some extra money using this pool.

  29. John

    It’s the best way to get started in the world of mining. MinerGate provides you with the opportunity to learn all the nuances of different types of mining, to try numerous cryptocoins. I’ve learned everything about mining using this awesome software.

  30. John W

    I’ve understood how to use MinerGate easily and quickly. I think it took like 10 minutes. Several days after, I’ve made the first withdrawal (it was a portion of Bytecoins). Currently, I use MinerGate mostly to mine Monero. I withdraw it for free to my Freewallet each week. Before MinerGate I’ve tried several other miners but really didn’t get how to use them. More than that, other miners can’t offer so many different coins to mine.

  31. Niharezu

    MinerGate… How many discussions about this company I’ve seen! Regardless of all the words that were said I have my own opinion coming from my MinerGate use experience. I’d say that their support is quite slow sometimes, that’s true. A couple of times I’ve experienced some transactions delays. BUT IN GENERAL, this pool pays out the rewards, they update with the times and do the things it supposed to do. I recommend MinerGate. Yes, they have some work to do, but I can say the same about any other company.

  32. Dave

    I don’t know other miner that offers so many mining options. My rig is mining BTG and ZEC with MinerGate. I don’t know how can people call it a scam. MinerGate pays honestly. They operate since 2014. I’m sure they are not going to scam anyone.

  33. Stiff Steve

    MinerGate is a veteran in the cryptocurrency mining market. Throughout the years the company was providing people with the opportunity to mine altcoins and updated with the times. How can it be called a scam? Smh.

  34. Mad Amazing

    I don’t think that I ever noticed anything suspicious from the MinerGate’s side. Even when I thought that something is wrong (for example when the coins I’ve withdrawn didn’t reach the wallet) it appeared that the problem was on someone else’s side.

  35. Jefferson

    Not saying that MinerGate is the best mining pool or that MinerGate app is excellent, but without a doubt, it’s a decent product and the company has its’ merit.

  36. Lord Yen

    MinerGate is working perfectly for me. I don’t know if anyone else has any issues with this pool but I can say only positive things about MinerGate.

  37. Vasques

    In my opinion, MinerGate is one of the best mining apps. I’ve tried merged mining, I was using my laptop for mining, now I have a cloud mining contract and use 3 GPUs to mine ETH. Everything works fine!

  38. Bastian

    The MinerGate thing is very easy. I think it’s the best option for the hobby miners.

  39. Alan R86

    Try it and you will see that MinerGate is working well and keep on bringing us altcoins.

  40. Boon

    MinerGate is the best mining app I’ve tried so far. Fair payouts, nice GUI and a good selection of supported cryptocurrencies. Just make sure to enable 2-step verification to keep your earnings secured.

  41. Kewarn

    I respect MinerGate. This pool exists for about 5 years. It survived so many rumors and so many other pools. MinerGate is still here, still working well and I’m with MinerGate, too.

  42. Maude Wise

    Secure and stable mining pool. I’m totally satisfied with MinerGate.

  43. Bob Pinton

    I like MinerGate because the MinerGate GUI miner is a really user-friendly and the pool itself is paying in accord with my hash power.

  44. nicsonic

    MinerGate is a legitimate mining operation. I know it from the experience. You should use your brain to make money with it.

  45. Delano

    I was pissed off when I’ve learned that I can’t withdraw my XMR to wallets other than Freewallet. Now I know that this wallet is legit. MinerGate let me withdraw all my funds without any problems.

  46. Carl Logan

    Not all the info is up-to-date, but I liked this review. Thanks.

  47. Westfield

    I recommend MinerGate. This company let me collect an impressive altcoin portfolio within a couple of years.

  48. Benji

    A decent miner by all accounts. Can’t see any reasons to claim that MinerGate a scam or something. It works well for me.

  49. Juric

    Recently downloaded MinerGate’s mining app on my Samsung Galaxy Note9, it is doing pretty well. Not telling that I’m going to be a millionaire in a week, but for its price it holds on quite nice, but going way too hot way too fast. Shall keep on leaving it for the night maybe for a week. If it won’t die, I’ll stop.

  50. Hombre

    I mine with MinerGate for 3 long years! All this time MinerGate was safe, fair and responsive. I love this pool!

  51. Peter Wrist

    It’s ridiculous how people can claim that MinerGate is a scam just because its’ support is not replying in time. Yes, sometimes the support is quite slow, but when they reply (sometimes it takes a while), they solve any problems. MinerGate is paying and helping customers, there’s no question.

  52. TI Gale

    I’m not sure if MinerGate is the best of the pools but I know that this company is legit from my own experience.

  53. Ian Ulman

    Each product has its’ shortcomings. It’s not a good reason to call the company a scam, but that’s what happens when some people face some transaction delays or confirmation thresholds on MinerGate. This company is 100% legit. First you should figure out how to use MinerGate and you’ll see that this miner is working alright.

  54. Fred Jesser

    Don’t say it’s scam. Try it first. Smh. MinerGate software performs better than the most of other miners. You get coins. No scamming.

  55. Riann

    Been minging XMR with their app a few months ago, when it was 300 USD for 1 XMR. Those times are gone, and XMR price are divivng to the bottom, so I stopped. But there are currencies like BTG that are not going to fall in the near future, so I consider updating the Mining app and go on.

  56. toponyc

    MinerGate is a trustworthy pool. I use it since January and everything’s just fine.

  57. FutureIsNow

    Probably they offer too many sh_tcoins, but the miner is running smoothly and all the withdrawals are free. That’s something that all the cryptocurrency companies should do, in my opinion.

  58. bromance

    As I can see some people don’t even try to use MinerGate just because their antiviruses flag MinerGate application as Trojan. Sometimes even Google Chrome blocks the install of MinerGate. Friends, please note that that’s a false positive because MinerGate has nothing to do with viruses, thousands of people use this pool for mining because it’s worth it!

  59. Eric Minosa

    My best mining experience is the use of MinerGate. GUI is very intuitive, payouts correlate with my mining powers. Everything is quite transparent.

  60. Buve

    Yesterday I’ve found out that NiceHash cooperated with MG. Isn’t it great??

  61. Natty

    I think those fellas who call MinerGate a scam should read FAQ first or contact the support. Every service has some problems sometimes. It doesn’t mean that the service is going to rob you. MinerGate is paying and care of the clients. I know it from my experience.

  62. Big Dan

    I use MinerGate and this company is definitely not a scam.

  63. DS

    The company that pays and stays active for years can’t be a scam.

  64. Phil

    MinerGate is good if you use GPUs. BTW, now they have ASIC-friendly pool.

  65. postnoir

    I have some extra cash thanks to MinerGate. I’ve read Reddit thread. The accusations are ridiculous. Folks should contact MinerGate support if they have issues.

  66. Charles

    Cloud mining is the best thing ever!

  67. crazy

    Hey. Minergate is working very stably. There are two X10. Payments are made every day.

  68. MrGrant

    It seems to be the first mining pool which provides service for merged mining.

  69. Martie Bones

    it’s a good tutorial, thnks

  70. Will

    I was always skeptical about new pools, but this time I decided at my own risk and risk to try to use this site. And immediately I ran into the problem because of my stupidity, later I was helped in the support service. This case informed me that this pool takes care of its users.

  71. kutu

    If you are tired of infinite problems related to settings of your hardware my advice is to deal with the Minergate pool. It is the easiest and most convinient one

  72. Alex Neolit

    Cool guys from Minergate made the easiest mining of coins for you. It’s safe to work with them and you can not worry about your coins to be secure

  73. Joseph Thomas Cossentino

    I started Mining BTC with Minergate the day after Christmas of 2017,, since then I have had no real complicated problems that could arise any suspicious attention of any kind. I buy contracts at what choice of GH/s of BTC and that’s that . While mining BTC the accumulation of btc can either be withdrawn to an account or what I do is reinvest mined btc and buy contracts ,. I found Minergate to be a little bit more expensive with contract maintenance fees. But hey, I made a free choice support Minergates cloud mining with an open mind, honesty and willing to be patient.

  74. tommytsotso

    I thought the same at first, but I am mixed now. Remember the hashing rate fluctuates constantly, just tap the s-key in terminal to view. What I do know is that the total hash rate you see in your terminal is for that machine or rig only, so if you add them all up you will get the total of all your rigs. Now, as long as you are hashing the same currency on all rigs, the total will always show up on the minergate account page for your account. That rate is ALWAYS less than the total you add from the rigs terminals(which never lie). So where is the hashing power or numbers going? I don’t know the answer for sure. What I do know is that if you set your rigs to mine one currency(or parallel mine), and view your account login page AND your rig terminal concurrently(add them up if more than 1),then you will see that the good and bad shares found are the same, So, If this were a hash sharing outfit like nice-hash then I can see how they might be able to skim perhaps, but I believe with minergate that the hashing is done on the separate rigs so we get to view the actual hash rates which produce the total good and bad shares, which are viewable in real time on your terminal as they happen which share numbers match exactly what is on your account page.

  75. kez

    scam dont payout and dont reply to tickets

  76. ivan

    infinium-8 I don’t think it exists! i guess that was 200h/s of mine someone used for somewhere else.

  77. 方少爺 (@yyfong0000)

    I got negative balance for MONERO!

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