Coinreum Review – Legit Crypto Platform or Ponzi SCAM?

Operated from, Coinreum is among the latest cryptocurrency inhabitant to surge into being in the digital currency realm. Cleverly pursuing the role as an investment company that is managed by professional cryptocurrency traders, Coinreum does a splendid job convincing the general public that their operation is one that is legitimate and trustworthy. To combat these deceptive elements, we will focus our unbiased review to bring these ambiguous components to light so you can learn the true nature of Coinreum.

What is Coinreum?

Coinreum claims to be an investment company that focuses on long-term investment programs. Investors who are gullible enough to fall for this operation will allegedly have their deposited cryptocurrencies invested by Coinreum’s team of professional traders to generate far-fetched ROIs. Whether these investors are licensed or if they exist at all, one cannot be entirely sure. No corporate entity is assuming responsibility for this questionable investment operation and it is pointed out on the site near the disclaimer that this site is not regulated or licensed.

Who is responsible for Coinreum?

As fore-mentioned, no corporate entity or individual is assuming responsibility for this site. The lack of identifying characteristics does not go unnoticed in a sense that the only contact information provided would be their support email address which is Other than this minor piece of information we are provided with zero information regarding the operators, investors or pioneers who created Coinreum.

On the Representatives page on the site we are provided with a rather large list of individuals who apparently are affiliates for this investment firm. Granted their contact information is provided we still endure the troubling fact that we aren’t provided with any pertinent information regarding those responsible for this site.

A search will verify that Coinreum is a new investment destination that was created on August 5th, 2017. Unfortunately, the creators behind this site activated a privacy package making finding information regarding the registrars behind this site not plausible. Surprisingly enough, even though this site has been in existence for just under 3 months there is an ample quantity of negative feedback we discovered relating to this investment platform.

How does Coinreum work?

Coinreum functions similar to other Ponzi and pyramid schemes that we’ve previously exposed in a sense that there is no sustainable business model in play. The only source of income that is channeling into the site comes from the deposits of investors, which is used to partially pay affiliates until the operators behind the site decide that measure is no longer needed. Of course, Coinreum takes a fat cut for each deposit fulfilled which allows them to amass profits from both investors and affiliates who commit with their operation.

According to their Investments Page, this site enables investors to get started with 3 investment plans. Each of these plans have outrageous ROIs and none of them have been verified even though the site tries to pass on phony trading results (which are presented in a falsified PDF file). Regardless, none of the investment plans or trading results provided are transparent or authenticated.

Daily Plan

Period: 50 Days

Daily Return: 3.20%

Total Return: 160%

Weekly Plan

Period:10 Weeks

Weekly Return: 25%

Total Return: 250%

Monthly Plan

Period: 3 Months

Monthly Return: 115%

Total Return: 345%

It should be clarified that most authentic and legitimate Bitcoin operations do not accrue a ROI above 20 to 25% on an annual basis. The mere fact that Coinreum is claiming to generate what would be an accumulative ROI over 1,000% on an annual basis should be reason enough to deter you away from this too-good-to-be-true scam.

Coinreum Payment Methods

In order to make an investment with Coinreum, investors need to fulfill a deposit by one of the following methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, BitConnectCoin, Bitcoin Cash, PerfectMoney, Payeer and AdvCash.

Is Coineum a Ponzi and Pyramid scheme?

If Coineum relied upon a legitimate business model to carry out their investment operation, then maybe Coineum wouldn’t be classified as a Ponzi scam and a pyramid scheme. However, their ROIs are completely unachievable while their only verified source of income originates from those who fulfill a deposit into the site. This is not a self-sufficient or practical business model and we suspect that before long this operation will implode upon itself.

Coinreum Review Conclusion

Coinreum is NOT a legitimate trading company for cryptocurrency investors but instead a misleading pyramid and Ponzi scheme! A strong torrent of similar investment scams have previously employed these same deceptive tactics with the end goal of lining their own pockets. Regrettably, Coinreum is no different than any sleazy scam operation we have uncovered which is why we advice investors to avoid this scam at all costs!

Review Verdict: Coinreum is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Sureshbhai Tejani

    Tari mane sode bhosadina tari mane sodi ne tara bap ne salam kare che suthmarina

  2. krit

    No reply, no pay, no pay now off the scam.

  3. AGVI

    I would really like to know: what happens with my money which is still pending and/or invested? It’s still in my wallet, but of course it can’t be moved. Does anyone know? Pls mail me . Thanks!

    • paulm

      I have pending transaction for 2 months now

  4. Frank

    Scam zahlt seit 6 Wochen nicht aus

  5. AGVI

    Unfortunately i have lost 1400 ripple/xrp to these scumbags…a hard lesson in crypto life for me. But I am losing and learning at the same time. Forget it and go on…

  6. Jake Ander

    Complete scam, don’t fall for this. it does not Pay!

  7. Arnold

    Unreliable. He has not paid anything for the last month.

  8. peppe

    hallo ja es ist ein bertug..ich habe nur eine kleine summe eingezahlt ..warte schon seit fast 4 wochen auf meine auszahlung..betrüger

  9. Lisa

    Hasn’t paid in a week… SCAM

  10. Manish

    I have also not recieved withdrawel since last 3 days. just waiting

  11. Jonathan

    Not trying to be a troll… But the admin was in touch – end being paying or not it’s a scam…IOW – don’t submit any funds or do so knowing you’re been told it’s a scam. No shocker it has shutdown.

    If the site went down after the review then I see it being up to us, the community, to keep the status current in hopes we protect another sucker.

    The guys running this site are rock’n the house with their unbiased reviews and factual assessments made on financial models. In fact, 99.9% of every site out there will almost always have the same conclusion — scam and/or ponzei.

  12. Frank

    This review seems to be completely out of touch ,Coinreum hasnt been paying for days…its probably completely dead, although the doors are still open for buisness?

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