Scam Review – Crooks looks like a regular forum, but in reality it acts like a marketing funnel to almost all kinds of HYIP scams. The kind of things they are doing is in the grey section of law.

Clearly, they are not benefiting the users in any way and are spreading misinformation for their own personal benefit. According to some sources, we found out that the people behind this site work with other shady platforms as affiliates thereby ending up with an enormous amount of money.

From fraudulent betting shops, casinos to cryptocurrency investment scams, you can find all the cyber criminal’s latest hustles in one place i.e,. On the website.

While it is natural to feel tempted to jump on making money opportunities, stick with us till the end to learn all about the hidden catches. After all, nothing that is worth it comes easy, right?

Cash Flow and Affiliation

Whenever we analyse a business, it is quite logical to look at their cash flow. Remember, without sufficient cash flow, no business would ever survive for long. certainly makes big money.

However, the way they do it is worse than what cyber criminals do. First and foremost, they try to leverage their community by posting new topics in the forum format. In other words, they talk up a project while being paid for it.

Once enough people are trapped inside a scheme and they get their fat commissions, information about what is unfolding in real time will be made unavailable. When the inevitable collapse occurs, they never talk about it, instead they just move on to the new one.

The rinse and repeat process most likely has made them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Misinformation and affiliation with shady sites is how they get their funds.

Website Information

People that run this platform appear to be seasoned masterminds. They have left zero clue about their whereabouts and information about them is extremely difficult to find. Registrant details are hidden and no contact information is put up by them. is blacklisted by a couple of software and generally speaking too, you should not download or input anything from it. Also, to ensure maximum protection of your device, use anti-virus programs.

According to data from, this website does get a lot of traffic and holds a current rank of 979,538. They do not have much ratings in terms of domain authority, but their traffic seems to be spiking up which is a bad thing for the public. Testimonials does not get much mentions on popular forums such as Trustpilot or Reddit. All the positive comments it has received are from in-house forums and needless to say, the setup is rigged.

User profiles are hard to track and impossible to verify. Given all the telltale signs present on their website, we certainly cannot justify the situation. Creating artificially enhanced profiles and social proof is not something a legitimate business would do.

So, be very careful whenever you notice positive feedback and always do a quick background search. If you ever hit a dead end while researching, then it is probably a good idea to move away from the underlying opportunity.

Is it all Legal?

Legality wise, the operational model of this platform is indeed questionable. In certain parts of the globe, it is outright criminal. Sadly, in few regions, the people behind it might manage to get away with it.

If you notice the way they are structured, they have taken every step to hide their identity because they know the consequences very well. Moreover, they do not directly do any kind of scams, instead they promote entities that are shady.

Bottom line is that regardless of whether the culprits are put behind bars, you should be careful when it comes to online investing. Always follow basic rules and never start investing without consulting a licensed financial planner.

Also, stay away from things that you do not fully understand.

How to stay safe?

Unfortunately, there is nothing available that will eradicate scams from the internet. However, you can avoid interacting with them if you just stick to a few basic rules. First and foremost, avoid exchanges that are unregulated.

Do not deal with cryptocurrencies unless it is a regulated situation. Talk to attorneys and accounts in case you ever face problems. Lastly, if you are convinced that you have been cheated, then seek professional help immediately.

The sooner you make your voice heard, the better the chances of getting your funds back will be. So, do not forget to act quickly because that is where the true edge is. Scam Review Conclusion promotes nothing but scams and their only motive is to make money by misleading the public. On a daily basis, they create content that is manipulative in nature. For your own well being, stay away from them.

Do not forget to install antivirus software and never proceed with any firm that promises you fancy things overnight.

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