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MultiCoinBank ( is an illusive investment scam!

Claiming to double an investors Bitcoin investment within 10 short days, MultiCoinBank is the latest miracle-working scam to enter the Bitcoin fold.

Built upon fabricated lies and empty promises, MultiCoinBank will not only steal your hard-earned bitcoins but leave you chasing after a corporate entity that doesn’t actually exist.

To find out WHY you should AVOID the MultiCoinBank Scam, we invite you to read our honest review.

What is MultiCoinBank?


MultiCoinBank claims to be an internationally legal investment company that can double your invested cryptocurrencies after 10 days.

Supposedly, MultiCoinBank was created by a group of qualified experts, professional bankers, traders and analysts whose experience equate to over 10 years.

The identity of these entities are not disclosed while the only entity openly disclosed at would be the alleged corporate entity MultiCoinBank Limited.

The minimum investment amount that must be met is 0.1 BTC.

After 10 days, an investor will allegedly have their initial investment amount doubled where they are encouraged to invest as many times as they would like.

Supposedly, return on investments are issued through the same payment method utilized by the investor.

Who is Behind

MultiCoinBank is not bashful regarding how MultiCoinBank Limited is their corporate entity.

In fact, MultiCoinBank relies heavily upon the swift manufacturing of MultiCoinBank Limited to serve as a credibility booster to the overall legitimacy of their investment platform.

However, if you took the time to conduct search queries across UK business registries, such as CompaniesHouse, you may notice how no corporate entity known as MultiCoinBank Limited exists.

You can conduct the search query a number of different ways, “multicoinbank, multicoinbank limited, MultiCoinBank, MultiCoinBank Limited, etc” and still no results.

Since MultiCoinBank did not disclose a company or registration number regarding ‘MultiCoinBank Limited,’ we do not believe the company to be real.

MultiCoinBank reflected the following contact information in the bottom right-hand footer of their site:

Physical Address

165 New Hall Lane, Preston, Lancashire, England, PR1 5XA


When you research the physical address of MultiCoinBank, only partial portions of said address are legitimate.

To add, you can view how MultiCoinBank’s experts are nothing more than stock photos.

To take that one step further, you can view the image below as well regarding MultiCoinbank
team of “experts.”


How does MultiCoinBank Work?

MultiCoinBank allegedly doubles an investors investment within 10 days by using a custom high-frequency trading algorithm.

“Because the bitcoin price is constantly changing, our platform will automatically trade thousands of bitcoin (satoshi) every minute, locking the price differences as profit.”

Which investment platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges MultiCoinBank are using is unknown since we know full-heartedly that they are not a ‘UK registered legal international investment company,’ like they claim to be.

Since MultiCoinBank allegedly does all the hard-work for you apart from depositing into their platform, all cryptocurrency enthusiasts have to do to double their bitcoins would be to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Create Account

You must provide your first and last name, date of birth, email address, sex, telephone number and create a password then select “Register.”

Step 2: Add Investment

From there you can select your preferred investment option and send your investment to MultiCoinBank.

Step 3: Receive Payout

After 10 days, investors will allegedly receive double their initial investment and have it automatically sent to their investment wallet.


MultiCoinBank Reviews

Many review sites across the web have caught onto the fact that MultiCoinBank is a misleading scam.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered on March 13th, 2018 through the Hostinger, UAB registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 10,574,336 with a US rank of 6,251,347 as of February 26th, 2019.

From the information detailed in the market intelligence report, it is easy to gather that does not receive many site visitors.

Is a Scam?

MultiCoinBank is without question a Bitcoin investment scam. Scam Ruling

Throughout the duration of our unbiased review you have witnessed how MultiCoinBank is a highly deceptive and organized Bitcoin doubling scam.

We have shown you how their so-called legal investment company doesn’t actually exist while the testimonials and experts featured at MultiCoinBank are nothing more than stock photos.

There is nothing genuinely offered by MultiCoinBank and we can assure you that they certainly won’t double your bitcoins for you, if anything they will leave you high-and-dry.

Why put your time, trust and hard-earned capital with an investment company that seems determined to hide the truth from you while further lining their own pockets?

We believe the evidence speaks for ourselves, MultiCoinBank is just another Bitcoin doubling scam to join our ever-growing blacklist.

Verdict: MultiCoinBank is a Scam!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any experiences, opinions or thoughts you may have below!


  1. moeketsi

    I fully agree that multiconbank is a scam

  2. Michael

    All of the so called crypto experts shill these sites with the “thank me later” line. I was almost banned from Quora for pointing this out. Don’t send anything to these scam sites. “Thank me later”.

  3. Vikki-Lee

    You can add Allcoinholder and Coinstation to that list as they are all the same and there is a Leno Brun whom states he is a top trader investor on Quora constantly supporting MultiCoinBank advising people they will thank him later -Really!!

  4. Amulakh Gajjar


    Thanks a Lots

    I will be invest in this this but your side msg read so i not invest in this site.

    Thanks Againt

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