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Next Coin Market Review – Avoid These Fraudsters

Next Coin Market (NextCoinMarket) is a deceptive cryptocurrency site that portrays their platform as a legitimate cryptocurrency investment brokerage.

Relying heavily upon fabricated site elements to appear more legitimate than they truly are, the creators behind Next Coin Market are just as illusive as they are deceptive.

To find out more regarding Next Coin Market AND why you should avoid this scam as a whole, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Next Coin Market


Next Coin Market presents their platform as an investment company that is highly specialized in delivering substantial profits for their investors.

They state on their About Us page that they seek to provide the “highest level of profit to our customers.”

Apparently, their solutions are rendered in many forms such as short-term live scalping sessions to long-term account management and growth structure.

According to their site, day traders from all across the globe are able to use their platform while their team of investors have invested in a wide range of services.

Next Coin Market does NOT appear to be regulated.

In addition, Next Coin Market does not go into detail regarding their team of investors who ‘professionally’ manage your funds for you about whether they are actually licensed to render financial investment advice.


Which, according to many governing entities, is illegal depending upon where you reside.

While we weren’t surprised at the relative vagueness of Next Coin Market alleged operational model what you discover below may surprise you.

Who is Behind Next Coin Market?

NextCoinMarket is owned and operated by Novomountain Ltd.

According to their Contact Us page, Novomountain Ltd reflects the following address:

28 Dzavaharlal Neru Str., entrance Silver Business Center Sofia, Bulgaria

When we researched the alleged physical address of Novomountain Ltd, it appears that only partial segments of the address are legitimate.

Customer Support

AU +61 283 173461

UK +44 203 318 5045

CH +41 445 083 158


Next Coin Market can allegedly be reached through the numbers provided above or through their email address of [email protected].

In 2017, Next Coin Market allegedly had over $10 million trades executed, over 120,000 active customers along with a trade value in over $10 billion netted – as you can imagine though these numbers are greatly exaggerated.

Account Types

Bronze Account

Balance Required: $1,000 to $10,000

Maximum Trade Size: $5,000

Promotional Incentive: Elite Signals & Higher Payouts

Silver Account

Balance Required: $10,000 to $50,000

Maximum Trade Size: $25,000

Promotional Incentive: Elite Signals & Higher Payouts

Gold Account

Balance Required: $50,000 to $100,000

Maximum Trade Size: $75,000


Promotional Incentive: Elite Signals & Higher Payouts

Domain Insight was registered by Novomountain Ltd on November 27th, 2017.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 6,878,422 with a UK rank of 1,251,211 as of January 14th, 2019.

Given their pitiful web rankings, it appears that Next Coin Market receives little to no traffic. Reviews

While their isn’t much feedback regarding, the feedback we did come across shared troubling investor experiences such as:

“Got a call from these guys claiming to be making a payment back to me regarding a closed bitcoin account…They must have now sold on my details to other company’s as I have had a numerous amount of withdrawals from my bank since this happened. They are now under investigation. Pure robbing scum bags…KEEP AWAY”

“Hi Brad and Alexander they asked for put money to my account,and I did…I had 2times trading and I won ,again alexander call me and asked put more money,but I told him I can’t and drop the phone…I send withdrawal request and also send mail to nextcoinmarket support ,no one responsible.They took my money.”

“These people scammed me for money,..Avoid Nextcoinmarket…Scam company.”

These reviews can be found at TrustPilot.

Red Flags

  • Unverifiable corporate address for Novomountain Ltd
  • Reflects a disturbingly poor track record for past investors
  • Their site is greatly littered with grammatical spelling errors
  • Incorporates fictitious testimonials on their website (see below)
  • Does not appear to be licensed or regulated to provide investment options
  • They fail to disclose any information regarding whether their investors are licensed


Is a Scam?

Given the information that we have disclosed in our review above, we believe it goes without question that Next Coin Market is an investment scam targeting cryptocurrency day traders.

Next Coin Market Scam Conclusion

Next Coin Market is not a trustworthy online investment brokerage to consider day trading cryptocurrencies with.

Claiming to support over 100,000 active traders on their platform while market intelligence sites directly contradict and point out how their site receives barely any traffic is just as deceptive as their fake testimonials.


Under no circumstances should you consider investing with Next Coin Market.

Given the fact that some investors report that this fraudulent investment company fails to acknowledge withdrawal attempts while unwarrantably issuing payment charges to their investors payment methods is down-right theft, unethical and just goes to show you the type of entity Next Coin Market is down to their deepest roots (which isn’t far considering this is an exceptionally shallow scam).

Do yourself a favor and avoid this ridiculous scam before you become another statistic to this deceptive investment brokerage.

Verdict: Next Coin Market is a Scam!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences and feedback below.

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  1. Kerry Winkley

    Help I have just invested 250 I hadn’t looked at these revews before now and i feel sick . Im a single parent and do not know wot on earth i can do now

  2. Mills

    I am currently putting together a legal case against companies like this on myscamexperience. I believe the more we are the stronger our case, I believe by sharing our reviews we can help others avoid scams like this.

  3. charlie zero

    Nextcoin Market is not registered with the FCA , but in my case there is a connection between them and a payment handler that is FCA registered. I spoke to the FCA and they showed interested in the activities of Nextcoin despite the fact they are not registered with them. Although its propably outside the powers of the FCA to become involved directly my hope is that they share this information with the Bulgarian authorities.

  4. Tony

    Has anyone got any money back? Why dont the FCA or police stop them trading? They (Alexander first and then Brad an American) contacted me and said they were taking over the Golden Markets accounts, another scam company whose owner, an Isreali had been arrested for massive fraud in Bulgaria. They then browbeat me into paying 300 euros to activate the old account. I guess I can write this off and my initial £250 with Golden Markets. There seems to be more scammers out then than legit firms. AVOID!!!

  5. Graham Sanderson

    I am currently taking Nextcoinmarket market to court over their failure to pay out my 18,000 euros I have been sending emails to them for four months now with the only response being that I have to pay the tax before they will release. This means that when you declare it you end up paying tax twice. I have been told that what there doing is illegal so we have a date for their court appearance but will they attend and if they lose will they pay as you cannot get them to respond at all. THEY ARE UTTER SCAMMERS AND ROBBERS AND SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND JAILED. DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    • Dave

      Yes i had same experience i have built my account up to 60k & cannot get any money out they even told me this site is a scam revue. how are you taking them to court as they registered in off shore haven. There’s no tax due in the EU due to spread betting rules its all BS. Its only the US that taxes trading Forex & crypto’s

    • David

      Please let us know how you go. We invested and were a bit worried about losing it and if we lost it knew it wouldnt kill us, but now i am more pissed off then worried about losing the $$.
      Several times they tried getting more from us, even got a lady telling us to take loans. Thats when we asked for monies back and never heard back. Has anyone heard from them recently? I havent heard back since christmas.

      • Brett

        Hi David,
        They scammed my father out of 50 Thousand. My father suffers from early stages of dementia & they took advantage of this fact. They are very much still operating.

    • Brett

      Hi Graham,
      Have you had any luck in getting any type of real contact information for them? My father was scammed out of a huge amount of money. If you know anything more in the way of contact information for these scammers other than by email or there fake phone numbers (DID numbers) I would love to know. My email is [email protected]

  6. Gabor Kiraly

    I have there my account with 767 Euro. Should I forget it?
    In the first week they helped me with some trades, but simce 5 Month I hear nothing from them.

  7. DaxRobot
  8. charliezero

    Our initial payment went into T1 Holdings (FZE) at ING Bank in Amsterdam. Did anybody else share this experience?

    • Dave

      If you paid by debit/credit card then get onto bank if they not supportive go to they charge up front fee + 20% of recovery but persist with your bank / card co first

      • charlie zero

        Thanks Dave

        Unfortunately we paid by bank transfer and our Bank is about as active as Nextcoin themselves when it comes to responding.

  9. Dave

    Yes they are scammers have been blocked from trading have a lot of money in account been told i need to invest more to reactivate account hence also told i can not withdraw either why can’t authorities do anything about them.

  10. GrahamSabderson

    Thank you for your comments. I have to agree with you totally and am trying to find other ways to let people know. The most popular seems to be Facebook and when I put a comment on there they then got in touch. But too success they just lead you on and robbing you of everything. So be careful all of you out there

  11. charlie zero

    We opened a trading account with nextcoin market and were given a trading advisor going by the name of Frank Anderson based in Zurich with whom we were in daily contact with by phone and email. Some while later we were given a cock and bull story that Mr Anderson was involved in a accident and that his replacement was a person going by the name of Charlie Jacobs. Within only a few months our account had grown by 66% in value. Ok – we should have known that was bullshit , but they are good at spreading it. When we instructed Nextcoin to repay our initial investment thats when we knew for sure that something was not right with this mob. Although we chased for repayment they had some simpleton from their (no) accounts department who told us that they did repay but we had given them incorrect transfer details and that the money was stuck somewhere. The funniest thing is that they called in the last couple of days to say that if we increased our investment they would be able to unstick the stuck money and repay us. Anyway they are thieves that stole our money and are looking to steal more. Nobody in a position to prevent them from continuing this scam seems to give a monkey, neither the anti fraud authorities, Nextcoin banks , the Bugarian authorities,nor their hosting website. You are trulely alone out there. Be careful.

  12. Graham Sanderso

    Nextcoinmarket are rubbish be very careful and don’t use this organisationas theywill takeyout money but will not pay you back whenyowidhti withdraw.

    Cant. Even get an answer on either the phone or email they just ignore you

    If you do get through they want you to s major amount of money which the say is tax. But it’s a large sum andthey are not ready topsyyou back at all

    THEY are bloody rubbish and rovers keep away

  13. Mike

    I was contacted by the same name today, purporting to be my new account manager. Any info would be much appreciated, as I have instigated investigations through the police, fraud office and my bank. Any helpful info at this stage would be most helpful in claiming back clients money and making sure these scumbags are bought to justice.

  14. richard booth

    very big con man. do not trade with this company. you do not get your money back… very bad bussinss scam scam scam. the man claims to be damien montgomery from bern in ch. not to be trusted

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