Press Mining Review – A Bold Scam!

Press Mining ( is a cryptocurrency trading and mining solution.  Their website contains a lot of information regarding Bitcoin in general.  However, do not get confused by this shady trick. This firm is a fancy fraud.  As such, they are bound to get shut down in the near future.

They claims to generate returns ranging from 120% to 400% after just 4 days.  If you are familiar with the way cryptocurrencies work, then you can already tell that the narratives are all fake.  

Newbie investors are often excited whenever they encounter these kind of investment plans.  Before they convince you into sending them your hard-earned money, go through our full review.  

Press Mining Review

Company and Support

Firms which offer financial service to the public have to hold proper legal documents.  Moreover, failing to comply with the guidelines will make them an illegal organisation. Press Mining is an ICO.  They raise funds in order to carry trading and mining activities.

The investors should get certain amount of money after some period of time.  To see whether they are authorized, we checked the database of the FCA.

Unfortunately, they are not licensed which means they are in direct violation of law.  The only way to reach the customer support is through email. Though this firm make some bold claims, seems like these fraudsters were on a budget.

Email –

How does Press Mining Work?

This firm is supposedly involved in mining and trading cryptocurrencies.  However, there isn’t any narration about what they do with the funds. We do not know which indicators they consider and the parameters which influence their trading decision.  

Moreover, they do not feature a verifiable trading history.  The lack of clarity is very disturbing and it will certainly scare away any rational investor.  They do not reveal the location details of their data centres.

There is no information about the kind of machinery they employ.  They do not showcase any mining capabilities. Basically, there is no proof to back up any of their claims.  The core idea behind their telltale narration is to convince people into depositing with them.

Though, they are doing their best to trick you.  Do not fall into any of their flattery claims. Always remember, without skills and efforts, it is almost impossible to make consistent profits.


Cryptocurrencies are now the most volatile markets ever.  However, it does not mean anyone will earn a fortune trading it.  Mining is almost dead for the retail investors due to the fierce competition and difficulty involved.  Take a look at the investment plans this firm advertises. Does that even make sense to you?

Plan 1

Returns – 120%

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $20

Plan 2

Returns – 200%

Duration – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $750

Plan 3

Returns – 400%

Duration – 4 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2500

Affiliate Program

The only thing fake investment platforms care about is money.  To acquire more funds in a quick period of time, they feature an affiliate program.  They pay the promoters up to 15% of the cumulative deposit amount brought in by their clients.  

Press Mining Affiliate Program

Any individual who provides them with consistent stream of traffic will be promoted.  In short, they will get more percentage of the revenue. Note that, it is not compulsory for the promoters to hold an active account.

Domain Whereabouts

Thanks to service, we came to know that this domain was registered on 06/09/2018 and it expires on 06/09/2019.  Registrant details are untraceable. There isn’t enough data to trace out their traffic sources. As a result, we do not know the kind of people they are targeting.

Red Flags

Their platform does not reveal any details of their creators.  Whenever you encounter a firm which makes outrageous claims, but fail to provide any proof.  Most likely, you are dealing with a scam. Moreover anonymity is the thing fake schemes like this one embrace.

They do not offer a demo account.  Do not forget, they do not even provide trading history.  Without these two elements, how can we trust this firm with our money?

Press Mining Review Conclusion

Investing money in this scheme is like gambling.  Sooner or later you will lose all of the funds. This platform is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.  By definition, they will be active for a small amount of time and will be gone once they are unable to find new participant.  Trading and mining is serious business, do not take on the markets unprepared.

Do you have any experience with Press Mining?  We invite you forward to share your opinion by commenting below.


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