Review - Review is an ICO which is fixated towards solving the current problems which are daunting the mining industry in general and the small pools in particular.  Their website is pretty easy to navigate and their presentation skills are very powerful and subtle.

There is no number which can be put upon the returns the tokens might yield but that is just how the markets work.  

If you were considering to buy their tokens and wanted more information about how the model is structured or simply wanted to have an idea about the way they implement their ideas then go through our full review which will reveal all the relevant information you were searching for.

What is and How does it work?

This platform is a project intended towards giving opportunities for everyone to get involved with mining and by doing so eliminate the existing disparity between the big players and the individual which in return will result in a stabilised Bitcoin market.  

One of the main reasons why many companies are not incorporating or accepting Bitcoin is because of the high volatility but if and when it becomes stable gradually most of the businesses will start to accept them thereby boosting the price in the bullish direction.  Whenever mass adoption of a particular cryptocurrency takes place, the price are bound to go up.

They plan on to issue REG tokens to the users which enables them to get a share of their mining ventures.  The funds raised will be used to buy mining equipment and for the maintenance of the farms.

After certain time period when the returns are in the positive territory the profit are shared with the token holders, the exact share of the investor is 60% which is more than acceptable.  We do know that they use ASIC miners but it would have been nice if they shared the details of their infrastructure and their location.

Furthermore there isn’t a rundown of the fees they incur.  Though these issues can be overlooked, having them would have made a lot of difference.


Every investor wants to know the answer to this question because here is the thing.  Uncertainty is so deeply rooted in the markets that regardless of which way you analyse the markets and the value it brings to the economy no one can put a price tag on that.  

From risk reward point of view if you follow strict money management plans then this coin might be a good addition to your portfolio but remember to have a sound diversified holdings.  Since the profit this firm makes is dependant upon the revenue generated by mining which is directly proportional to the Bitcoin’s price, the price will be a key aspect determining the difficulty of the process.  

Remember that due to the deadly cut throat competition, profits worth your time might take a while to accumulate and again that depends on your capital.

Token Information and Distribution Metrics

Symbol – REG

Max. Issue – 65,000 REG

Financing Distribution – 100% through ICO, Rest of the tokens will be burned

REG Token – It is the right to earn 60% of the mining profit paid through a smart contract

Distribution of Mining Profit

  • Granted to REG token owners – 60%
  • Hardware development cost, Assignment of hardware engineer – 6%
  • Software development cost, Assignment of software engineer – 8%
  • Advanced R and D Cost – 6%
  • Security and Compliance of IT, License regulations, Outsourcing costs, Company operation – 20%

Red Flag

The only concern with this ICO is that there isn’t enough information about the employees and the Co-founders.  There is just a page with photos and names of 5 people but sadly they have not attached any social media profiles with them. - Co-Founders

We surfed the internet looking for any relevant information but we did not succeed.  Until and unless we gather more details about them or come across user testimonials we would not comment anything regarding this matter.

Road Map

The details of their accomplishments are listed on their website but here are the details of their plan from October 2018:

October 1st 2018 – Commencement of Crowd Sale stage 4, 1st priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4)

October 15th 2018 – Completion of Crowd Sale stage 4, 1st priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4),

Commencement of Crowd Sale stage 4, 2nd priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4)

October 22nd 2018 – Completion of Crowd Sale stage 4, 2nd priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4),

Commencement of Crowd Sale stage 4, 3rd priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4)

November 1st 2018 – Completion of Crowd Sale stage 4, 3rd priority period (12:00 PM UTC+4),

Commencement of Crowd Sale stage 4 (12:00 PM UTC+4)

November 15th 2018 – Completion of Crowd Sale stage 4 (12:00 PM UTC+4)

November 15th 2018 – Commence allocations for Crowd Sale Stage 3 REG token holders

January 1st 2019 – Commence REG transactions using our unique wallet secured 80% of mining machine market share Crowd Sale Stage 4 REG token holders,

Commenced “ASIC-HardMiner 5.1” operation

February 2019 – Commence allocations for Crowd Sale Stage 4 REG token holders Review Conclusion is a project which enables thousands of crypto enthusiasts to get started with mining and it holds door for many new possibilities.  Though no one know how it might unfold in the future depending upon your risk appetite this may or may not be the one you want to get involved with.

Since many ICO’s are launching frequently only buy tokens if you have the basic knowledge about the fundamentals of the market otherwise the chances of losing your entire investment amount will be high.

Have you bought REG tokens from  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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