Oryxian Review

Oryxian.com Review - Is it Legit?

Oryxian (Oryxian.com) is an ICO which is aimed at using blockchain technology to disrupt venture capital funding through tokenisation.  They are planning to make funding for start ups both easy for the entrepreneurs and the investors.

The idea behind their business is to make everyday people gain a better chance of making the right investments into the idea they believe without getting restricted by the current state of affairs which is favorable only for the rich.  These kind of operation opens the door to an entirely new set of possibilities.

Read our full review which will unravel all the merits and the potential risks involved in this project which gives you a better overall understanding of this firm.

Advisory Board and Support

There are details of the people involved in this project on their website.  The team is made up of people who have impressive records in their respective field and are from different backgrounds which makes them versatile.  

Each person’s accomplishments are put up in detail but the only thing is that they have not put in any link which can help us in verifying their identity.  Though we found some people’s profile on social media outlets we could not find all of them which is pretty concerning as many ICO’s in the past have turned out to be a fancy swindle.  

Oryxian.com - Employees

Though we are convinced enough that this team is as real as it can and has immense knowledge about what they are doing we still can’t be too sure as the source of our data are always vulnerable.  This firm has offices in Romania, Dubai and UK.

Customer support of this organisation can be reached via an enquiry form provided on their website.

Romania – Victoriei Street 3 Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania, zip 430066

Dubai – PO Box 93839, Tower D Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UK – 246 Harrowdene Gardens, London, Tw11 0dp, United Kingdom.

How does OryxCoin Work?

OryxCoin is a decentralised funding network for startups.  Until now if any company wanted to exchange their equity in returns for funds they had to go to venture capitalist wherein the entrepreneurs did not have the upper hand.  

On the contrary since only the rich were allowed to take part in such activities a large population was left out.  This ICO is geared towards eliminating that kind of disparity by providing the perfect solution which makes investing in new business as easy as possible.  

The official coin called OryxCoin is designed in an interesting way wherein the coin supply increases based on the profit gained by the ICO.  In other words the profits earned by the team using the investors money are brought back to distribution in a manner wherein it does not become vulnerable to inflation.  

By following these methodologies they have tried to solve the age old problem of investing.  The excess coins created can be earned through mining but keep in mind that as the economy rises or falls the difficulty involved in the process is also bound to change.


There is no way to figure out the value of their coin or the amount of profits or loss this firm might incur.  The best thing anyone can do is predict the possible scenarios wherein the bias is slightly skewed to one’s own conclusion.  

Do not let this throw you off track, if you want to invest in a project with a lot of advantages with minimum number of downsides to it then this ICO deserves a place in your portfolio but remember never to violate the 2% golden rule which is never to risk more than 2% of your portfolio on one coin.  

Only the time can show us how the market reacts to this coin.  Also the variables involved in determining the projections is also numerous so do not take any hasty decision instead calculate risk before you commit your money.

OryxCoin Token Information and Distribution

OryxCoin Nihilo – Public Blockchain

  • Algorithm – Nihilo
  • Ticker – ORYX
  • Block Time – 120 Seconds
  • Block size – 10 mb
  • Confirmations for transactions – 10
  • Confirmations for mined blocks – 100
  • Max Supply – 21,000,000
  • Masternode Collateral – 10,000 ORYX
  • Block Reward – 10 NIHL
  • Masternode Reward – 60%
  • Staking Reward – 40%

Distribution Metrics

Available for investments – 84%

Marketing fees – 10%

Management fees – 3%

Blockchain and development cost – 2%

Legal fees – 1%

Contribution to charity – 0.5%

Is OryxCoin a Scam?

Absolutely not,

This token is just like every other ICO’s out there.  Their idea is exceptional but depending upon the way they execute it the price may reach new heights or fall below anyone’s imagination.  Here is a rundown of their roadmap which might help you to make an informed decision:

Q1 2017

Milestone 1 – Birth of the Oryx Concept

Q2 2017

Milestone 2 – White Paper Version 1, On-Boarding of Advisors

Q1 2018

Milestone 3 – O-Boarding of Legal and Strategic Advisors, Technical Partnership, Oryx Brand Event, White paper version 2

Milestone 4 – OryxCoin Private Offering, Oryx Private Ledger, OryxPay E-Wallet Rollout, Oryx Team Growth, Advisory Board Closure

Q2 2018

Milestone 5 – OryxCoin Pre-ICO, Digital Bank – Uruguay, Puerta Rico, Blockchain/Wallet Beta Release

Q3 2018

Milestone 6 – OryxCoin Exchange Listing, OryxCash ICO, OryxCash Exchange Listing, OryxPay Prepaid Mastercard Rollout

Q4 2018

Milestone 7 – Investments into startups, Oryx AI Platform Rollout, Establishing Virtual Accelerator, Launch of Oryx Education, Hackathons, Certification and Online Trading

Q2 2019

Milestone 8 – Presentation of Portfolio Performance

OryxCoin Review Conclusion

OryxCoin has developed into an interesting project.  They have their own sub-selection of tokens like Oryx cash and coin but they are convenient to use as well.  The wallets currently support Windows, Mac and Linux while the support for other platforms is about to get released in the coming months.  

Bottom line is that this project carries a degree of risk which cannot be eliminated but on the flip side they do hold an enormous amount of value if their plan gets implemented.  It all comes down to your decision making skills and experience in the market. We only suggest you to use funds as conservatively as possible.

Are you planning to add Oryxian to your portfolio?  Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.


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