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Takicoin.com - Scam Review

Takicoin (takicoin.com) is a crypto cloud mining solution which supposedly generates returns of up to 2,500% risk free.  Looking at the kind of returns this fraudulent platform advertises you are guaranteed to become a billionaire without having to do anything but sadly that is not the way the world works.  

Unless you are a newbie investor who do not have a slight idea about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies works, there is no way anyone is going to believe these fake claims.  

Read our full review to find out why you should never buy any mining contract from this fraudulent platform.

Company and Support

Firms which provide any type of investing opportunity has to be regulated by certain authorities depending upon their geographical location.  

Takicoin represents an ICO which collects money from investors for mining activities and depending upon the contract type chosen by the investor, they are entitled for certain amount of money.  

While we were looking for any kind of licenses they must lawfully possess, there weren’t any.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed thereby operating outside the law.

This firm states that it is regulated and authorised by the United Kingdom Company House Authority.  Don’t let this certificate fool you into thinking they are legitimate. They have no rights to raise money from the general public.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – 2 Batavia Road, London, United Kingdom, SE14 6QE.

Email – contact@takicoin.com

The support team can be reached through email or contact form provided on their website.  Isn’t it strange for an investment company to operate without providing telephone assistance which is an essential element which enhances user experience.  

Once you send your money, these crooks are least bothered about answering your questions.

How does Takicoin Work?

This firm is said to own several mining rigs around the world and their main base is supposedly in Canada.  They claim to have put together a team wherein the members are passionate about what they do and have high competence in blockchain technology.  

The narration put up by them does not make any sense as far as mining is considered.  We are not told about the type of equipment they use or the scripts they use. The names of the pool they are involved with is not stated.  The lack of clarity is very disturbing indeed.

How are we supposed to know that they are profitable, do they expect us to just take their word for it?


Nowadays mining is not at all profitable for the retail clients because of the rising cost of machinery, electricity and maintenance associated with maintaining mining farms.  Unless you have a very strategic plan forget about making money, it is very difficult to reach break even point.

Here are the complete details of the mining contracts offered by this firm:


Returns – 2.5% Daily

Period – 16 Days

Minimum Deposit – $20


Returns – 3% Daily

Period – 20 Days

Minimum Deposit – $250


Returns – 4% Daily

Period – 20 Days

Minimum Deposit – $400


Returns – 900%

Period – 60 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100


Returns – 30% Daily

Period – 7 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1,000


Returns – 1,500%

Period – 25 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2,000

Super Gold

Returns – 1,900%

Period – 22 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3,000


Returns – 2,500%

Period – 20 Days

Minimum Deposit – $5,000

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by whois.com this domain was registered on 20/04/2018 and it expires on 20/04/2020.

This website has a global rank of 1,409,271 and it ranks 92,470 in Iran.

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Iran, Brazil, Nigeria, India and Turkey.

Affiliate Program

Like most fake investments the main goal of these crooks is to make as much money as possible through registrations.  To expand their investor base they offer an affiliate program wherein the individuals are given a percentage of deposits made by their referrals.  

Takicoin.com - Affiliate Program

If any affiliate can generate considerable amount of volume then they will be promoted to representative level which enables them to get higher percentage of commissions.  It is not compulsory for the affiliates to be an active investor in order to get their commissions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $20 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10.  The payment methods supported by this platform are PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and advcash.  

If you want to withdraw funds then remember there is 4% transaction fees applicable.  The time taken for processing withdrawals is not specified.

Can I Trust Takicoin?

No Way,

Considering all the facts discussed above, one thing is clear this firm has nothing to do with mining.  All the information and narration are of basic level and remember at any time things get out of hand you cannot do anything about it as they are unregulated as well.  

To summarize you are sending your hard earned money to a complete stranger and hoping for profit which have a very slim chance of happening.

Takicoin Review Conclusion

Takicoin is an over blown ponzi scheme which is being promoted by many HYIP monitoring sites.  The temptation of earning easy money might be difficult to overcome especially to the inexperienced investors and new entrants of the markets but remember these get rich quick schemes exist only to make those fraudsters rich not you.

If you have any experience with Takicoin.com, Please share your feedback by commenting below.

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