Trade Coin Club Review – Bitcoin Scam Exposed!

There is no other way around it except to say that Trade Coin Club is a SCAM! Hosted at, Trade Coin Club at first glance appears as a legitimate investment opportunity when in actuality it is nothing more than a manipulating Ponzi scheme. Don’t allow yourself to be lured in by the attractive and sleek site appearance and certainly don’t believe the far-fetched ROIs pertaining to the membership plans.

One common reoccurring theme we have noticed between Trade Coin Club and other Bitcoin scams we have exposed would be how they are more aggressively marketed toward affiliates than to actual investors. Meaning that less emphasis is placed upon the investment features while the advantages concerning the marketing aspect of this site far outweigh those concerning potential traders. This is a classic sign that we are dealing with a suspicious business model that typically takes the form of a Ponzi scheme.

Trade Coin Club -

What Is Trade Coin Club?

According to, this program is a membership club that was created with the intention of revolutionizing how digital coins are invested. Asserting that only a few individuals have access to the billion dollar cryptocurrency market is a blatant lie at best but fulfills the whole illusional purpose behind this cryptocurrency club. Their purpose is to provide investors, such as yourself, with the ability to obtain “automatic gains… with a little or no skills in the trading world!”

After you become enrolled with one of their three memberships, you can reap the benefits of receiving daily ROIs courtesy to their cryptocurrency trading software. However, this brings up the question of why the only source of income actually flowing into this system would be from affiliates. Zero investment results are shared on the site which is a characteristic you would not find among a legitimate Bitcoin investment site.

How does the Trade Coin Club program work?

This unique trading system makes millions of micro transactions that otherwise would be humanly impossible. Due to this unique nature of the Trade Coin Club software, users are able to generate profits “every second, every hour and every day.” Their software is able to function as an automated and semi-automated software allowing users to believe that they are in relative control over their deposited bitcoins.  However, community feedback suggests that withdrawal success has been minimum if not non-existent over the past few months.

The three memberships offered by this misleading Bitcoin club are as followed:

  1. Apprentice – Cost 0.01 to 0.99 BTC, Receive 0.35% Daily ROI for 8 months
  2. Trader – Cost 1.00 to 4.99 BTC, Receive 0.40% Daily ROI for 12 months
  3. Senior Trader – Cost from 5.00 BTC, Receive 0.45% Daily ROI for 12 months

Similar to other Ponzi schemes we have exposed, Trade Coin Club requires a deposit for an investment or affiliate membership. Initially these funds are used to fulfill the withdrawal requests made by other team members who have already established a membership with this fraudulent business operation. This business model creates the misconception that their program is authentic and trustworthy when in reality the crooked owners behind their site are just trying to pull in as many deposits as possible before their adulterous scheme gets reported to governing and federal authorities.

To be honest, it is a rather vicious cycle we are confronted when Ponzi schemes such as Trade Coin Club infect the cryptocurrency domain. For the first few months these sites appear legitimate and trustworthy and will acknowledge and fulfill your withdrawal requests then when you least suspect it they severe all ties of communication with you and neglect to process your withdrawals. If you have found yourself in a situation similar to this, we urge you to leave your feedback below so that others may be warned to avoid similar illicit business ventures.

Trade Coin Club Scam Test

Does the website promise unrealistic returns?

Yes. Trade Coin Club promises a daily return on investment of at least 0.35% for a minimum duration of 8 months. Not only is that absolute rubbish but fulfills the embodiment of a promise that is too good to be true. Furthermore, if this was a legitimate investment opportunity why not document your success on the site like a genuine Bitcoin site would?

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

There is no information regarding the owners of the site. No mention of founders, company information or contact information is provided on the site. Meaning that Trade Coin Club is the perfect anonymous site that would have no problem accepting your Bitcoin deposits and vanishing from existence leaving you with the inability to track down your loss funds.

How old is the website?

A WHO.IS search will confirm that was created on August 2nd, 2016. In addition, the creators behind this website are employing an anonymous hosting package so finding information pertaining to the owners and the company behind this site is unfortunately out of our reach.

TradeCoinsClub (

Does the site have a physical address?

No address of any sort is provided on the site. One would imagine that if this was a legitimate investment opportunity that a support email address, telephone number or registered office address would have been made readily available on the site. One small piece of advice that you should keep in mind when looking for genuine investment opportunities would be that if a site is unwilling to be open about their identity, then they simply aren’t a site worth trusting.

How popular is the site?

According to and SimilarWeb, has a current web global ranking of 15,784 with a rank of 5,211 in Japan (September 2017). Most of the individuals visiting the site reside within the demographics of the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Over a quarter of the traffic that floods into the site originates from inconclusive blogs and review videos found throughout Google and YouTube. Most of these sites incorporate affiliate links into their reviews meaning that their true intention is likely to earn a quick buck off of your suffering and deceit.

Some of you may have heard of Trade Coin Club through a social media campaign or by email. We received several emails from TradeCoinClub affiliates. Here’s an example:

Trade Coin Club Spam

Trade Coin Club Review Conclusion

We have proven through our scam test that Trade Coin Club is not a trustworthy Bitcoin service provider. The sole purpose behind this Ponzi scheme is to attract and deceive as many investors as possible out of their hard-earned bitcoins before the site gets shut down for good. Total anonymity is a tall-tale sign that we are dealing with a shady investment opportunity and this stands true for all investment fields. Do yourself a favor by avoiding this ridiculous Ponzi scheme and visit our Day Trading Guide to learn about more concrete and tested cryptocurrency routes to consider.

Verdict: Trade Coin Club is a SCAM!

Blacklisted site:

Have you been scammed by Trade Coin Club? Share your experience and feedback by commenting below!


  1. SUMIT

    It was a big scam , my 2 BTC is gone with the shit TCC . F *** how good they make the events and distrubute gifts for selected people . Lets all meet and make a group and take some legal / ill**** actions . We all together can make a difference .

  2. Krishnan

    BIG SCAM.. One of the person who runs this scam and still not been arrested is someone called SAHIR -His mobile num is 0555460619.
    It is sad that such people can stay scott-free. I lost a couple of bitcoins falling for this

  3. Grant

    Pack of thieves should be arrested lost 1.27 bitcoin

  4. Elmira Atahanova

    SCAM !!! SCAM !!! BIG SCAM with BIG Thift – Russian BAD LEADER who lives in Florida, USA, ALEKSEY FOMIN !!!
    THIFT !!! Big Thift !!!

  5. shahid azeemi

    can i join and invest my money to TCC, is it real or scam

    • Derp

      Nah I wouldn’t worry about reading the review or any comments below….. put all your money in!

  6. Femi

    TCC is a big scam, i invested 0.5 BTC which they reduced to 0.2BTC , wanted to withdraw they said i should upload documents for verification. It’s been weeks now, no response. Guys be warned!!

  7. Aishu Sundar

    Hi all

    Had a chance to go through all your comments.

    Does TCC not have weekly or monthly withdrawals of ur invested btc?? If u hv the withdrawals, why dint u all withdraw and after 8months why are you all hav not recvd your invested btc even? It should have shown doubled btc on ur wallet isnt it?

    Additionally, after Tcoin came in, they hav also already launched their exchange trade by trade. Now their Tcoin is already listed with 40 to 60 as dditional core coins and altcoins in their exchange. Now all ur forced tcoins could be converted to btc anytime and you all should be safe in that means too. Why are you all believing it to be scam.

    I am just trying to investigate what have you all witnessed in the recent times after their exchange is launched.

    One of my frnd keeps informing me about TCC. So i wanted answers for all the above questions of mine. Kindly respond to my questions so i ll know what is d result of TCC after trade by trade is launched.

    Looking forward guys

  8. Gee

    TCC complete ripp off…now they force you to withdraw in Tcoin after you invest in bit coins. Theives that should be shut down for good!! Do NOT join these criminals

  9. sek

    It s a total scam lost my 0.3 btc((( shall we prosecute them? Lets punish them guys, start with Joff Paradise!

  10. Navliran

    Hi yes scam TCC . Dirty business TCC . They did steal people money too me . I can’t withdrawal BTC . I feel lost and pain more . I pray God will punish them someday happen

  11. Carley

    I am so sad to report that it is a scam. I joined and started “trading” on 3/12/17. Each week, I started the “gears” and saw my bitcoin increasing steadily and by last month was doubled. Then I logged in one week, 3/12/18 and saw the message that my account had “expired.” Three options: Renew, Convert, or Finish. I chose Finish, and there was an error message about my documents. I contacted support, had a few emails back n forth, then the account I had been messaging spontaneously disappeared. I contacted the person who invited me in, spoke with their sponsor, to learn that I was not getting a dime or my investment back.

    • Aina

      This appears to be the destination that we all are heading for sadly.

  12. umair

    i invested 100 t-coin
    got 29in 20 days. form now i am good and hoping for good as well to every one

    • Ihtisham Ahmad 03039691916 whatsapp

      Just wait bro for completing one cycle and it will be reduced to 25%. And will cut 10 TCN each month when your earning is increasd to 50.

  13. ht

    This is a plain scam and it is even funny all they do is day light robbery.

    I invested 0.6BTC, their so called ponzi trade platform gave me 0.11BTC as trading profit, the platform withheld my main investment after my period expired, and now I cannot even withdraw the 0.11BTC to at least accept my fate. You now have to convert to their shit coin called TCOIN and wait for it to be listed on an exchange which I am sure will never be.

    Guys, it is better you leave your funds in your wallet and watch it grow.

  14. Damian

    It appears that the are now only letting you withdraw any profits via their newly created coin TCoin TCN. In effect they are giving you back monopoly money via crypto. When you convert it to TCoin their are very few buyer that want to buy it because it is not worth anything. Total Scam.

    • Marliyya

      TCC is a big scam. The owners should know that it is not in their business interest to force T coin on their investors with whose money they flourish. TCOIN has value only for them . They have “bought” our Bitcoin in exchange for a worthless “TCOIN” . This is inhuman!

  15. Avatar

    Empresa totalmente fake, voce investe e recebe o que investiu apos 1 ano, em suaves parcelas, sendo sempre ameaçado que se falar mal da empresa, pode perder a conta. fujam de tradecoinclub, trade by trade, Tcoin e easy trade que são as novas farsas da empresa.

  16. jfin

    I recently invested due to trusting a family member’s acquaintance. I have a year contract and am hopeful that I will be able to get my initial btc back(at least)! Terrible situation and business. However, lesson learned(you rarely get something for nothing). It smelled scam the moment I took the time to learn more about this “innovative” technology. Should have known when it was difficult to find anything on the web from credible news and online platforms about this Shit coin club. smh. I hope all victims get their money back and the criminals behind this are prosecuted.

  17. Reg is the biggest scam the bitcoin world has ever seen. Lost 0.5 BTC. Should have known!!

    • Aina

      I invested 30btc and a friend invested 50! On our last cycle they keep changing goal post until they finally denied everybody right to their money. These individuals are really not honest or humane! How can you cheat your investor do you know what will happen to you next? Pls return our money we don’t want to buy is a business with btc.

  18. Rodrigo

    There is a spanish company website it looks similar to trade coin club.. can someone research it and tell me if you think its a scam website thank you

    • Luke

      Didn’t have to look far…. RUN FAST AND FAR AWAY !!!!!!

  19. Gil

    I am a victim of this scam. The website is now called They clam the only way to get a refund is through corporate which can only be reached by email. I’ve never known an international company to have a gmail account. Total scam!!!

  20. Luke

    Yes, total scam and they just shut down their site and ran with peoples $$$$$$. Left everybody hanging

  21. Paul

    TOTAL SCAM … I invested 1.5 BTC … when I tried to w/d, I onlyi received 0.2 BTC … TCC Kept all the rest. This is a total Ponzi …. RUNNN!!!

  22. Dy Arman


  23. Dy Arman

    TCC IS A Scam i am victim of trade coin club do not join tcc

  24. gedd

    I invested the minimum amount of 0.3 bitcoin in TCC back in March 2017. I did manage to get a withdrawal of half that amount at the end of 8 months, much less than I put in. I am in profit on that withdrawal,but only through sheer luck that the Bitcoin price has soared since then. Now I find I cannot log back in to my account anymore. I suspect I have been blocked. My advice is stay well away from TCC.

  25. Select

    Scam i am victim of trade coin club do not join tcc

  26. Hanah

    With a 0,4% daily return, this ponzi scheme can last for at least 3 years before it crashes. But it does, many will cry ??

  27. Aki

    I managed to withdraw 1.5btc though…

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