Review - Scam Review is a high yield investment program which claims to yield returns of up to 10.5% on a weekly basis for 18 weeks. There is no record to support their bold claims. There isn’t a clue about the fund managers working in this firm.

While we were investing this service. the red flags found on this platform was intolerable. This service has been active for more than 4 months as of writing this review and has scammed a lot of people within this short amount of time.

Continue reading our comprehensive and unbiased review to find out why you should avoid dealing with this firm in any way.

Company and Contact Details

On their website, this firm features some kind of registration document. This is done only to gain the trust of the investor. Since represents an ICO which offers investment advice and financial services to the retail investors in the United Kingdom, they have to be authorized and regulated by FCA. We were not able to find a single certificate confirming licenses, they must lawfully posses.

We have confirmed through FCA Limited has never been licensed which means these scammers are literally filling their pockets with the clients money.

The only contact detail put up on their website is a telephone number – +44 079 1813 5508.

If you run into any problem on this platform the support team can be reached through a contact form provided on their website. The support team is very slow to answer your queries.

Once you have sent the money to this firm, they are least bothered about anything else.

What does do with the funds?

This firm states that it actively trades Crypto currency, forex, stocks and bonds. This is just a shady trick used by scams to attract all type of investors be featuring a wide investment spectrum.

They do not talk much about how the funds are allocated. We are not briefed about the trading strategy followed by this firm and there is no verifiable track record of the so called trading professionals of this firm.

Since there is no demo account offered by this platform, there isn’t a single way to test out the effectiveness of their trading operations without risking your money.

What kind of returns is offered by

Who would not like to rake in thousands of dollars on complete auto pilot while you are relaxing at home or chilling at the beach but stop and logically analyse, isn’t offers like these too good to be true?

This platform features 3 investment plan, each offering different type of return over certain time period.

Plan 1

7.50%, 24 Weeks

Min. Deposit – $100

Max. Deposit – $1000

Plan 2

8.75%, 21 Weeks

Min. Deposit – $1001

Max. Deposit – $3000

Plan 3

10.50%, 18 Weeks

Min. Deposit – $3001

Max. Deposit- $50,000

News Section

There is a news section on this website which shows only some of the basic moving average strategies along with support and resistance zones. it does not show the economic calendar or events in real time.

In certain way, this section is useless as the information provided there can be found on many other educational websites which provides in depth explanation about the basic concepts of financial markets.

Referral Program - Referral Program

This firm provides an affiliate program wherein the affiliates are given a percentage of deposits made by their referrals. The affiliates are also provided with a wide range of promotion and marketing tools which will help them monetize their traffic more effectively.

Note that the affiliates do not have to be an active depositor in order to get their commission which is the main reason why there are many HYIP monitor websites promoting this platform.

Domain Popularity

According to this domain was registered on 02/03/2018 and expires exactly after one year.

This website ranks 21,189 in South Africa and has a global rank of 1,933,440 according to

This firm specifically targets users from South Africa.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $50 equivalent in BTC and the maximum withdrawal limit per week is $1000 equivalent in BTC. The only payment method accepted by this firm is Bitcoin.

Before making any transaction remember that it is hard to track bitcoin transactions and impossible to reverse them which is why scammers love this currency.

They state that the withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Can i Trust

No way.

The lack of clarity combined with the fact that they are an unregulated entity are some of the main reason why we urge everyone to stay away from this firm. The return offered by this platform are more than what legitimate solution can ever offer. Review Conclusion

This platform features similar characteristic to ponzi scheme which will pay few clients every once in a while but once they have made enough money, they will run away at your expense. There is no such thing as free lunch in this world, if you really want to earn a decent living from trading, start by educating yourself about the markets.

If you have any experience with, please share your opinion or feedback by commenting below.

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  1. Suraj Ganas

    This is a scam, pure and simple. Do not invest any money with this company or its affiliates, Real Blanco etc.

  2. Laura de Vos

    Yup – I think we’ve all just lost our money!!!

  3. Aldridge

    Myself and thousand investors in SA has been invested in this platform, currently the platform has not been available for close to two months, When sending an email to no response are forthcoming. When checking the website a message displays ‘ Site Maintenance’ Reinstallation of members Data Base and software Update’ next update soon
    This message is now for the last 3 weeks
    Definitely a scam as maintenance is now taking close to two months.

  4. Andile

    It’s been 2 weeks already since Trade Capital Invest is off line and I can’t access the website. The last communication I have received said it is going to take their technicians a week to fix but still the system is still inaccessible. I am now starting to panic. Are they really gone with our money? Please help!!!

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