Whales Club Review (Whalesclub.io)

Whales Club is an allegedly a new crypto trading platform which supposedly has flawless trading history. They claim to profit around 5% on a daily basis. However, despite all their bold statements, the owners are still operating from the shadows.

Their platform looks professional and can easily manipulate any newbie into thinking that, they are dealing with a legit authority. Unfortunately, many people have already fallen for these deceptive tricks and its time now to expose the truth about these crooks.

To know precisely the agendas of this institution, go through our review till the end.

Whales Club Review

Legality and Support Details

Every investment firm is subject to market risk. So, to ensure the safety of all the parties involved, strict rules have been laid on this sector. If any firm violates or fails to adhere these rules, then the consequences are severe and the owners might face criminal prosecution.

This platform haven’t shown any of their legal documents on their website and their physical location is also unknown. We ran a search across all the regulatory bodies and still we were unable to find a clue about them.

In short, we can confidently say that, their entire premise is a scam. Moreover, if you are trying to contact their support team, good luck. They communicate only using emails and are known to be extremely frustrating to deal with.

Think for a moment, what kind of investment firm operates without disclosing any of the details?

Whales Club Business Model

Whales Club claims to be a part of many activities simultaneously which involve content creation and trading different asset class. They vaguely talk about the different concept and aspects of trading.

However, without any sort of proof, this firm does not deserve the benefit of doubt. Cryptocurrency is the hottest sector in the financial world which has made many people rich in a matter of years, but it certainly isn’t a shortcut to wealth.

Trading involves a lot of process wherein an individual or firm takes minimal risk and aim for maximum profits. Since, there is no explanation about the procedure this firm follows, as far as transparency and investor’s confidence goes, it’s a huge red flag.

We don’t know their average profit or loss size and the maximum drawdown they have encountered. Investing with them is just like taking a shot in the dark, you will never have the odds on your side.

More importantly, without any solid data, will you really trust a stranger to handle your funds?

Investment Plans and Returns

Making profits at a push of a button has been a dream for many of us. Over the years, we have seen a lot of schemes which promises to make us rich at the beginning, only to abandon us after taking our money.

This firm claims to generate returns which tops out at 5% every day. Through compounding, if you can sustain this number, then you will become a billionaire within a decade on autopilot.

While this sounds interesting, never forget the fact that, it is only a fantasy. Here are the details of the investment plans on offer.

Plan 1

Returns – 165%

Duration – 33 Business Days

Minimum Investment – $30

Plan 2

Returns – 125%

Duration – 20 Business Days

Minimum Investment – $30

Plan 3

Returns – 2% to 5% Daily

Duration – 100 Business Days

Minimum Investment – $5,000

Referral Program

This firm has a short life span and to make more revenue, they need to find ways to get people on board within a short period of time. Digital marketing is less expensive, but it also has its own set of demerits.

To acquire customers in an efficient manner, they offer an affiliate program. Basically, affiliate program enables the promoters to get fat commissions for every people they refer on to this platform.

Since, their whole scheme is illegal, they use unethical means of marketing to create hype and drive investors to purchase the investment plans. If you ever come across any testimonial or review praising them, then chances are they are intentionally profiting from misleading you.

So, be cautious when it comes to anything involving money on the internet.

Domain Whereabouts

Unfortunately, the details of the owners are untraceable. However, with the help of alexa.com and whois.com service, we did manage to gather the following details.

Domain – Whalesclub.io

Registered On – 21/07/2018

Expiry – 21/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 248,094

Rank in Russia – 27,538

Target Audience – Russia, Iran, India, Belgium and Germany.

Pyramid Scheme

If you ever wonder why scams like this platform pay some clients, then the following information will be interesting for you. Every firm needs to earn the credibility in the eyes of the public and please the investors community.

To achieve both of these objectives, fake platforms always randomly process withdrawals of the clients and parade a narrative which benefits them.

In reality, they are just using the cash brought in by the new victim to pay out the old one while they keep a majority portion on top for themselves. In short, they will ultimately get rich at the expense of the innocent investors and participants.

Whales Club Review Conclusion

Whales Club is a swindle which has already caused a lot of pain to the investors. Many people are complaining about their account being frozen for unknown and vague reasons.

Looking at the direction this filthy scheme is going, they will most probably get shut down by law enforcement agencies. Earning money or trading in general is rewarding, but just like any other skill, it takes time to master it.

Moreover, whenever you come across exaggerated claims from unregulated entity, it is and never was worth the risk.

Have you lost money to Whales Club Ponzi scam? Please, share your experience with us below in the comments section.


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