24 Pay Gold Review – Shady Platform Exposed!

24 Pay Gold is a miraculous investment platform which is alleged to generate returns on an hourly basis. There is no information about the people working for this firm.

However, we all know that anonymity is something which all the fraud organisations adore. They claim to be regulated in the UK, but that is another hoax.

The main target audience for HYIP like these is the newbies because they are most likely to buy into these kind of false money making ideas. Join us in this comprehensive review wherein we are going to reveal the true motives of this filthy investment program. 24 Pay Gold Review

Company and Customer Support

Every firm which handles the money of the public should adhere to the local regulation laws. This firm is alleged to be based in the UK and as such they should be overseen by the FCA. To be on the safer side, we ran a search on the database of the FCA and the result was disappointing.

There was no information about this firm which means by textbook definition, they are a scam. Do not be fooled by these kind of tricks, in this online world they are all over the place.

They also feature the ways to contact their support team. Sadly, their mobile number is not operational which means the only way to reach them is via email. However, bear in mind that, they are known to block the clients once they have complete control over your funds.

Below are the entire list of their contact details.

Address – 452 High Road Leyton, London, United Kingdom.

Email – admin@24paygold.com

24 Pay Gold Operational Model

24 Pay Gold claims to generate funds through trading the forex and cryptocurrency market. Both of them have enough liquidity and volatility to enable anyone to earn decent returns on a daily basis.

However, that does not mean that anyone can make a fortune easily. We do not know the type of indicators or trading approach this firm employs. Moreover, they haven’t shown any tangible proof to support their claims.

Are you going to trust a stranger to handle your funds? We hope not because it is one of the most riskiest venture. Even the names of the fund managers are confidential. So, from any angle they clearly do not deserve our trust or time.

24 Pay Gold Investment Plans

The returns offered by this platform goes upto 20% on an hourly basis. At this rate within a couple of weeks you will be a billionaire, but isn’t that close to a miracle? They are just trying to lure people in by promising them huge returns.

In reality, the only one to get rich on this platform will be them, not you. Check out their plans, do you think it is statistically sustainable?

Plan 1

Returns – 1.08% to 1.3% Hourly

Duration – 96 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $10

Plan 2

Returns – 4% to 9% Hourly

Duration – 48 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $400

Plan 3

Returns – 14% to 20% Hourly

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $4000


Testimonials are one of the main factor used by many people before signing up to any online service. There are a ton of positive comments on their site made by alleged clients. The funny thing about them is that, they are no way to trace out the identity of the user. 24 Pay Gold Fake Testimonial

Moreover, the photos shown are clearly stock images. Since their deception is clear, ask yourself why would someone lie about their performance unless it is pathetic?

The main reason for them to pull off this trick is to earn your trust, but never give them a chance to rob you.

Referral Program

The owner of this platform runs a huge affiliate program wherein the terms are beneficial to the house. Promoters or affiliates of this firm get huge revenue share for bringing investors on board.

So, that is reason behind all the favorable reviews on the web about this firm. Anyone who puts in a referral link and is recommending you to indulge with them is intentionally misleading you and is causing a financial loss.

Be very careful whenever the offer is too good to be true and never deal with any unregulated entities.

Domain Insight

We managed to gather the following information about the domain with the help of whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – 24paygold.com

Registered On – 21/01/2019

Expiry – 21/01/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 752,188

Rank in India – 117,620

Audience Geography – India, Canada, Bangladesh, Russia and Pakistan.

24 Pay Gold Review Conclusion

24 Pay Gold is a ponzi scheme, They rely on their marketing ability to create a cash flow. However, due to their operational model, they are bound to go down eventually. Moreover, once the money has been sent to them, there is no way to get it back.

So, never make the wrong move with regards to their platform. The payment proof they have shown on their homepage is also fake and is just another trick they have in store to lure in unsuspecting victims. After all free money making solution is just a myth.

Have you lost money to 24 Pay Gold? Feel free to share your feedback below!


  1. Julian

    Scamm, scamm, scamm. I will not get tired of saying that thousand of times. Once the money has been sent to them, there is no way to get it back! Literally no way!

  2. Grace

    Tell me about Crypto Money Inc – offer me a position as a Customer Support Associate based in Central Hong Kong

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