Paymeron Review – Obvious SCAM!

Paymeron is the new investment platform which is supposedly active in the cryptocurrency sector. They claim to generate returns on an hourly basis. If you are a crypto enthusiast who has the basic knowledge about how blockchain works, then you know that, they are clearly a fraud.

Moreover, the contact details of the actual creators are unknown. Their way of presentation is vague. However, because of their popularity they have made many investors lose their funds.

To know about their operational model and understand how they are tricking the investors, continue reading our review. Paymeron Review

Company and Support

Every company which handles raise money from the public should be overseen by the FCA. This firm claims to be regulated, but it is just a hoax. We went through the database of the Financial Conduct Authority and there is no clue about this platform. So, it means that, they are a confirmed scam. Paymeron Incorporation Certificate

Most of the scams feature a registration certificate, but always know that there is a ton of difference between registering and being regulated. If you need any assistance from the support team of this platform, then you are all out of luck.

The clients can contact the support team via email. However, they are known to respond very slowly. Below are their contact information.

Address – 2 Thomas More Square, London, United Kingdom, E1W 1YN.

How does Paymeron Work?

The answer to this question will probably make you overwhelmed at first especially if you are a newbie. They claim to be active in cryptocurrency trading and mining.

Mining was a profitable venture couple of years ago and there wasn’t much competition either. Nowadays, ever since Bitcoin reached $19,000 mark, the number of participants are sky high.

So, naturally the profit margins went down and for most of the retail investors, it is not worth the risk any more. As far as trading is considered, the amount of data they have provided isn’t enough. We do not know their accuracy rate, maximum drawdown and their statistical edge.

So, there is no way any rational investor would invest their funds. Trading has the potential to yield huge rewards, but they also carry high level of risk. If you are planning to begin your trading journey, then acquire education first.

Returns Advertised

There are 4 investment plans currently on offer. The returns range from 19% hourly all the way up to 6,500% after 30 days. Achieving these kind of returns in the market is impossible on a consistent basis and the sole reason for they to make these claims is to attract newbies.

Moreover, for quicker returns, they are telling the clients to invest higher up-front capital, but that is just a trap. Once you send them the money, it’s gone forever. Check out their plans, isn’t that ridiculous?


Returns – 19% Hourly

Duration – 10 Hours

Maximum Deposit – $50,000


Returns – 325%

Duration – 3 Days

Maximum Deposit – $250,000


Returns – 2250%

Duration – 10 Days

Maximum Deposit – $350,000


Returns – 6500%

Duration – 30 Days

Maximum Deposit – $750,000

Referral Program

This firm relies mainly on their marketing ability to create cash flow. To achieve huge client base, they are offering huge cash incentives to their marketers. So, now you know the reason as to why so many fake websites out there endorse them.

On top of the hefty commissions, the promoters also have access to custom marketing tools to further increase their reach. In short, they are ready to go to any level to loot the public. If anyone is advising you to indulge with this platform, then chances are they are profiting from it.

Domain Insight

With the help of and, we were able to gather the following details of the domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 19/03/2019

Expiry – 19/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,208,920

Rank in Poland – 29,391

Audience Geography – Poland, saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Russia.


There is a trial of testimonials behind by every online service. We highly suggest everyone to check them out before proceeding with them for any reason. Moreover, do not forget, this is just the beginning and as time goes on more comments from users will emerge. Now ask yourself, can any legit business afford to play around with the customers like this? No way, right? Below is the user’s opinion which he/she shared on the forum. Source – Trustpilot.

I made some money there, but they dont give me that money. No answer after having contacted their support.

Paymeron Review Conclusion

Paymeron is a classic example of a ponzi type fraud. They are using the money deposited by new clients to pay the old ones and keep a little on top for themselves. Though, they might have paid some people, it does not mean that, they are reliable.

The whole scheme will crumble and it is just a matter of time for it to happen. They do provide fake payment proof on their website, but do not let that trick you.

Everything they portray are twisted to their favor and are fake. So, to stay away from any kind of trouble, do not indulge with them.

Have you lost money to Paymeron? Let us know in the comments section!


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