AirBit Club (BitBackOffice) Review – Deceitful Ponzi Scheme Hybrid

As you can accurately infer from the title of this review, AirBit Club is more than just a deceptive Ponzi scheme that should be avoided.

Further polluting and tarnishing the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency realm, AirBit Club has left a massive wake of victims throughout Russia and Colombia.

While you begin to maneuver your way through our detailed review, you will accumulate the facts necessary to verify that is an online destination that cannot be trusted.

About AirBit Club

AirBit Club is an expansive crypto related venture that is based upon an affiliate tier. Prospective applicants interested with this program are able to become affiliates through and are able to enroll with 1 of the 3 memberships offered.

According to their site, AirBit Club was founded with the mission of providing “cutting edge technology utilizing innovative tools to ensure that trading potential is maximized and that way increase bitcoin distributions to all affiliates.”

In lenience terms, the alleged goal of this operation is to provide investors with an opportunity to accrue more earnings in Bitcoin.

Further revealed on the site would be a partial business model, where the only verifiable source of income disclosed would be by those who deposit into their platform to get started with one of their memberships.

As the site claims, “50% of bitcoins will be split among all club members and 50% will be used to increase the power of trading, also to solidify our business relationships with companies dedicated to the growth of technology to trade cryptocurrencies.”

While some reference to the investment of deposited funds are hinted on the site, consumer feedback will reveal the contrary and go on to show that when confronted, AirBit Club refuses to provide transparent evidence in accordance to their statement. - AirBitClub – AirBit Club

AirBit Club Operational Model

AirBit Club offers affiliates unrewarding investment packages that will fail to accumulate a break even return unless the affiliate succeeds in drawing in new members.

As previously disclosed, AirBit Club offers 3 membership packages that vary between $250 to $1,000.

While the site displays USD as an accepted currency, it should be noted that only Bitcoin deposits are accepted through their platform.

Executive Plan

Renewal Fees: 1 renewal fee

Minimum Deposit: $250 in BTC

Supported Volume: 200 level

Duration of Membership: 2 cycles of 75 business days

Corporate Plan

Renewal Fees: 2 renewal fees

Minimum Deposit: $500

Supported Volume: 400 level

Duration of Membership: 3 cycles of 75 business days

Pro Plan

Renewal Fees: 3 renewal fees

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Supported Volume: 900 level

Duration of Membership: 4 cycles of 75 business days

AirBit Club - Membership - Bit Back Office

According to the AirBit Club compensation plan, affiliates can expect to receive a daily return ranging between 0.2% to 1.2% on their deposited funds.

As many of you probably guessed, these daily returns aren’t near enough to achieve a break even with initial deposits which is why affiliates are highly encouraged to obtain new sources of traffic to earn commission.

While AirBit Club claims to employ a “Matrix-based” commission tier, it is essentially a pyramid scheme when broken down.

AirBitClub - Matrix Commission - BitBack Office

The investment package an affiliate gets started with will dictate the number of levels supported through the AirBit Club commission tier. The executive plan supports up to 3 levels, corporate up to 7 levels while the pro package supports all 18 matrix levels.

Affiliates should also be made aware that renewal fees are charged between each duration cycle, these renewal fees equate to a value of 35% of the cumulative ROI paid out during each cycle.

Affiliates are also offered the option to opt in a Retirement Plan that is featured through their platform. While not much information is disclosed regarding the Retirement Plan until you become an active member, it is known that an additional fee between $150 to $300 will be required.

As with all pyramid schemes, we never advise any investor to enroll due to the unstable and growingly unsustainable operational model required for the model not to collapse.

Who is Behind

As with most untrustworthy Ponzi schemes, AirBit Club fails to provide any ownership information. Not only do they fail to disclose any identifiable or corporate entity but they are explicitly vague about their operational model.

Furthermore, a WHOIS search will go on to show that was privately registered which makes it impossible for us to track down their creators.

One outdated review that went on the record against AirBit Club had disclosed that Mr. Gutemberg and Renato Rodriquez were the co-founders behind this scheme. Whether or not these two entities are truly responsible for we are uncertain due to the lack of information on their site now.

Question Marks and Red Flags is a nest egg of question marks and red flags.

Taking half of the deposit value of new members and disbursing them to previously established members is a text-book example of a Ponzi scheme.

Regarding the other 50% that is allegedly invested and used to smooth over connections with other technologic crypto companies we are quite uncertain, in fact, due to the lack of transparency we assume that the creators behind this site are keeping those deposits for themselves.

BitBackoffice is a pyramid scheme!

While the AirBit Club binary matrix compensation plan sounds great and all, it is the living and breathing embodiment of a pyramid scheme.

In addition, there is no relevant information regarding the creators, operators or corporate entity responsible for which makes this operation completely anonymous.

All of these exhibited characteristics are definite red flags in the investment world.

Can be Trusted?

Absolutely not. fails to disclose any information of significance on their site. The creators behind this site make it as vague and misleading as possible in the hopes of deceiving prospective investors (affiliates) of out of their money.

To learn more about the deceitful tactics employed by the AirBit Club scam, read some of the recent comments which can easily be found online by entering “airbit club reviews” or “bitbackoffice scam” in any search engine.

AirBit Club Review Conclusion

AirBit Club is a viral pyramid and Ponzi scheme hybrid.

While recent community feedback indicates that the site is still paying affiliates, most consumer feedback suggests some form of financial discrepancy with

Operating with total anonymity, we advise potential affiliates to avoid this investment scheme while it continues to grow unstable with their unsustainable pyramid scheme model.

Review Verdict: AirBit Club is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Do you have personal experience with AirBit Club? Share your story with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. Mark Lobo

    It’s a scam. I have 15× 1000$… at the end of term we got 10,000+ amount to withdraw but the request for payout is pending since time immemorial. We never heard from costumer service from almost a year now. FCK YU AIRBITCLUB!!!

  2. Cardo Dalisay

    I am a member of airbit club.. I have already doubled my investment.. There is nothing wrong with my accounts.. Maybe you are paid to spread lies.. We joined airbit, we are happy and we gained income.. You spread lies, we understand because you are a liar, not a member of airbit, no knowledge, only lies.. You just cannot accept the fact that airbitclub has evolved and adopted to these days crypto technology.. Airbit forever! 😊

  3. Bitbit

    Did you take out your money in cash directly from airbitclub? Or traded your bitcoins to someone else you recruited?

  4. Jose Ferrer

    Yes, I’m an Airbit Club afilliate member, how true that it is a scam, that was my hard earned money. Please help us.

  5. Fabio Gil Cipagauta

    Es una mentira…
    El año pasado a la mayoría de miembros les descontaron US 90 dólares, que para mantenimiento y demás. Nunca hubo una razón clara para esta actuación arbitraria.

    La excusa fue: “El club te esta pagando, hagamos algo por el club esta vez que nos necesita”.

    Primero en sus eventos masivos en RUSIA, en DUBAI, en Brasil, en Pánama… dicen:
    El año pasado dijeron que iba a tener una Tarjeta Debito con Zingwallet lo cual nunca ocurrió.
    Que los pasos del Wallet al monedero iban a ser rápidos…
    Que se iba a poder utilizar Ethereum y Bitcoin Cash…
    Los pagos de monedero se demoran más de un mes…

    Esto solo necesita matemáticas básicas:
    Si compras una cuenta de US 1000 la cual te deja operar 300 días hábiles y una ganancia promedio de US 5 dólares diarios, sería algo así como:
    Sin contar los 3 mantenimientos cada 75 días. que se basa en el 30% de las ganancias.
    En resumidas cuentas te quedan como 1200 al final del ejercicio, pero cuando quieres retirar esos 1200 te descuentas por tarifas administrativas y un montón de mentiras más casi la mitad, o sea US 600… estuviste 300 días, para que la final pierdas el 40% de tu inversión inicial… con todas las estupideces que dicen…

    También que lo máximo que pueden hacer es duplicar su cuenta… o sea llegar a US 2000… pero como se dijo anteriormente… nos estás haciendo nada si al final del ejercicio giras los US 2000 y te llegan US 1000… No hiciste nada en el tiempo que estuviste. ¿Dónde quedan los otros US 1000? el 50% se lo cobran ellos en tarifas administrativas y yo no se que más chorradas.

    Ahora, piensan sacar su propia moneda Transacth o algo así…
    Esto no terminará bien, para ninguna de las partes que tienen dinero metido ahí…

    Las matemáticas no mienten, y los cobros administrativos que cobran por sacar los satoshis o BTC de sus cuentas son exageradamente caros… más costosos que los bancos…

    Alejate de esa estafa… por más que quieran mentir… no van a tener el poder de minar todos los BTC… ya que son limitados.

    • Andelson

      I feel like what you are saying is interesting. But, I can’t understand a word in Spanish. Please, can you write in English? Thanks!

  6. lakeview

    The Philippine government has issued an advisory that this company is indeed a scam and has is not authorized to solicit investment. This is not FAKE NEWS. Please read.

  7. Manfred Pedro

    The writer of this blog doesn`t know what he is saying about Airbit Club. I am a happy member of Airbit and I have gained alot in four months than in any trading platform I used before > Thats why the person who is writing this pathetic opinion is definitely not a member of Airbit and just saying empty words.You better be an affiliate first before you say something about AIRBIT CLUB because all you are saying are BS!

    • Zeak

      This is total b.s. I’ve been waiting on a payout for over 20 days. The last payout I was charged 54% in fees. I received $228 back from a $500 payout. They screwed me out of bonuses for signing up multiple Pro accounts. The local contacts who signed me up are rude, liars, & crooks.

  8. Andrej

    this is the one of the biggest oportunity in history. It’s necessary to do the work done until it works thanks to the airbit club because you are changing your life

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