Review – Fraud Organisation Exposed is a new kind of investment firm which is said to generate returns ranging from 50% to 80% on a daily basis. They claim to have proper documentation and they even flaunt the risk management measures such as insurance, etc. Anyone rational human being who has basic understanding of the markets can easily spot all the lies peddled by this firm and to be honest, their narratives are not the best in any way.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of newbies in the crypto and forex sector and those people are the ones who are most susceptible to platforms like this one. As far as their legal status is considered, we didn’t find any credible documents or evidence to prove that they are regulated and as such, you can’t expect fair treatment from them.

Trading in general is an exciting venture, but it certainly is not the easiest job by any means. So, don’t be eager to throw your money around unless you have proven strategies with favorable risk reward ratios. To know all the facts about this fake investment firm, continue reading our review which will enlighten you about all of their motives. Review

Company, Licenses and Customer Support

Nowadays, for any new firm which aims to cater to the needs of the retail sector and offer them high risk trading instruments, the need for proper licenses is crucial. After all, if any individual or organisation is caught operating without authorization from the local authorities, then they will have to face criminal prosecution.

This platform accepts people from all over the world and the mode of payment supported by them are cryptocurrencies. So, they have to be under the radar of at least few major regulatory bodies like the FCA and the FTC in order to raise money from the public legally. However, when we searched all the authorities, we didn’t find any details about them.

In short, they clearly do not have any form of legal status and their activities can be defined as outright illegal. We tried to trace the details of their whereabouts using the contact information put up by them. Sadly, we failed in our quest, because they only communicate using email and that kind of setup makes it almost impossible to track their actual physical location. Business Model talks a lot about general topics around the world of trading and investing. They claim to support popular retail softwares like MT4 and MT5. However, they don’t have the basic courtesy to share any verifiable trading history on their platform and the names of the fund managers are kept confidential as well. We didn’t find any information about the win rate of their proprietary strategy and they haven’t mentioned anything about the parameters they use.

Most legit investment firms clearly showcase the risk management measures they employ in order to remain transparent with the clients. This firm doesn’t say anything about fail safe mechanisms and that kind of utter ignorance towards managing risk is something which shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Moreover, there is no free trial or demo account available on their platform. When there are so many unanswered questions, investing with them would have worse odds than gambling and that just isn’t the business you want to be a part of, right?

Investment Plans and Profits

There are three investment plans wherein the returns promised goes upto 500% weekly. Looking at the ridiculous numbers they are advertising, they clearly are going after the people who are financially naive and are blatantly looting them. Trading the forex and crypto markets requires specific skill set and strict discipline. Moreover, you have to set realistic targets for yourself and you should not chase the money blindly, because if you do, then it is never going to end well. Investment Plans

Coming back to the claims made by this platform, mathematically the numbers shown on their website is impossible to achieve consistently and the only reason they have used it is to persuade the investors to deposit with them. Though, all of us like the idea of making money on an automated basis, never let your ambition and greed blind you from accepting the reality.

Fake Testimonials and Narratives

This firm claims to be recognised by the popular media channels such as Forbes, Fox business and Coindesk for their exceptional accomplishments in the crypto sector. When we did a little digging, we didn’t find any information about them on the said sources which means they are bluffing. Moreover, we couldn’t even verify the identity of the people they have showcased in their testimonials. Fake User Profiles

Given the traits we found on this website, we strongly believe that all of the positive comments came from bogus user profiles. Looking at the false narratives they have created, isn’t it obvious that they are trying to create a sense of authority and social validation to convince the unsuspecting victims?

Now, as we have completely explained their well designed traps, we hope you will do your part by spreading this review and help your friends and family stay safe from these sort of online scammers.

Domain Insights

We were unable to pinpoint the exact sources of traffic this website is using and we couldn’t find the information about the creators. These crooks certainly know how to cover up their tracks. However, using and we did manage to find few important factors about them which will be listed below.

Domain –

Registered On – 18/11/2018

Expiry – 18/11/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,202,849

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is a 100% confirmed scam and it will be taken down by law in the near future. They make a lot of empty promises, but at the end of the day they will leave you high and dry. So, say no to any kind of shortcuts and never proceed with any kind of online investing scheme if it is unregulated. After all, capital preservation and security should be your first priority.

Do you have anything to say about the scam? Feel free to share your findings with us by commenting below.


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