Review – New Ponzi Scheme is a new investment solution which claims to be a perfect fit for both the retail investors and large corporations. They are said to be operating from Austria and they flaunt a FMA license on their website. At first glance, this platform will appear like the ultimate holy grail which everyone in the markets was waiting for.

However, in life nothing worth having comes easy and this one is no different. By the time we were done with investigating this firm, the facts we found were more sinister than we expected and looking at the way, these crooks executed it, they sure are professionals. Making money in any market requires a lot of factors and backtesting.

Even after you have figured out the metrics and approach, success isn’t necessarily guaranteed and in the long term, you just have to keep on adapting to the market in order to be profitable. This platform has no real connection with the markets in any way and continue reading our detailed review to know everything about this fake investment firm. Review

Company, Founders and Customer Support

The law around crypto is constantly changing and over the last couple of years, despite the numerous changes, the cryptocurrency sector sadly isn’t free from scams. As investors, it is your duty to make sure that you are educated about the markets and regardless of what anyone tells you, never indulge with unregulated firms and exchanges.

This firm claims to be regulated by the FMA, but when we ran a search on them, nothing relevant showed up. So, it is clear that they are bluffing about their legality and as such they not only lose all their credibility, but also have to face criminal prosecution in the near future. There are a couple of names of alleged founders and employees of this company on their website. However, as they have not put up any social media account or pictures, we couldn’t verify their existence.

Their attempt to remain and operate from the shadows is very clear. The only way for the clients or the public to reach this firm is via live chat on their website. Ask yourself, do you really believe any licensed investment program would operate without a dedicated support team? Looks like these fraudsters did not do their homework correctly.

How does Work? says that the investors just have to deposit money with them, wait till the maturity period and collect the assured profits. In theory, the narrative used by them sounds attractive, but anyone who has traded before can easily tell you that, it’s not that easy or simple.

One of the main reasons as to why the public loves cryptocurrency markets is volatility. In the world of trading, volatility equals opportunities and many individuals already have made a fortune over the years by investing in the early stages. However, you need to understand that you can’t make money just by trading or buying it, because the market structure is not the same anymore.

Coming back to this platform, we couldn’t find any narratives about the way they manage the funds, strategies they use or the risk management methods they follow. Moreover, there is no trading history put up by them which means they have no evidence to prove their alleged exceptional performance. Since, we don’t know any key parameters, it would be financial suicide to proceed with them in any way and given the traits they display, they certainly aren’t the kind of platform you want to get involved.

Investments and Profits

There are 3 investment plans offered by this firm wherein the profits advertised range from 1.2% to 1.45% daily. For a lot of people, this number might sound realistic, but that is certainly not the case. If you do the math, 1.45% for 1 year means the cumulative returns would be 530% annually and that kind of figure is just unsustainable especially if you follow proper risk management guidelines. Investment Plans

Unlike other HYIP scams, this platform is slightly twisting the narratives and making their plans sound reasonable in order to get more clients. The best investment firms who have been around for decades hardly achieve more than 25% ROI per year. So, whenever any person or platform claims to outperform all the previous records and provide you an easy way, then do yourself a favor by ignoring their offers outright or else you will end up with a hole in your pocket.

Affiliate Program

Just like every other ponzi program on the planet, this one also relies upon the affiliate program heavily to find new participants. Much of their traffic is driven by a shady group of online marketers who don’t care about the ethical values and the way they advertise can be considered borderline criminal.

Since all the marketers get a flat percentage rate which is directly proportional to the amount of revenue they drive, they will do everything in their power to manipulate the public. After all, if they have to make money, then they have to slaughter the public and feed them false impressions in the form of reviews and videos. Due to the high level of conflict of interest, you should never trust any information peddled by them, because they never have your best interest in mind. Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which will initially pay few clients in order to instill confidence among the investors. However, sooner or later their marketing efforts will go downwards and they won’t be able to sustain the cash flow and at that time, they will flee away with all the money. So, clearly the chances of you making money with them is very less and way too risky which is why you shouldn’t indulge with them in the first place.

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