Review – Funny Scam claims to be a company which is active in the deep space technology sector and they allegedly are involved in the creation of private space travel as well. Any specific details about their activities are not disclosed to the public and the identity of the employees are kept confidential. The main problem with them is that they promise ridiculous returns on a monthly basis, but fail to provide any kind of supporting narrative or evidence.

So, without any tangible proof, it is only safe to assume that their setup is a fraud and the real agenda of the firm is to loot their clients. Once we did a little background check on them, the things we found kept getting nastier and dangerous. To get a crystal clear look at the real business model of this firm, go through our review till the end. Review

Background, Legality and Customer Support

Any entity regardless of the nature of their operation has to be regulated by law if they accept money from the public under the investment category. Moreover, as this firm claims to be involved in deep science projects, they should be under the radar of many government authorities. However, when we ran a search on them, they weren’t found on any of the databases.

In short, they are not recognized by regulatory authorities and that makes them outright criminals who will face severe consequences if and when caught. We strongly believe that the people running this scam are professionals, because if they weren’t, then they would go this far to loot the public. Moving on to the customer support aspect, the only way to contact them is via live chat on their platform which means it is almost impossible to trace them. 

How does Work?

No one except God can answer that question preciously. We took a dive into their about us section and it contained only general information about the advantages of space travel and the opportunities it brings to the human kind. In theory, everything makes perfect sense, but from a practical and business point of view, they don’t add up at all.

For starters, how do they derive their income or revenue? What kind of costs do they incur and in event of liquidation, how do they compensate the investors? Since we don’t even know the person leading the team or the founders, it is clear that no experienced investors would entertain them or even take the risk of indulging with them.

While it is possible to make money with tech stocks, it requires a lot of research and proven strategies to take advantage of them. So, don’t take any impulsive decision just because you see big numbers and statements because usually that will be a trap.

Investment Plans

This platform promises as much as 200% monthly and the basic rule of thumb is, to get more returns, you need large capital. Doubling your money is something we all dream of, but when it comes to reality, the plan is not easily achievable. Plans

Even with a proper approach, no one can sustain those kinds of figures and with regards to this firm, they are obviously lying. Their agenda is to just lure you in and once you deposit funds with them, then you will be left high and dry.

Affiliate Program

To give themselves an initial boost and expand their reach exponentially, this platform offers affiliate programs. The promoters who chose to peddle this firm will get fixed commissions per client and they are entitled to various perks if they outperform.

To get quick money, many large groups of shady online marketers create misleading content in the form of blogs and videos and will convince the public to proceed with them. So, if you see any positive testimonies, reviews or videos about them, just ignore it or else you will be walking straight into their trap. Conflict of interest is a serious issue and the only way to combat that is by being educated enough to spot them.

Domain Insights

Below are the general details about this website which we gathered from and

Domain –

Registered On – 12/12/2019

Expiry – 12/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 743,748

Target Audience – Currently unknown Review Conclusion is a high yield investment program which by nature is designed to fail sooner or later. The only two parties to make money in this scheme will be the promoters and marketers which is why you should never get involved. Usually law agencies will shut down firms like these, but since there are too many, it will be a matter of time. Until then, stay as far away as possible from them for your own good.

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