Fxoptionmart.com Review – Nasty Trap

Fxoptionmart.com is the next big fraud in the online investing sector which peddles nothing, but false narratives and fake promises. They claim to be involved in trading cryptocurrency and forex markets. However, one thorough look at their narrative will tell you otherwise. Moreover, they are operating outside the boundaries of law which means the possibility of getting money back from them will be astronomical.

During the time, we researched about this firm, the things we found about them kept on getting nastier and they appeared to be done by professional crooks. As usual, they haven’t left any clue about their real identities and in a nutshell, they clearly know their way around this sector. To know about everything about this fake investment company, read our review till the end.

Fxoptionmart.com Review

Incorporation, Legality and Customer support

Forex and cryptocurrencies carry a significant amount of risk and any provider which caters to the retail investors must follow certain guidelines in order to operate legally. Unfortunately, the masses still do not have enough knowledge about the legality or the market mechanisms which is why the numbers of frauds online have skyrocketed.

This platform is open for people regardless of their nationality. So, they must be under the radar of all the regulatory bodies and should feature all of the certificates on their website. However, when we ran the search, we couldn’t find any certificates and no relevant information showed up. In short, it proves that they are bluffing about their existence and it is very evident.

If you need any help or need to get your questions asked, then the only way to communicate with them is through email. Do note that, they are known to engage with you as long as you are interested in depositing with them. Once they have cash in their account, they will simply block your account and ignore your existence.

Fxoptionmart.com Operational Model

Fxoptionmart.com claims to make money via trading the cryptocurrency and forex markets. They say that they have experienced fund managers who also happen to have all the skill set necessary to make a fortune from the financial sector. If you don’t know much about the trading field, then you might believe their narrative, but that is not the reality.

Any legit firm would provide either a free trial or demo account to show their accuracy. Since this one doesn’t do any of that, it clears acts like a big old red flag. Moving on, the names of these so called self proclaimed fund managers are not revealed and there is no performance report as well. In short, the fact that they have nothing valuable to offer is clear and as such it doesn’t make any sense to proceed with them.

Profits Promised

Trading is a source of livelihood for many people all around the world. Due to the flexibility it provides and the freedom it offers, often many newbies get attracted to it. However, you need to understand that, it is not that simple. It takes efforts and countless hours of research to be profitable at it and yet it is always not guaranteed.

Fxoptionmart.com Investment Plans

This platform advertises returns of upto 250% after just 7 days. While this number is exciting, ask yourself is it really possible to achieve it over the long run? The crooks running this firm are just trying to lure more people by showcasing big figures, but don’t let it fool you.

Referral Program

Just like how humans can’t survive without oxygen, fake platforms like this one can’t survive for long without viral marketing. To take care of all their marketing needs in the most efficient way possible, they have used the affiliate model. All the people who create positive content about them regardless of whether it is a blog or a video will get paid flat commissions.

So, they are creating a fake impression of themselves and are making a fortune while slaughtering the public financially. Unfortunately, still a lot of people do not know how the conflict of interest works and those people walk straight into the trap.

Fake Testimonials

This platform boasts about their client feedback and has showcased them on their website. If you observe closely, no negative comments are shown to the public and the ones which are revealed are extremely biased. Moreover, the identity of the alleged clients cannot be verified.

Fxoptionmart.com Fake Profiles

So, regardless of which angle you look at them, there is no room for the benefit of the doubt. Scammers always use these kinds of tricks to convince or sometimes confuse the public, but don’t believe any of them blindly as it will be bogus in most cases.

Domain Insights

In case, if you ever need to know the general information about this website which will help you report them to authorities, then the following table will help you.

Domain – Fxoptionmart.com

Registered On – 20/09/2019

Expiry – 20/09/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 8,308,156

Target Audience – Unknown

Fxoptionmart.com Review Conclusion

Fxoptionmart.com appears to be a ponzi scheme which has no real source of income. Their entire cash flow depends upon their unethical group of marketers and once they fail, the entire scheme will bite the dust. Since, there is no name associated with the firm, you won’t be able to recover your funds. Undoubtedly, they have done their best to loot the public and given the facts we discussed so far, do not entertain them for any reason.

Have you lost money to Fxoptionmart.com platform? How would you describe your experience with them? Share your story in the comment’s section.


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