Review – Bot broker or a Scam?

Behuzinvestment dot com is a very odd looking platform. They claim to be the official partners of Binance, IQ Options, Kucoin, Hit BTC, and Okex. However, there is literally no thread of evidence to support their statements.

Their domain is active for a long period of time. Nonetheless, they have not received a considerable amount of recognition and even the founders of this so-called bot broker are unknown.

If you have any specific questions about this platform, then the only way to reach the support team to get straight answers is via a contact form. During our time on their platform, we did not even see a single contact information or license details which is disturbing to say the least.

There are 3 types of investment plans available. Returns range from 3% to 10%, but we do not know the maturity period. Moreover, even the trading history is missing and nothing about them is transparent in nature.

If you feel like you know all of the flaws of this enterprise just by glancing at this paragraph, then you are most certainly wrong. To fully understand the way this scheme works, tactics they have used and the narratives adored by them, stay with us till the end.

Preliminary Checks

The first requirement for every website related to the finance sector is the SSL certificate. does feature a valid SSL layer and the data appears to be encrypted pretty well.

Their website by itself does not feature any concerning traits. No search engine or software has blacklisted them. Trust score they have earned is negligible and the registrant details are hidden using a paid service.

As this platform gets low web traffic, we do not have a clue about things like marketing campaigns run by them, ideal audience and ad spend budget. Moving on to the domain authority score, they do not have one.

Only 3 websites link out to them and the backlink profile is also not something that deserves any attention.

All in all, the way this site functions is very anonymous and nothing about them looks promising or bright. Website appears to be some sort of semi-automated trading platform. They highlight the benefits of their algorithm pretty well.

However, they do not provide any kind of free trial or demo accounts to test their algorithms. Even the indicators available are hidden. TradingView and other software integration might sound like a fancy thing, but without seeing the trading audits, we cannot comment anything about them.

Automated trading is a boon and a curse at the same time. While it is true that all of the hedge funds and institutional fund managers use automated forms of trading, it does not necessarily mean that they make profit every single time.

So, be careful while employing the software and regardless of how good your strategy is, always have a plan b. Coming back to this specific program, as there is literally no way to get a glimpse of the interface before making the payment, it is better to avoid them.

Moving on to the partnership claims, this firm says that they are the official partners of big entities that cater to the needs of the cryptocurrency and forex traders. IQ Options, Binance, Okex are some of the names mentioned on their homepage.

At first glance, the narratives might be convincing for a lot of people. Nonetheless, do not believe those claims because it is highly likely to be a lie.

Bluffing about certain aspects of the business is a common tactic used by scams and for obvious reasons, you should ignore any platform that uses the same gimmicks. Investment Plans

Investment plans offered by are confusing. They say that users can generate up to 10% returns using the software. However, the time period is not mentioned by them and that is a huge red flag.

Double digit returns are hard to achieve consistently even for big banks and hedge funds. As retail investors, the possibility of finding success is pretty low and if any platform claims to enhance your results, then you need to move cautiously.

We are not saying that all of the programs are fake, but most of them are. This software flaunts their capabilities all day long. Sadly, important things like indicator lists, audited reports, trading history are not put up by them.

Without seeing any information that acts like evidence, how can anyone trust them? Pricing of the investment plans are also steep. The basic package starts at $1,499 and tops out at $5,000.

Obviously, the whole scheme is expensive and it may not be worth risking this kind of money just to try them out.

Support Details does not appear to have a decent customer support team. For starters, there is no contact information presented by them. The only way to get their attention is via a contact form available on their website.

Response time is not standard and if you face any issues that require immediate attention, then chances are you will not be able to do anything about it. Indulging with any platform that has an inadequate support team is always a risky thing to do and the consequences might be severe.

Think about it for a moment, if this software was vastly successful and profitable, why are they not sharing any details about their whereabouts? Small details always reveal the big picture.

So, ignore all the noise created by marketers or any third party and make decisions based upon facts.

Feedback and Community

This software claims to have a large number of users. On their website, they even talk a few things about the community of traders they have pulled together. There are few comments from alleged users and clients on their platform.

The weird thing is that there are no social media profiles attached and the identity of the people are also impossible to verify. On third party forums and websites, no user testimonials are available. Due to the scarce amount of input from people, it is safe to assume that this platform is not that popular or profitable.

Below, we have gathered a comment made by an alleged investor of this service. Though we cannot verify everything the user has mentioned, the comment itself is indeed disturbing.

I was referred to Behuz by a Facebook contact, XXXXXXX XXXX. She recommended a $5000 investment plan. I deposited $5000 overnight two separate days, most recently $4000 on 6/30/21. I started the plan that day and had to wait 7 days for it to mature. The investment was worth $26000. When I tried to withdraw some money on 7/7 I was told I could not withdraw until I had invested $12000 more of my own money into an upgraded plan. I cannot use the profits I already have. It has to be my own money.

Verdict appears to be a very shady enterprise. They might use some fancy words and talk about a few technical things. However, that does not mean that they are the subject experts.

Note that they do not provide any legality related documents. Plus, the performance reports are also missing. As the number of issues with them literally from every angle is more, we strongly urge our followers not to proceed with them.

If you are facing any kind of issues with them that are causing delayed withdrawals, then do not lose hope. Use the link below and talk to our team for free.
If you have something to say about, then feel free to do so below.


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