Fxleveragetrade Review – Bogus Brokerage and Investment Platform

Fxleveragetrade dot com is a website that is invoking the interest of a lot of day traders and newbie investors. They claim to provide easy ways of making money using the financial markets.

The owners and founders of this organization are unknown. Given the kind of stories they peddle, we do not think the information about the people behind this firm will be made public any time soon.

This firm is apparently involved with binary options, forex, and cryptocurrencies. We do not know whether they provide all types of derivative contracts. Nonetheless, the thing you need to notice is that they are involved with only high risk activities and most of their statements are not backed up by any solid proof.

Pictures of alleged account managers are shown, but once again, there is no way to verify the details or crosscheck any quantifiable information. The broken narratives along with easy money claims clearly tell us everything we need to know about them. We advise all of our readers to avoid them.

If you are interested in knowing about their real nature and goals, continue reading this post.

Preliminary Checks

Fxleveragetrade.com does feature a valid SSL certificate, but we would never trust them with our data for any reason. At the time of publishing this report, they are not blacklisted by any search engine or software.

Their domain was registered 8 months ago and as expected, the registrant details are hidden. This platform has no authority score and no reputable forums or associated services link out to them.

In other words, they do not have any reputation in the niche and that kind of behavior is always a bad sign.

Due to the low web traffic they receive, we cannot gather details about their marketing campaigns or geographical targeting information as well. It goes without mentioning that this firm is showing concerning signs in our preliminary checks only.

Fxleveragetrade.com Website

Fxleveragetrade.com talks about a lot of different sectors. They mention a few general things about cryptocurrencies, forex markets, and binary options. However, if you notice the small things, they never talk much about the actual service they provide.

For example, we do not know whether they are a broker or just another account management service. We visited all the sections of their website, but could not find any information about their licenses.

On their homepage, they proudly say that they are regulated in Australia, but without seeing evidence, how can we possibly trust them? Glimpse of their trading interface is not provided and the profile of the account managers are not verifiable.

Clear instructions on deposits and withdrawals are not published. Moreover, the end clients are not informed about the fees beforehand. As the confusion is way too much compared to any other platform in the finance niche, ask yourself, is it really worth it to indulge with them?

Contact details are present. Unfortunately, due to scarce user feedback, we do not know how professional and courteous the staff are in reality.

In case you are trying to find trading records on their platform, then know that it is impossible to find it because they have not published it in the first place.

Lack of key information along with tons of uncertainties should give you a good idea about the moral and ethical values of the people behind this operation.

Fxleveragetrade.com Profit Claims

Profit is what everyone is after in the financial sector, right? Making money via trading is possible and thousands of traders have earned a fortune. However, you should never get involved with the markets without having a proper plan.

More importantly, the time required to build wealth will typically range in decades and anyone that disagrees is either too smart or too naïve. Fxleveragetrade.com claims to make the lives of traders better by offering account management services.

The fee charged by them is a big question mark. Plus, even the returns are unknown. There are a couple of images of the alleged account managers, but the profiles do not look promising and the background information of the fund managers are missing.

In other words, the performance reports are not present and the account managers real performance is not attested in any way or form. As the evidence is non-existent, it is a no brainer that you should never invest with them.

On the flip side, they don’t even have a license to conduct control operations and the kind of services they are offering is clearly outside the boundaries of law.

Referral Programs

This investment platform shares 10% of the revenue with the promoters. Basically anyone can sign up with them and introduce new people to the platform and get paid for it.

Due to the inversion narrative and conflict of interest, it is better not to trust online reviews created by the promoters because they will only create content that benefits them. So, do not blindly trust things you see on the internet especially if it involves money.

Plus, do not take advice from anyone in the field of finance unless they are qualified enough to give you guidance. If the capital amount is significant, then talking with a financial planner is a must.

Remember, professionals might charge a premium, but compared to the potential rewards, the costs will always be negligible.

Fxleveragetrade.com Community

Any form of automated trading service or copy trading service will leave substantial amounts of user feedback behind. Though consensus cannot always give you a crystal clear view, it is good enough to gauge the gravity of the situation.

We searched for hours together on the web to find any customer reviews on Fxleveragetrade.com. Unfortunately, the search ended in vain and regardless of which search engine we used, nothing relevant came up.

The absence of social proof is a scary thing and considering all the traits they exhibit, this kind of numb reaction from the public acts like a wake up call.

Support team of this platform might come up with some type of explanation to justify the situation, but never be inclined towards believing their stories. Here’s a comment made by one of the victims of this platform.

I dealt with a person through Whatsapp, who I 1st saw on the Tiktoc app that spoke of investing crypto currency into foreign exchange markets and giving you USD for paying them in Bitcoin. I started in January. They sent emails showing you how the money grew so it looked legitimate. They have a website, with a non working num, they have apps that move but dont actually do what it says it does. After they get a lot of money that they say you must pay to get your payout, like fees and taxes and commissions, they tell you to wait for processing. Its all a lie, they scammed me out of $17,000. After the last piece of money given, they no longer text you, and leave you wondering what happened to your money. I have no one who can help me, I got in more debt trying to cover the costs. Please tell others about these thieves.

Do you still think it is a wise idea to use this platform?


Fxleveragetrade.com is an unregulated and borderline criminal organization that is taking money from the people under false pretenses. From license information to founder’s details, everything is missing.

Trading performance is not measured, risk management strategies used by them are unknown and audited reports are not published. Also, there are a lot of questions regarding funding and payment methods as well.

As the facts clearly depict their character, it is better to avoid interacting with them. After all, there are a lot of choices available and as always our advice for you is to choose the regulated platforms only.
If you have encountered any issues with Fxleveragetrade.com, feel free to share the story with our community by leaving a comment.


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