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Billion Funds Review – Fake FX and Cryptocurrency Brokerage

Billion Funds ( is a multi-currency investment destination targeted toward forex and cryptocurrency investors. Unlike with most forex and cryptocurrency related brokerages, Billion Funds operates with fixed investment plans that last a relative short duration of time but claim to yield high profit percentages. On the About Us page, claims to be a fully registered investment company based out of the United Kingdom but research which will be presented later on will reveal how this assertion is simply a lie. - Billion Funds

So What Exactly IS Billion Funds?

Billion Funds can be best described as an investment destination where investors can deposit a flat sum for a predetermine ROI. No trading is exercised by those who fulfill the deposit requirements and depending on the plan that you choose to get started with will dictate the duration of time and return on investments you will receive. Due to the lack of information provided on the site, we consulted with the live chat staff found on about how the investment process is actually exercised.

According to their support staff, their professional traders will invest your deposit among a variety of options such as stocks, oil, real estate and other investable assets. Virtually no effort is required from your end besides depositing your money which will in turn yield significant returns. What we are unsure about though would be whether this investment firm invests your deposits among regulated brokerages or if the “professional traders” who invest your deposit are licensed.

What’s more would be when we consulted the live chat staff about whether their investors were licensed or if they invested among regulated platforms the only answer we received would be that “we are good at making money.” Now since the site was so eager to point out about how they are operated by an alleged “registered” company, we feel that it is appropriate to deduce that their investors are not licensed.

Can I Trust Billion Funds?

On the whole, it doesn’t appear that Billion Funds is a reliable or trustworthy investment option.  According to their site they are owned and operated by a fully registered investment company known as Billion Group LTD under license number 09978619. However, when researching this business we discovered that as of July 11th, 2017 that this “fully registered” company was actually dissolved. Meaning that the company, Billion Group LTD, is not an active corporation anymore which should raise red flags to anyone looking to try out this service. - Dissolved License

Promises and Features

There are a total of 13 separate investment plans available at Billion Funds. Each of these plans last for a specific duration of time and come with fixed profit percentages depending on how much you are willing to deposit. Each of these plans can either last for as little as 1 hour or up to 30 days. The starting profit percentage starts at a cumulative value no less than at least a 100% ROI and proceeds up to a value of 175%.

1 Hour Plan

Plan 1 – Deposit of $1,501 – $2,000/ Hourly Profit (%) – 140%

Plan 2 – Deposit of $2,001 – $5,000/ Hourly Profit (%) – 150%

Plan 3 – Deposit of $5,001 – $100,000/ Hourly Profit (%) – 175%


1 Day Plan

Plan 1 – Deposit of $1,000 – $2,499/ Daily Profit (%) – 135%

Plan 2 – Deposit of $2,500 – $4,999/ Daily Profit (%) – 150%

Plan 3 – Deposit of $5,000 – $100,000/ Daily Profit (%) – 160%

7 Day Plan

Plan 1 – Deposit of $1.00 – $500/ Daily Profit (%) – 15%

Plan 2 – Deposit of $501 – $2,000/ Daily Profit (%) – 20%

Plan 3 – Deposit of $2,001 – $100,000/ Daily Profit (%) – 25%

30 Day Plan

Plan 1 – Deposit of $5.00 – $49.00/ Daily Profit (%) – 3.60%

Plan 2 – Deposit of $50 – $250/ Daily Profit (%) – 4.00%

Plan 3 – Deposit of $251 – $10,000/ Daily Profit (%) – 5.00%

Money Doubler 3 Hours Plan

Plan 1 – Deposit of $5,000 – $100,000/ Hourly Profit (%) – 67%


Question Marks and Red Flags

Overall this site was developed with an interesting investment concept in mind but there were a few minor details that really caught our attention. First and foremost would be how strongly this site emphasizes the fact that they are operated by a fully registered company when in reality that company was dissolved months prior to date.

We also can’t overlook the fact about how readily the support staff avoided some valid questions regarding to the legality process practiced by this site. Making it quite clear that Billion Funds is not a regulated investment platform, how their investors are more likely than not licensed along with how absolutely absurd their ROI promises are. There wasn’t one cumulative return percentage that did not equate up to a value of at least 100% of your original investment amount which certainly falls under the category of an investment option that sounds too good to be true!

Billion Funds Complaints

There are relatively no complaints yet regarding Billion Funds and their questionable investment operation. Once this investment operation becomes more mainstream or becomes endorsed by scam marketers, we predict there to be a large spike in reported theft and loss of funds.


On November 29th, 2017 (when this review was last updated), their SimiliarWeb global rank was 11,045,301, indicating that this site is not popular and receives relatively no traffic. The country where this site is most popular seems to be Norway.

Around 35% of the traffic that visits the site appears to come through social referrals through Facebook. Although they have no official Facebook page, most of the traffic is redirected through affiliate links found on Facebook.

Billion Funds Review Conclusion

Throughout this review we believe we have provided ample evidence that Billion Funds is not a trustworthy investment operation. Avoiding pertinent questions regarding their investment operation along with misleading investors into believing they are operated by a registered company is unacceptable. Furthermore the ridiculous ROIs lead us to believe that Billion Funds is nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme!

Review Verdict: Billion Funds is a SCAM!

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  1. Razam

    They scammed me of 7 bitcoins. I invested in hourly plan, but they refused process the withdrawal saying that i first have to pay the tax. Later, they just deleted my account.

  2. EO

    I got scammed 1500 usd .. I opened up my account and tried to withdraw . email came saying i withdrew 2900 usd . but it didnt reflect on my Payeer account . too greedy people here in the website .

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