Bitclub Advantage Academy Review – Diverse Crypto Solution or Deceptive Investment Scheme?

Bitclub Advantage Academy, hosted at BitclubAdvantage.Academy, operates as an interesting and undefined investment opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. Operating as the new domain of, which endured widespread scrutiny, Bitclub Advantage Academy currently functions as an online crypto platform that enables investors to enroll with their crypto academy, having their funds managed by their team of professional traders.

While we remain quite skeptical regarding these assertions, we nevertheless will conduct a thorough and unbiased review into Bitclub Advantage Academy. Extract the facts regarding this inquisitive cryptocurrency operation and decide for yourself whether this operation is a feasible solution to achieve your financial endeavors. - Bitclub Advantage Academy

About Bitclub Advantage Academy

Bitclub Advantage Academy portrays their platform as a dual-dimensional platform that allegedly renders educational courses regarding cryptocurrencies and provides an investment solution for crypto investors. However, upon further investigation it appears that Bitclub Advantage Academy simply functions as an affiliate marketplace that supports their own educational courses and investment solutions. Allegedly, Bitclub Advantage is a company formed by a team of professional traders with expertise in the cryptocurrency markets, yet no disclosure regarding these professional traders or corporate entity are referenced anywhere on the site.

According to the Bitclub Advantage Academy site, their goal is to make their users profits through the frequent buying and selling of digital currencies. Supposedly, their team of financial experts analyzes the markets in real-time to generate high probability investment signals for their users. No mention of which brokerages or exchanges are synced with Bitclub Advantage Academy is disclosed nor are any references made in regards to predicted ROIs.

How does Bitclub Advantage Academy Work?

BitclubAdvantage.Academy prioritizes their operation around their anonymous affiliate marketplace where they solely support their own product line. Cryptocurrency investors looking to enroll with Bitclub Advantage Academy must register and verify their account through their homepage where upon completion will be prompted to pay for their membership package. After a user has paid for their membership package they will be able to receive access their cryptocurrency courses and receive a daily return depending upon the level of effort they exert to successfully convert new members.

Bitclub Advantage Academy Membership

While the promotional video at BitclubAdvantage.Academy asserts that their operation enables members to have their deposited funds professionally managed, we could find no component on their membership portal to verify this claim. Which leaves members with only being able to utilize their educational courses and affiliate tools as a method of attracting new members to receive commissions in return.

Bitclub Advantage Academy Spec Report

  • Created on July 28th, 2017
  • Present in more than 60 countries
  • Allegedly supports over 80,389 memberships
  • Allegedly created by a team of professional traders
  • Email Address:
  • Provides an E-book, Intro and Advanced trading course to members
  • Supposedly incorporates a total of 89 investment plans (no disclosure)
  • Actually operates as an affiliate platform to promote their own product line
  • Asserts that their platform employs 98 professional traders to manage user funds
  • Reveals no ownership, corporate entity or founder details (operates anonymously)
  • Portrays their operation as an educational course and professional managed trading platform

Question Mark and Red Flags

While investigating BitclubAdvantage.Academy, we came across several red flags that we felt needed to be addressed. Such as if they company was allegedly created by professional traders then why did they not include their active corporate entity? Why does the site evasively and deceptively portray their operation as an educational and investment platform when in reality it is  an affiliate marketplace? Is BitclubAdvantage.Academy regulated or licensed as a brokerage to professional manage members funds? Are their allegedly trading professionals licensed as well?

Then of course we have the blatant lack of identifiable and contact information. No transparent methods of communication are disclosed to visitors anywhere on the site. Operating with no transparency, Bitclub Advantage Academy only offers members the ability to email them at or use their contact submission form found near the footer of their site. Furthermore, a WHOIS report will reveal that their site was privately registered, so it is obvious that the creators behind this site didn’t want any affiliation or liability with their operation.


BitclubAdvantage.Academy reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 73,818 with a Nigeria rank of 269 as of January 31st, 2018. According to the report, Bitclub Advantage Academy receives over 83% of their traffic from consumers who reside within Nigeria (27.90%), Brazil (20.19%), Italy (15.77%), Tanzania (11.44%) and South Africa (8.18%). Approximately 25% of the sites cumulative traffic is derived from referral based sources while email and social media outlets account for an additional 7.27%.

Can Bitclub Advantage Academy be Trusted?

Bitclub Advantage Academy does not seem to be a trustworthy investment solution. Providing no verifiable or transparent ownership or contact information, Bitclub Advantage Academy is blatantly concealing their identity and operating with complete anonymity. When it comes to investment solutions that deceptive portray their operation while providing minimum details to begin with, it is evident to us that Bitclub Advantage Academy is not a suitable investment opportunity for cryptocurrency investors.

BitclubAdvantage.Academy Review Conclusion

Bitclub Advantage Academy is a risky and anonymous cryptocurrency platform that fails to be held liable for their business practices while leaving prospective investors with a substantial void of need-to-know operational insight. As we always preach, when it comes to online investing, make sure you only invest with transparent operations that are outright from the beginning regarding their operational model and provide ample amounts of verifiable ownership information.

Review Verdict: Bitclub Advantage Academy is NOT Safe!

Blacklisted Site: BitclubAdvantage.Academy

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    If truely it is legit, why is the site not opening and why can’t they pay the affiliate the invested money

  2. Opoku Abraham

    I want to ask why there has not been any update from your end. Please are you having a system upgrade or you are faced with a circumstance beyond control. Please I need a feedback, thank you.

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