Crest Coin Options Review – Misleading Ponzi Scheme Blacklisted!

As you can infer from our title, Crest Coin Options is the latest crypto plague to take up residency within the Bitcoin community. Functioning as a fully-pledged Ponzi scheme, operates with minimum discretion and significantly lacks transparency. Portraying their operation as an online platform that specializes in professionally managing investors funds, Crest Coin Options in reality renders no service of the sort and will solely resort to the theft of all deposited bitcoins.

Promising preposterous monthly returns on investments that aren’t oftentimes met by most verified crypto platforms on an annual basis, Crest Coin Options operates without morality and has craftily engineered their site to solicit as many bitcoins as possible from unsuspected investors. Inherit the concealed facts that Crest Coin Options doesn’t wish for you to know throughout this unbiased review and learn for yourself why Crest Coin Options should not be trusted. - Crest Coin Options

About Crest Coin Options

According to their About Us page, Crest Coin Options functions as a UK based fund management company that is committed to obtaining and developing the most profitable and safest investment opportunities for their investors. Investors wishing to become a viable member of their platform are encouraged to meet the minimum deposit requirements set forth at Crest Coin Options, where in return they will receive a cumulative monthly return based upon their initial deposit.

Allegedly, an investor’s deposited funds are professional managed by their team of highly skilled traders and entrepreneurs, which in turns allows them to promote such lucrative returns. While this may sound appealing to most novice investors, it should be noted that this format of investing oftentimes severally limits an investors control over their funds or provides no control what-so-ever over their funds like the Crest Coin Options platform exhibits.

Unlike most legitimate platforms that disclose their corporate and ownership information as a method to build credibility, Crest Coin Options fails to make any reference to their alleged corporate entity on their site. The only identifiable information we are provided on their site would be their alleged corporate address of 154 Lady Margaret Road, English UB1 2RW, United Kingdom, which when searched through Google leads us to a corporate entity referred to as BitATM Limited. - Company

According to OpenCorpData, BitATM Limited was incorporated on June 14th, 2016 (almost a year before the site was created according to WHOIS) and is reflecting a current status of “Proposal to Strike Off.” Which indicates to us that the owners behind this corporation are not paying their dues and that this corporation is likely to be disbanded. Registered under company number 10231881, what we found peculiar regarding this corporation would be how their registered address does not yield an accurate or visitable location.

To further debunk Crest Coin Options, another discovery we found would be according to the report would be how BitATM Ltd isn’t the only listed corporate entity disclosed at their office address. A corporation known as KPK Trading Ltd was also allegedly headquartered from that registered office address, but according to a CompaniesHouse report that corporation was dissolved on August 8th, 2017. Supposedly the active director behind BitATM Ltd is Aidan Lambert of 40 Compton Rd, Brighton, England, BN1 5AN, but whether or this entity truly exists we are uncertain.

Crest Coin Options Offer operates in the classic deposit and forget about it format which is what makes their platform so attractive to newbie crypto investors. Supporting solely Bitcoin, investors can enroll through 1 of their 3 investment plans, where they will allegedly receive a fixed monthly return rate between 25% to 50% plus principle deposit.

Crest Coin Options Plans

According to their FAQ, investors can only have one active account at a time, but are eligible to utilize their plan every month so they can use their platform 12 times annually. Engineered in a tier format, investors are incentivized to deposit more upfront in order to become eligible to receive higher returns. Provided below are the investment plans featured at Crest Coin Options:

Plan 1

Monthly Return: 25% (plus principle deposit)

Minimum Deposit: 1.5 BTC

Maximum Deposit: 5.5 BTC

Predicted Annual Return: ~300%

Plan 2

Monthly Return: 35% (plus principle deposit)

Minimum Deposit: 6.0 BTC

Maximum Deposit: 15.0 BTC

Predicted Annual Return: ~420%

Plan 3

Monthly Return: 50% (plus principle deposit)

Minimum Deposit: 15.5 BTC

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Predicted Annual Return: ~600%

Question Marks and Red Flags

For those of you who still believe Crest Coin Options to be a prospective investment opportunity for you, perhaps you should ponder these questions. Such as, why does Crest Coin Options fail to be upfront about their corporate entity? Could it be because they are backed by a corporation that is about to become dissolved? Is Crest Coin Options platform regulated and licensed to operate as a fund management company? Why does Crest Coin Options fail to provide any transparent evidence to their investment portfolio or trading history?

Other red flags would be how Crest Coin Options claims to generate such unrealistic monthly returns when most legitimate cryptocurrency platforms have a difficult time of reaching their alleged level of returns on an annual basis. Then of course we have the minimum deposit requirements set at 1.5 BTC, which as of today equates to a value of just over $13,500! It is obvious to us that these crooks are solely trying to line their own pockets!

Is Crest Coin Options a Ponzi Scheme?

Comparable to most Ponzi schemes, Crest Coin Options doesn’t implement a sustainable business model. Their sole motive is to draw in as many deposits as they can within the shortest duration of time. This is evident through the outrageous ROIs they boast along with the blatant lack of transparency and liability they exhibit on their site. It isn’t until the volume of incoming deposits fails to fuel the withdrawal requests of previously existing members that the Ponzi scheme collapses upon itself, which according to the market intelligence report disclosed below could be anytime.

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 23,774,121 with a Canadian rank of 1,462,495 as of February 1st, 2018. As the SimilarWeb report indicates, Crest Coin Options is not a popular site and receives minuscule quantities of traffic, if any at all. Review Conclusion

Crest Coin Options operates as a malicious and deceitful Ponzi scheme. Alluring newbie Bitcoin investors looking for a honest way to accrue earnings online, Crest Coin Options misleads investors and promises returns that are difficult to turn down for unsuspecting investors. Accepting zero responsibility for any “occurrences” that may happen on their site while operating with no transparency, it is evident that Crest Coin Options is not a suitable or promising investment opportunity.

Review Verdict: Crest Coin Options is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Anonymous

    I used their service. They’re a complete scam. Thank the lord I got my money back.

  2. Curtisha

    I invested $9K with this company. My maturity date was yesterday and that’s when I really began to see something is terribly wrong! What do I DO?? I am now facing an eviction! Will the police even be able to help me with this matter? Someone, PLEASE advise me I am freaking out!

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