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Bitcoin Generator is an online investment platform which supposedly generates more than 13,130% every day by trading and mining cryptocurrency. The returns claims are just ridiculous and fake. There is no sort of credible proof to prove their trading skills and the details of the actual creators are not revealed.

This service has been active for around a month as of publishing this review. When we were investigating this service, we found many disturbing facts which is commonly seen in most of the ponzi scams. From the look of their website, it is clear that they are targeting people who have little to no knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work.

Read our unbiased review to find out everything you need to know about this fraudulent platform.

License and Contact Details

In order to protect retail investors from getting scammed regulatory authorities all around the world have laid strict laws for firms which provide investment opportunities to the general public. Since this firm is registered in the United Kingdom, they should be regulated by the FCA.

When we were trying to find any licenses they must legally hold, we could not find any. We have confirmed through FCA Btc Bros Limited has never been licensed which means they are operating illegally.

These scammers have put up some type of registration document on their website to appear genuine but rest assured they have absolutely no right to invest on behalf of the clients.

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – Apt 23797 Chynoweth House, Trevissome park, Truro, United Kingdom, TR48UN.

Telephone – +441234817569

Email –

The support team can be reached through a contact form provided on their website. There is also a Live chat feature available on this platform.

How does Bitcoin Generator Work?

This firm is supposedly established by a group of professional traders and skilled analysts who have valuable experience in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately the names of the alleged expert traders are not revealed which is a major red flag because a reputable investment never entertains lack of transparency.

They basically uses the funds raised from the investors for trading cryptocurrency. They claim to use a revolutionary bot system which opens 8 trades per second and each trade averages at around 0.019% which brings the grand total to 13,130% every day.

This type of results are completely fake and not possible to achieve because of the spreads and transaction fees associated with crypto-currency. They state that they also employ some of the best risk management techniques but does not provide much details about them either.

Since they do not offer a demo account, there is literally no way to test out their miracle bot without risking your money and not to mention the chances of you making a profit is slim to none.

What kind of returns does Bitcoin Generator Offer?

The temptation to earn easy money might seem very hard to resist but remember there is no such thing as free lunch in the world. These crooks are just exploiting the greedy nature of the new and inexperienced investors.

The returns offered by this platform is 10 times the investment amount you begin with. At this rate anyone become a billionaire within months without having to do anything at all.

As you can see from the image above if you invest 0.003 BTC you will get 0.3 BTC. Sounds like too good to be true, right? There is no way

Domain Insight

According to the data provided on this domain was registered on 30/06/2018 and expires exactly after a year.

This website has a global rank of 1,770,621 and it ranks 740,062 according to

This service specifically targets users from Russia and are using ad networking sites like to promote their platform, which is one of the main source of traffic to this website.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only e-currency deposit and withdrawal method accepted by this platform is Bitcoin. Before you invest on to this platform we aware of that fact the bitcoin transactions are hard to trace which is why criminals love them so much.

Is Bitcoin Generator a Scam?

No doubt about that.

If their high frequency trading robot is the real deal then why are they refusing to give a trial period like most of the reputable investment platform. It is because they have no applaudable skill in trading.

Bitcoin Generator Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Generator is a HYIP which will pay as long as the deposit amount is greater than the withdrawal amount. Once they have made enough money or they can’t find new investors to maintain their loop, they will be gone. If you were lucky enough to get paid by them do not be over optimistic and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

If you were scammed by, please let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Patrick Haile

    BitCoin Generator is a SCAM, Unfortunately, they got me. I should have looked upon the BlockChain before I send BTC to my so-called personal unique BTC wallet just for me to use. I looked it up after I sent BTC and realised there was nothing personal about that address.
    These are their details which I doubt.
    Trevissome Park is not residential it is a Business park and does not have Apt. numbers it has Units.
    The telephone number you have does not exist. There are no area codes +44 1234…
    The telephone number they have on their site now is not a Cornwall number it is a London Based business prefix 0203

  2. jenna

    been scammed by them with their new site

    • Admin

      Looks like it’s already gone. Let us know if it returns please.

  3. The Bros

    This is a scam website. I am an owner of the OFFICIAL BTC Bros Ltd company and they have the link going to our document.

    Will be reported to Google and any relevant authority immediately.

    • Nat

      Admin can you please contact us at, as this article clearly needs to be reviewed and edited. Again, these scammers have purported to be us, using data they seem to have scraped via Companies House. As this appears quite high when searching our company, it needs to be made clear that there is a difference between us and these scam artists. I await your reply.

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