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Bitcoin Values is a mining platform designed for the crypto enthusiasts. They offer the public free ways to involve in bitcoin mining process. However, they do have high withdrawal limits and conditions.

If you are wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of joining this platform, read our detailed review to find out the answers to all your questions. Bitcoin Values Review

Company and Customer Care

This mining platform is in the United States. They have featured the address on their website. The type of transparency they uphold is a rare breed in the world of online investing. We do not know any details about the creator of this firm, but as it is a free service we wouldn’t be too bothered.

If you need any help or assistance regarding this platform, then you can reach the support team via telephone and email. Though, we don’t know how much time they take to reply, it is a relief to know it’s there. Contact information of this firm are as follows,

Address – 1800 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States.

Email –

Phone – +1 989 3041 579

How does Bitcoin Values work ?

Bitcoin Values is a cloud based mining platform. The user just have to register with them and keep the tabs open. However, note that it might make an impact on the life span of your device.

Mining via the normal desktop computer was profitable almost a decade ago, but ever since the Bitcoin gained popularity, the landscape has changed. Now many major institutions are involved in mining and the competitiveness is off the charts.

Unless you are willing to start off with tens and thousands of dollars, the end result may not be worth it. They have not mentioned about the amount of coins you might make and the energy it takes.

So, if you don’t have proper equipment, then certainly this income cannot be of significance to you. On the other hand, if you want to have a practical touch of mining, this platform is the perfect place to indulge with.

Profit Projections

Mining cryptocurrencies consumes a lot of electricity. So, it is very important to understand the cost involved. Though, this software is free, you will have to pay for the electricity and related. Moreover, since the volatility in bitcoin is huge, the difficulty will always be changing.

They state that the minimum withdrawal is 0.3 BTC, but it might take a considerable amount of time to reach it. So, do not think that it is going to replace your day job.

Domain Insight

Here is a rundown of the key details regarding this website. Note that, as they have masked their identity, we still don’t know the real owners of this organisation.

Domain – Bitcoin –

Registered on – 24/02/2019

Expires on – 24/02/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,057,322

Rank in Brazil – 47,080

Registrant Contact

Name – WhoisGuard Protected

Organisation – WhoisGuard, Inc

Street – P.O. Box 0823 – 03411

City and State – Panama

Phone – +507.8365503

Fax – +51 17057182

Referral Program

In order to increase their popularity and client base, this platform offers a referral program. The promoters are paid 30% of the cumulative funds mined by their referrals. If you have a website with sufficient traffic and would like to have a passive income, then this program might benefit you.

On the other hand, since they are new we don’t have any idea about the payment methods they use. For more information with the commission rates, it’s better to contact their customer support.

Lack of Adequate Data

Whenever a service lasts for few years, it creates a social following. Since this firm do not have a long history yet, there are no testimonials or feedback about them.

Social proof is a main component used by investor community to gauge a service, but it shouldn’t be too bothering for you with regards to this service as it is free. However, we believe that in time, there will be testimonials popping up on various forums.

Bitcoin Values Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Values is an interesting service for all the crypto enthusiasts. If you have access to free electricity and old computers, then it is worth giving them a try.

Site: /

The world of cryptocurrencies moves fast and is subject to speculation. So, do not expect the returns to be substantial. However, this platform indeed can help you in supplementing your income.

Do you have any experience with Bitcoin Values ? If yes, then share it with us below.


  1. Michel D'Aoust

    Hi the name Michel . if your are with Bitcoin Value . you will be wasting a great deal of time and I hope you never invest with them . cause if you did . you will be loosing it . I lost $2.540.00 dollar’s to learn that your payday for them . tax free Scamers this includes BTC Pro

  2. Michel

    Hi to every one that wants info on Bitcoins Value . to be the honest that I can be . it’s a Scam and a fraud mining company that put’s you’re hope high but at the end to withdraw you will be waiting for something that you should of went to another mining site that was not abusing of your consuming and wasting money and valuable time and efforts . this mining division Scrap my a?s Value have made me patients 3 months without emailing me back on the 5 email sent to them and I was polite all the way , they need to be removed from doing this to other people to exploring and scamming them . they really do need to be kickt out of scam trafficking for good . I hope this will solve all problem’s on knowing the truth on Bitcoins Value . from Michel D’Aoust wishing you the best in finding the loyalty and honest mining companies

  3. Аркадий

    Вы платите или нет?

  4. Sandhu

    Is this site is paying or not please reply

  5. tc

    I reached the payout limit of 0.35 2 days ago and still have not received anything i emailed and no answer so guess it a scam

  6. Den bagus

    hello all what about the Bitcoin Values site
    will it pay?

  7. nic

    yes, though free but its not free actually. free in using the mining site as a tool in mining bitcoin. that is free. but from the first upgrade to fourth upgrade you just like paying the miners fee or investing in your own mined bitcoins. that’s the technique of bitcoin-values. i dont know the rest behind it. but so far running good but there are light problems like stopping.. just it stop in its own way. though i understand the volume come into their site, there’s so much traffic on it. i understand that. and also ads coming in, and that’s the cause of stopping the mining. i check the proof of last payments there were unconfirmed maybe because of not following the right wallet or i dont know. that just my opinion and my observations that i’ve made the research. some are in success mode right confirmations completed successfully. hope everything would be fine with Bitcoin-Values. its a big help really to those who cant afford to pay or invest in bitcoin. some people wanted it to enter but they are afraid of scams. so to speak 99% of bots and 98% of sites are scams. thats my analysis. infact 1 or 2 out of 10 sites ive encountered, 8 or 9 were scam sites. and i was one of the victim. BITCOIN-VALUES GOOD LUCK TO YOUR PROJECT SO TO SPEAK.

    ps. i proposed someone who can create an exe program that like bitcoin-values that all the stuffs i think, with referrals, but no more upgrading, its like generating in fast and easy way, of course the total bitcoin mined deducted by the maker or author of the software and the blockchain transaction fee are all added in the program, plus the antimalware, phising and so on and so forth to protect the software are in there. no more hassle to users in mining bitcoin for longer period of time, make it short one to five days or in a week in mining is enough.

    purpose: simply to help those in need that cant afford to buy or invest or upgrade, or pay the miners fee, etc. etc. in using bitcoin, and to stop the scammers in making fool to innocent people. i hope the blockchain world would have concerns about these things.

  8. osorus

    I was using the page, I upgraded to the maximum.

    It was undermining seamlessly until it suddenly appeared the verification option, unless you have configured it and now I can not enter to continue mining.

    I hope your comments, thank you.

    • NIC

      yes your account can be hack if you dont put your 2fa. can be updated once somebody in there. and one thing if you put 2fa you should synchronize your authenticator to align with your accnt.

  9. Jason

    I’ll give it a shot, I’ll also let you know what happens

  10. Morris

    They say it is free but one must understand that what you have already mined in the first stages are taken up for them for upgrading in two ways: i)CPU and ii) Speed (TH/s) four times each of the a fore mentioned. Is that something which is really free!

    I have been trying it for the last one month or so but I thing you must calculate your time and other expenses that come in with time. I will let you know of more findings with my time at the end.

    They claim that they pay by various means as mentioned in there last ”most frequently asked questions”, which any one can check.

    They honestly do not have customer care as per say because I’ve tried mailing them on several occasions but all in vain.

  11. cav Claudio dr Manueddu

    COME si fà accedere?La piattaforma è visibile sul DEKTOP ?

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