Easy BTC Doubler Review – An Obvious Fraud!

Easy BTC Doubler calls itself the new face of cryptocurrency trading. Their way of presentation is very apt. However, behind all that glitter is fake narratives. In short, the number of illegal activities going on with their website is more than what you can imagine.

There are no details of the owners of this firm, but it’s understandable, they clearly want to operate from the shadows. Doubling your funds might seem interesting, but before doing that go through our detailed review. Easy BTC Doubler Review

Company and Customer Support

All the firms which handle the money of the people under the name of investments have to procure proper licenses. This company claims to be a registered firm in the UK and even provides the incorporation certificates. However, that does not mean they are looked over by regulatory authorities.

We searched the FCA website to find information about them and just like anticipated, there weren’t any. So, this whole scheme is a confirmed fraud. Moreover, their customer support is non-existent.

So, if you need any type of assistance, then it is never going to happen. Below are the bogus contact information of this firm.

Address – 39 White Lion Street, London, United Kingdom, N1 9PH.

Email – support@btcdoubler.com

How does Easy BTC Doubler work ?

This firm is allegedly active in the blockchain sector. They state that, they use some sort of automated software for generate huge gains. On top of the vague explanation, they also talk about the general topics of the cryptocurrencies.

If you are a newbie, then you might fall for their tricks. However, one thing is for sure, they certainly make no sense at all. Trading involves strict parameters, rules and risk management and backtesting as well.

So, do not think that you can make money just by clicking few buttons. Moreover, there is unverifiable trading history on their channel. Now ask yourself, how can you possibly trust them ?

Returns Promised

Easy BTC Doubler claims to double your funds every 6 hours once. We all know that, it sounds too good to be true. Sadly, there are still a vast amount of people who believe in them. Cryptos created many millionaires in the initial stages.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone is going to get rich by trading it. There are a wide range of investment plans on their platform which are listed below. Before you get excited always remember that, it’s all a huge bluff and they are using fake claims only to lure people.

Diamond Plan

Returns – 100%

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $20

Gold Plan

Returns – 100%

Duration – 12 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Platinum Plan

Returns – 100%

Duration – 6 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $5000

Domain Information

We tried to trace the identity of the owners of the firm through the domain, but it was masked by privacy protection services. However, we do got some key details which are as follows,

Domain- easybtcdoubler.com

Registered on – 16/01/2017

Expires on – 16/01/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 2,187,989

Due to lack of data, we are not aware of the kind of audience they are targeting.

Referral Program

This is the dangerous tool used by this fraud organisation. The owners of this firm offer high incentives to anyone who refers more investors on to their platform. In short, the promoters are doing their best. This is the main reason behind all the favourable reviews out there.

So, if you happen to come across any positive review, then know that it is a lie told to you. Since all the affiliates work on commission basis, they go to extreme lengths to convince you to deposit with them.

Fake Narratives

There is a big section on their website which shows a list of alleged withdrawals. This is called as social proof. Many investors will be impressed by looking at these kind of details. Easy BTC Doubler Fake Transactions

However, the reality is just the opposite of it. One or two transactions portrayed might be legit, but the majority of it are bogus. They are doing this only to make the potential clients believe in them. Do not fall for these gimmicks instead understand that, there is nothing such as free lunch in this world. Easy BTC Doubler False Comments

There is a testimonial section as well. The amount of videos on their database is huge, but it does not mean that, they are legit. All the people in the video clips are actors who are reading a script.

So, their business model is flawed and will collapse soon. Moreover, ask yourself will you trust a business which manipulates their performance record ?

Easy BTC Doubler Review Conclusion

Easy BTC Doubler is a ponzi scam which is already illegal in most countries. They are creating a cash flow for themselves by utilising money deposited by the new client to pay the earlier investors.

So, their business model is fundamentally flawed and is doomed to failure. For your own good stay away from any company which offers easy money making solutions.

Do you have any experience with this platform? If yes, then please share them with our community below.


  1. Seelan

    Kruus … I tried it , Easy btc is a complete scam, after you have paid for the next miner they freeze your earnings & request you to pay for electricity & engineering costs. They never pay more than 0,0001 btc., no matter how much you try to withdraw, & then they freeze your earnings. Next they reset your miners & you loose all of your earnings as well as what you paid for the miners. You are not allowed to use your earnings to pay for the costs. This is a very attractive fraud scam, save your bitcoins & stay away from these scammers.

  2. Mario Navarro

    Hice un depósito desde el 23 de septiembre de este año y hasta la fecha nunca se reflejo en mi cuenta

  3. zama777

    l deposited my bitcoins on esay btc doubler but my dashboard till appear $0 or two day now.

  4. eRIC

    Easybtcdoubler is not paying. I made an investment almost two months ago. And I have made three withdrawals, but they never sent me my investment profits. Also there is no customer support. It is a complete SCAM.

  5. Kruus

    easybtcdoubler paid me. how did you come about your review without testing it first?

    • Ebenezer Tetteh

      Really….are they legit now

  6. Jean


    Legit or scams??? thanks

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