Review - Review is an online investment platform which claims to double your bitcoin every 7 hours. This type of returns is absolutely impossible to achieve on a consistent basis. This service has been active for around a year as of writing this review, we have got a lot of complaints against this platform which is the main reason why we decided to warn everyone about this fraudulent system.

When we were investigating this platform, there was a lot of misleading information which tricks the inexperienced investors into thinking that they can become rich very quickly.

If you are considering to open an account on this platform, read our complete review to find out all the why you should use extreme caution while dealing with this service.

Company and Support represents an ICO wherein the money for trading and investing purposes is raised from public and in return they are given a fixed predetermined amount of money after certain time period.

These type of firms have to be regulated in most of the developed countries. Though this firm features some type of registration document on their website, we couldn’t confirm whether it is authorized or not which is why we strongly advise all our readers not to indulge with this firm.

Here are some of the contact details of this firm:

Address – 244 Madison Avenue, New York City, NY, USA.

Telephone – 10016-2817, +19105411096

Email –

If you any queries, the support team can be reached by using the contact form provided on their website.

What does do with the funds?

This firm supposedly employs Wall Street professionals and claims to have invested billions into the Bitcoin because they believe in the cashless transactions. Despite all their alleged success back story there isn’t a single detail or names about the traders working for this firm.

Every reputable investment solution shows the detailed stats of their fund managers in order to operate transparently. If this firm was really legitimate why don’t they share any details?

Furthermore, they state that their market approach consists of finding new and innovative projects to maximize the earnings while maintaining a diverse range of investments so regardless of the volatility in the assets your investments will be profitable. This narration is very vague and does not provide any type of valuable insights about how the funds are allocated.

Though this firm states that it is actively involved in trading bitcoin, there isn’t any information about trading system it follows. We do not know which factors creates a trading bias and what type of money management techniques it incorporates.

There is nothing stated about the risk management methods they have in place. Considering all the information put up by them, it does not instill much confidence among investors.

How much profit can you expect to make with

This is kind of tricky because the exact investment package details are not revealed anywhere on their platform but when we did a little digging we found a profit calculator which shows the amount of returns for every 7 hours. - Profit Calculator

As you can see from the image above this platform basically doubles your money. Isn’t this type of returns a little too good to be true?


Testimonies are put up by many services because they serve as confidence boosting factor but this firm has twisted the things for their needs. The testimonials are extremely positive towards them but there isn’t any way to verify whether those are from real users or fake profiles. - Testimonies

We strongly believe that they are all from bogus profiles with stock photos. Their brilliance lies in the fact that they haven’t quoted any dollar figure they got, so by doing this they appear trustworthy in front of the newbie investors.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is not specified anywhere on their platform.


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 18/07/2017 and expires on 18/07/2019.

Due to the lack of date we could not pin point the amount of traffic this website gets. According to ranks 1,906,171 globally.

Is a scam?

Most likely,

If this platform was really genuine they would have provided demo account to the users so that they can see the effectiveness of this platform in real time or any other sort of money back guarantee. Review Conclusion

Regardless of which strategy you choose or the capital you begin with, it is impossible to double your bitcoin every 7 hours. Do not believe any of the income claims on the internet blindly. Do not send your funds to because the chances to you getting it back is slim to none.

If you were scammed by please let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Mpho Letaoana

    Thank you very much for your review admin, I nearly invested my money. Kindly review they recently scammed me & I want to get my money back. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  2. Momo


    I invested in platform 0.0053 btc and after I contacted support,why I havent received my profit yet,support sent me a message saying,because I am a new user I have to deposit 0.0029 btc for activation fee,and that after I do that,I will receive my profit plus that fee that I paid for activation fee. So can someone tell me their experience with this platform?Is it worth of investing?I was reading reviews on here,and I can see someone had same issue as I do. So can someone tell me if this site has changed in any way or still its a scam NOT WORTH OF INVESTING?Thanks

  3. Arnel S Tito

    It is a scam sir realy ?
    Tell me if a scam ….
    Please .

  4. mohsin raza

    i deposit more then 0.033 btc ,25 days ago,but the admin of this site demand me more money and never give me refund me my deposit.
    mohsin raza

    Jun 9 at 8:16 PM

    Sir please your investment keeps not showing up on your dashboard i
    think is because of the ip of your country , please follow this
    instruction , please depoist 0.0077 BTC right away, a box will open up
    for you , please type in this code inside BB563783 , to help clarify
    your payment in your dashboard and click withdraw and withdraw all btc
    together with your profit and the 0.012 btc you just deposited, put in
    your bitcoin address and your bitcoin will be deposited to your wallet ,
    please do not waste time in doing this.
    Thank you.

    Show original message

  5. mohsin raza

    this is mohsin raza from lahore pakistan,i deposit total 0.033 btc, in this site,all gone,first i send around 88 $ then he demand account activation charges around 64 $ then i send more money total is 0.033 btc its around 270 $ but he still demand more money,this is only cheater site,no doubler,only fraud site,please be aware and don’t send the payment.

  6. thomas

    i found out two wed site and legit bitcoin investment site both are some , but min deposit different [ scammer]

  7. Raheem Shaik

    Do you try this Bitcoin banking site platform?

  8. orizwedanta

    hello admin..can you review this site? , i wanted to know that’s legit or not before i deposit there

  9. Christine Perry

    Try getting YOUR money out it is impossible. Like a bank account they said, really. When has your bank refused you your money. I know they are being investigated now and I have been advised to call the fraud squad as there are so many people being scammed. I have contacted bitcoingiant again but if I donโ€™t get any joy this time then we shall be making that call. The power of Facebook is amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰. How do these people sleep at night but I believe in Karma. The Universe will pay them back . Thieves

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