Review is a self proclaimed industry leading Bitcoin mining pool which is backed up by physical miners equipped with latest algorithms to make as much bitcoins as possible. This firm claims to have data centers across Europe, USA and China.

This service is pretty elegant and simple which is one of the main reason why thousands have fallen prey to this scam.

While we were investigating this service, we found a number of disturbing factors and some fake claims which makes us believe that this platform is nothing but a glorified ponzi scheme. This firm is operational for more than 3 months as of writing this review.

Continue reading our comprehensive and unbiased review to find out why you should never give your money to these scammers.

Company and Contact Details

There is no information about the creators behind this platform. Though we went through all the information put up on this website, there isn’t a single factor which helps to trace the identity of the actual creators.

If this platform was really legitimate why would creators maintain anonymity?

Any firm which provides the retail investors with investment opportunities have to be regulated in order to operate lawfully. represents an ICO wherein money is raised from investors to purchase more efficient machines and for periodic maintenance of the mining farms, the investors are entitled to certain amount of money after predetermined time period.

Since this company fails to provide any sort of registration or incorporation details, we believe they are operating illegally and in certain way just looting the clients money.

Here are the contact details provided of this firm.

Address – 2009 Pine Tree Lane

City – Baltimore

State – Maryland

Zipcode – 21236

Email –

The only way to reach the support team is through email, remember their support team is painfully slow to address your needs.

How does Work?

This firm supposedly provides crypto enthusiasts who does not know much about the technicalities and difficulties involved with mining a way to earn bitcoin. They claim to have mining farms set up in Europe, US and China but there isn’t any credible proof to support their ownership.

The mining equipments they use and their current capabilities in terms of hash rate is not stated anywhere on their website. Looking at this whole platform, it is pretty obvious that they target people who does not know much about the bitcoin and encash their gullibility.

If you are an experienced crypto investor then you can easily detect all the lies on this platform. - Review

What kind of returns can you expect to make with

The type of returns you are supposed to get depends upon the type of contract you choose, your initial investment and the time period but nonetheless the returns are over exaggerated.

Here are the details about the mining contracts offered by this platform.


Deposit – 0.01 BTC

Earning – 0.0004 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 12%


Deposit – 0.9 BTC

Earning – 0.08 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 40%


Deposit – 0.5 BTC

Earning – 0.03 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 20%


Deposit – 0.20 BTC

Earning – 0.016 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 17%


Deposit – 0.05 BTC

Earning – 0.0025 BTC per day

Aff. Commission – 15%


Testimonies are a kind of social prove which instills trust and confidence among investors. There are a number of testimonies put up on this website wherein the alleged early users express their views about this firm and how it helped them earn significant returns on their investment. - Fake Testimonies

Do not believe any of them as they are not from real users, they are all from fake profiles with a stock photo.

As you can see from the image above this person claims to have earned 155 BTC in 3 months. It is impossible to achieve these type of returns in such a short while. Ask yourself why would they put up fake testimonies unless they are trying to hide something from us?

Affiliate Program

To lure maximum people on to their platform in the shortest period possible they encourage the existing users to refer more people to this service. The affiliates promoting this scam are paid up to 40% of the deposits made by their referrals which is why many blogs and HYIP monitors are promoting this phony platform. - Affiliate Program

It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor to collect their commissions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only payment method supported by this platform is Bitcoin. Before you buy any plans from this platform remember that Bitcoin transactions are hard to trace which is why scammers love this currency.

They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly but sometimes can take manual approval from their side.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 04/4/2018 and expires exactly after a year.

This website ranks 3,743 in Brazil and has a global rank of 22,980 according to the data on

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. Complaints

There have been heaps of complaints against this service on popular forums like Hear what the real users are saying about this platform:

Really? I kind of had a feeling about that like “I bet when you hit that withdraw button, they’re going to require an upgrade”. Also they require a min of 0.006 btc to withdraw. That’s currently $38.00. Something not right there and somehow I don’t believe all these people are buying their upgrades like they claim. I also call bs on their reviews.

Is a Scam?


The returns offered by this service are all fake. Do not be gullible enough to trust any of their outrageous claims which are not backed up by any sort of credible proof.

Looking at this service and considering all the points discussed above, we strongly believe that they are not at all involved in actual mining activities. Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which started out by paying certain investors to grow their user base but as you know this model cannot last for long. Sooner or later you are guaranteed to lose your funds.

Do you have any experience with Share your opinions and views by commenting below.

89 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. Fecha Cantidad Fuente Estado
    2020-02-03 01:42:30 -0.00652450 BTC Retirar Pendiente Cancelar
    2019-12-06 23:37:52 -0.00605374 BTC Retirar Pendiente Cancelar
    Desde el 6.12.2019 esperando que me pague y nada todavia, y me queda poco para solicitar un tercer pago de 0.006BTC pero sin esperanza. Asi que no os hagais iluziones.

  2. Apabila ingin withdrawal harus bayar maintenance fee , sebaiknya tidak usah. Sudah pasti SCAM. Bila punya uang banyak lebih baik rent mining lebih transparant untuk biaya semuanya.
    Salam dari INDONESIA

  3. is a scam
    Date Amount Source Status
    2019-06-12 01:07:28 -0.01253036 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2019-02-20 10:15:52 -0.00601797 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel

    never get paid waiting since 2019-02-20 and nothing

    dont invest it a waste of money

  4. HI,
    Sir, My account any problem.
    my account plan upgrade but not pay in the site.
    Account ID: 1447075, plan : basic
    many many more try to withdrew but not pay in site.

  5. If it’s not a scam I would like my over 140 that I have been waiting 6 months for.

    I did invest and have Platinum plan. I also referred 4 people. I had an additional 5 people that wanted to be platinum. They will not join if I dont get my funds.

    As of now it’s a scam.

  6. They are a real jerk. I have been waiting for more than 90 days. I think they try to let me withdraw in the next world!!!!!

  7. They are ponzi business model. They just use the BTC after people to pay a little bit for some people. They don’t have any mining facilities.

  8. Q1: Majority of comments that BTConline is a SCAM? for those who are saying that, Did you guys but their PLANS?

    Q2.: Do we need to buy the Plan or just invites.

  9. Yhis btconline andd 99mining are both scams, in my 99mining i get 1.2000for mining but until now i cant withdraw needed to make a deposit for maintenance wtf.

  10. This site is not scam. For 2mounth i testing this site and know i wanna say that100%working.if you have only 1 referral your payment very soon will be confirm.
    50$, dont need buy plan.just 1 referral need.

  11. this site paid for me after 2 day of withdrawal request .just 2 mounth i waiting until 0.006
    100% working bro.
    today i recieved money.


  13. Definitely a scam, so glad i only spent the 35 bucks or so on the basic package. First withdrawal worked immediately, which was only about half the initial investment. Second attempt to withdraw to recoup investment and then invest more, it is and has been in a stalled state since for over a month. Tried withdrawing again the minimum, stalled for over 20 days. Submitted a ticket asking wtf, received a ticket tracking number, just tried to see status, said it couldn’t find my ticket and to try again later. This site is a joke, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

  14. I paid 0.01btc and they have not recognized the credit so far; support does not work; I opened 2 tickets a week ago and so far I have not been answered. I already sent an email and I was not answered. Run away from this robbery

  15. I claimed 0.006 btc minimum payout takes plan is free…i think this review is not reliable..are even try this platform???

  16. I also use this website and wait already 50+days but still noting so I will wait and cancel and stop whit this website ther are more website who will pay out leaving mijn computer 24/7 on but I wil widraw again and then wait again but not us e that website till over 30+days we will see what happen again but after that I dont know Ruud

  17. Yes i have been with them since last year and upgraded to basic and did get one payout and nothing else was waiting on the next payout and sent tickets and emails nothing in return so i looked on YouTube and found out about the scam another one bits the dust give it up y’all its all scams each and every one.i have had so many and just shut them down no payout at all and btc_ hourly. BTC_MINER. Btc antpool all scams


  19. .2 Bitcoin was placed on the site and I picked it up once and I am waiting for the next time to pick it up and transfer it to the site again for more harvesting.
    its not scam.just wait for it.

  20. reel and good 😉
    2018-12-22 17:13:03 0.00150000 BTC Referral comission (2426674)
    2018-12-22 09:56:03 -0.01520000 BTC Withdraw Payed TXID
    2018-12-19 07:29:08 +0.00750000 BTC Referral comission (2364628)
    2018-12-17 11:19:03 0.00150000 BTC Referral comission (2361111)
    2018-12-16 05:40:04 -0.00600000 BTC Withdraw Payed TXID
    2018-12-07 11:01:04 0.00100000 BTC Referral comission (1994760)

    1. he hello I already wating for 40 days and I still have noting what sould I call this a wating game this is not funny you getting paid and the ader wone getting notting Ruud

    2. How did you get your withdrawal plese, I am on standard plan and I have 3 referrals but I’ve not been able to withdraw

  21. Manaa Alshammari

    If all bitcoin mining apps are fake or scams ?? Then , which one is the legit?? If you’re expert in this field I guess u can provide me some website or apps that can really mine bitcoin and give earnings

    1. NiceHash is a shit, i tried for 1mounth and i get 1€49 🙁 with anothers miner like cryptotab browser i get 1,26€ in 8days, with anothers app mobile i get 0,50c in 12days, so NiceHash is a bullshit

  22. No you didn’t…after you make a deposit they change your pin to keep you from logging on…btc pool does the same thing.

  23. i think the webhost too should be call into question.. if a particular site is called to be a scam.. the webhost should be shut down..

  24. it is totally scam ,before i reached 0.001btc the minimum emount for withdraw was 0.001btc but aftar i reach 0.001btc and i tried to withdraw it became to 0.006btc and its not the point , if you ever look at the table of paymant in the site you will see there are someones who i actualy withdraw with free plan at 0.001btc in a few minutes ago so why they can withdraw with free plan in 0.001btc but i can’t !? i did report them to abuse and the others but they say this site hab been paid for some users and there is evidence of ghe paymant , but im telling you , dont throw your money on their pocket , it is entirely scam .

  25. I will waiting for a months to proceed my request to pay out.. but its always pending.. yes its free only but i always think positive that my request to pay out is granted.. IM FROM THE PHILLIPPINES pls BTCONLINE PLS KINDLY PROCEED MY PAY OUT. THANKS

  26. I reported to namecheap and hostsailor, they investigated the scammer and now they moved both domain name and hosting to new service providers. But I will continue report until they close the site. If you guys who lost money like me report to the hosting and domain name registrar they cannot survive longer.

  27. I made a withdrawal but it is now a month and this is what they are telling me <increase your IPV for instant withdrawals, or wait 10+ days until your withdrawal is processed manually.

    Your IPV (Instant Payout Value) is Low | What is IPV?
    You can upgrade to PLATINUM, this is the highest plans and have infinite IPV.
    I think it is a scam

  28. i ve been registered with free package when about to withdraw earning…they ask me to do some deposite… hehehe.. sorry i think its scam

  29. I signed up with this site 2 months ago with free account. Now I reach the minimum amount of withdrawal 0.006 btc but when I click the withdraw button, it didn’t respond. I wish this is not a scam. I will wait for it for a following days. If it will not still respond then it’s a scam.

  30. I’ve been waiting well over a month for my .006 BTC withdrawal to go through. I won’t pay for mining in the first place, as I consider it a great waste of energy.

  31. i guess it may true that this website is scam but in india, all my friends got their free 00.6 btc in their wallet. and from last three months my friend has earned 1.22 btc withdrawl from this company absolutely free…i think that is awosome…because he got it free…i guess more 2 month this site can survive….i no its impossible to give so much free btc….because now day for mining 1 btc….how much one Town use electricity for 1 month…that much electricity is needed for 1 btc mining. so please ensure you withdraw your btc when it reaches the thrashold….enjoy ice cream becfore it gets melt…

    1. the free withdrawal could be someone else deposit, they will let you withdraw once or twice just to lure ppl in to deposit more btc on their site, once they accumulate more btc they will eventually exit scam

      1. joxcel montehermoso

        im btconline user i didnt yet withdraw for now but later if i can reach the minimmum withdrawal maybe i can try.

  32. i actually got my payout worth 0.007 bitcoin I withdraw 12am then after 4hrs i received to my wallet and its pretty cool cuz i got it for free only 😊

  33. I am yet to get my own bitcoin,i have reached the 30days for free bitcoin withdrawal, infact its now 35days waiting

  34. Look shut up if you don’t know what to say. The person you said earned 155 bitcoin didn’t say that he said he earned 1,55bitcoin which is 1.55 bitcoin. Stop spreading false news not all are scam

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