BitcoinCasino.Us Review – SCAM or Fair Online Bitcoin Casino?

Endless troves of contradicting reviews and investor feedback regarding the legitimacy of Bitcoin Casino is what a prospective investor can expect to encounter when conducting research into Based out of the U.S., functions as an online Bitcoin casino that indirectly hints that their platform is the most trusted online casino for Bitcoin within the United States. Providing 24/7 customer support while offering users with access to over 300 virtual games, it is difficult for any consumer to argue the supplementary measures exerted by this platform.

Fortunately for you, we are not like most cryptocurrency review operations that blatantly endorse such investment schemes without conducting investigative research into the vast elements revolving around such an investment opportunity. As simple search queries will suggest, most cryptocurrency review sites are currently embracing with open arms with the deliberate intentions of earning fat commissions that can equate up to a 45% revenue share of what investors deposit and earn at Bitcoin Casino.

By providing our readers with insight into the Bitcoin Casino operation while excavating and bringing light to troubling investor feedback, we will paint a vivid picture for you regarding the so-called legitimacy of Extract the facts that other review sites appear so keen to conceal from you to determine whether or not this online cryptocurrency gambling platform is right for you. - Bitcoin Casino US

About Bitcoin Casino is a Bitcoin casino catered towards providing a unique online gambling experience for U.S. investors. Featuring a sleek site interface that is aesthetically appealing while incorporating an ample number of gambling games, Bitcoin Casino lures crypto enthusiasts from all parts of the United States with their professional looking platform. Featuring 24/7 customer support, various casino tournaments and games while allegedly rendering instant withdrawals for all withdrawal requests up to 1 BTC, Bitcoin Casino offers a gambling experience on a whole different level than other competing operations.

Who is Behind appears to operate as their sole entity, meaning that no corporation is accepting liability for No insight regarding creators, owners or current operators are referenced anywhere on the site. A WHOIS domain report will reveal that the site was privately registered on June 29th, 2015. Furthermore, only incognito forms of communication are available through Bitcoin Casino, which include their contact submission form and live chat window. Offer

Bitcoin Casino hosts a wide selection of gambling games, jackpots along with intriguing bonus offers. Currently supporting over 350 games in total, Bitcoin Casino supports slots, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, lottery along with various other game modes. Each game was engineered with stunning visual graphics and while the sites asserts that their operation is the fairest online gambling platform available to U.S. investors, we have not found substantial evidence to support this claim.

The minimum deposit amount currently accepted at is 0.0003 BTC or 0.01 Litecoin/Dogecoin. While no minimum withdrawal limit has been set, it should be noted that a max of 1 BTC per week can be withdrawn at Bitcoin Casino unless you are a VIP player and then you are able to withdrawal 3 Bitcoin per week.

New members who accept the deposit bonus must wager 40x the accepted bonus amount prior to being able to execute a withdrawal. While this deposit trap is more of a ploy conducted by unlicensed investment brokerages, it appears that Bitcoin Casino has adopted the principle in their own unique fashion. Games

Slot Games

Slot games through Bitcoin Casino make up the bulk of the online gambling games featured on their platform. Accounting for 50%, 75% to 100% of the wagering requirements, most crypto gamblers must meet the 100% wagering requirement in order to utilize the slot game function. Other styles of slot games only require between a 50% to 75% wagering fulfillment although the bulk of available slot games require a 100% upfront wager agreement. - Slot Games

High Limit Games

High limit games are designed to provide crypto gamblers who prefer to bet big with the opportunity win big. There are 21 separate high limit games at Bitcoin Casino that range from poker, roulette, Texas hold’em and scratch dice. - High Limit Games

Jackpot Games

There are currently 19 separate jackpot game modes available for members at Bitcoin Casino. Active jackpots range between 1 BTC up while the highest reflect jackpot game featured offers a jackpot of 362 bitcoins. - Jackpot Games


Currently there are 9 different styles of virtual roulette featured at Bitcoin Casino. American, European, French along with high roller roulette modes are available. - Roulette

Card Games supports 70 different card games on their gambling platform. Virtual card games varying from poker, blackjack, solitaire and much more. - Card Games


American and European blackjack games are supported at Bitcoin Casino. Members can utilize the high roller game modes or participate in normal game modes. - Blackjack


Lottery sweepstakes are available at Bitcoin Casino where members can allegedly have the opportunity of winning predetermined Bitcoin payouts.

Virtual Poker

Virtual poker modes that support Texas Hold’em, Jacks or Better, Red Dog, Caribbean Poker along with high roller modes are featured at Bitcoin Casino.

Bitcoin Casino adds further organization to their supported game page by also offering live stream games, top winning games, new games along with various jackpot game categories. Hosting weekly Bitcoin gambling tournaments, the top 25 winners to this weeks tournament will allegedly get 2 BTC each which currently equates to a little over $325,000 given away in prices. Whether to not the Bitcoin Casino platform is actually paying members their withdrawals and winnings we are uncertain since they fail to disclose any blockchain transactions as a way to avoid credibility testing.

Is Fair?

Bitcoin Casino tends to imply that their platform is the most fair virtual gambling site currently available to U.S. consumers. While we could find no reference on their site in regards to a users probability of winning, it certainly raises some red flags regarding whether or not is actually fair or not.

Bitcoin Casino Currency Methods is only compatible with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Investors who fail to meet the deposits requirements disclosed above will not have deposited funds reach their player accounts and will become permanently lost. In order for an investor to have their funds sent to their digital wallet, they will need to wager a minimum of 3 times and not have accepted a deposit bonus upon registration.

Community Feedback

Every component leading up to consumer feedback has made appear as a truly wonderful and legitimate online crypto casino. However, despite all the surpassed expectations, Bitcoin Casino is not able to manipulate or conceal the host of infuriated consumers who feel like they have been cheated by their platform or are reporting this platform as a scam. Disclosed below are some of the more recent and relevant consumer feedback we found in regards to at LatestCasinoBonuses:

Lies lies lies they payout whenever they want over the course of 24 hours there slow as hell to pay and support is worthless

My first couple deposit there I have cashout almost a whole bitcoins first cashout took over 5 hours support team claim it’s my first cashout so it might take some time which is reasonable they after a couple withdraw my request will be instant after that. No where close to that seems like it gotten longer each withdraw very frustrating

I just spoke to live support who was very helpful in getting my account up and running. This bitcoin casino is best casino out right now for a number of reasons. They offer instant payouts and best overall game selection. I have always received amazing support from agents and most importantly withdrawal speed is best I have expetienced. Overall I highly recommend.

They have great SEO and that’s about it. That’s why they show up everywhere and all of the time. The odds of winning are ridiculous and it’s frustrating watching how quick the money goes. I think the latest wins are who actually won a bonus game and they are few and far between. They say 24 hour cs but it’s through an email. Their motto “Best Bitcoin Casino” in itself is a lie for truly being 821 out of 1305. Please read these first before visiting so you’re not being skewed by the workers leaving reviews, taken because they constantly give you money to lose to draw you in, and the fooled because of their internet placement of their casino and ads.

Such a bad casino. They promise instant payouts. Well that did not happen. Eventually after 12 hours of waiting I see that my balance is removed…Don’t waste your money or time at this unlicensed casino I promise you you would regret every moment of it. Support agents also very rude and keep copy and pasting same message don’t matter what the question is. Waste of time. Stay far away from this scam casino!

We also found a Ripoff Report about them dating from January 30, 2018:

i made a deposit of BCH ( bitcoin cash ) it was confirmed 300+ times by claims they never saw it and that they dont use blockdozer. even though they accept BCH deposits. after contacting support they told me to wait. 24 hrs. thenn againn to wait 24hrs again the nextday. i confimred the BCH address was correct and that the payment was made. and they blocked my access to my account now and said it was going to bbe deleted.

Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 165,210 with a US rank of 98,829 as of February 5th, 2018. Enduring over a 50% traffic loss from last month, almost 20% of Bitcoin Casino’s visitor traffic originated from the United States while over 18% of all traffic sources were referral based.

Can be Trusted? operates as an unlicensed online casino that supports the virtual gambling of cryptocurrencies. While the site appears to be growing in overall popularity and features an almost impeccable site interface, the atmosphere circulating around Bitcoin Casino is not only negative but also troubling. Depositing your cryptocurrencies with an unlicensed platform is always a dangerous maneuver to perform but ignoring the pleads of consumers who have first-hand experience would be an ignorant move on our end which is why we do not believe to be trustworthy. Review Conclusion is highly endorsed amongst many cryptocurrency sites yet the community feedback regarding their operation eradicates their credibility and legitimacy. Featuring a nearly flawless site, Bitcoin Casino is an alluring and dangerous virtual cryptocurrency casino that operates without a license or the supervision of a corporate entity. No matter how appealing an investment opportunity may appear to be, if they lack identifiable ownership information while operating unethically, it is obvious that they are not a platform to be trifled with.

Review Verdict: cannot be trusted!

Avoid the Site:

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Do you have legitimate first-hand experience to share regarding Bitcoin Casino? Please provide any valuable feedback or knowledge you may possess by leaving a comment below.



    I have won over 10 BTC since the launch of this casino and they have been truly fair with me and paid within few hours. I don’t really understand why there are so much negative reviews.


  2. Gregg

    I’ve had very similar incidents, the most recent was with cryptowild. They locked me out of my account and kept not only my huge win but they totally denied the proof I had to present that I never violated any of there rules.i went back and forth for days pleading and eventually being shut out. Make a long story short, these type of casinos give the legit ones bad rep.

  3. Mozie is a SCAM. I tried to withdraw after winning on a bonus when I signed up. They made me send all these verification documents only to reply that I opened multiple accounts and my winnings were confiscated?! This is a bold face lie. They couldn’t pay out a measly 10 mbtc ? So I wouldn’t trust making deposits here. Stick with Bitstarz or vegascasino these casinos are legit. This one is a scam asking for identity documentation then selling my personal info and doing FRAUD!

  4. Niq

    After playing daily for almost 2 months straight I have verified that the site is indeed a scam. I took the time to actually record my game play recently and after confronting customer service that there is indeed a scam going on and that the proof I provided would suggest so. I have both the pictures and the conversation with a customer support specialist to confirm so. While recently playing 3 card poker, I did. Some math and found that the house was making away with hands with a less than 0001% possibility. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll show you my FINDINGS.DO NOT PLAY HERE

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