Review – Plain Old Doubler Scam is a traditional bitcoin doubler platform which supposedly doubles your money on a daily basis. If you have a general idea about the way economics or markets work, then you know that the firm is bluffing about their returns. Since this platform is blatantly spreading false information, the owner fearing the legal consequences have opted to remain anonymous.

Their website unlike other scams is very subtle, but still has all the tell tale signs and traits of a fraud program. To uncover each and every flaw and trap laid out by this company, read our unbiased review completely. Review

Legality and Customer Support

Any organisation or firm which provides investment services to retail clients have to be regulated by certain government bodies. Though, the regulation is yet to catch up with cryptocurrencies, remember to indulge with only reputable institution who have a long track record. Since this firm accepts people from pretty much all around the world, we checked the major regulatory authorities to find any relevant information about them.

As expected, they are not listed under any of it. So, it is undoubtedly a scam and it will eventually burn a deep hole in the pocket of the investors. On their platform, the crooks running this platform have provided the contact details. However, do note that the real way of communicating with them is through email only.

Phone – +44 2034775858

Address – Apt 23797 Chenoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, United Kingdom, TR4 8UN

How does Work?

According to their website, the investors just have to deposit cash and check back after 24 hours to collect the profits. The narrative provided by them sounds amazing, but in reality it will never unfold. They are just going after the newbie investors and are exploiting the lack of knowledge to make money for themselves.

If they are really a legit organisation, then why aren’t they publishing the profiles of the fund managers? Most of the regulated firms showcase the performance reports, trading history and broker statements on their websites. Since this one doesn’t have anything to back up their claims, this kind of conduct should tell you a lot about them.

As far as the customer interaction aspect is considered, know that they only communicate via email. So, it is very difficult to track them down and looking at the way they run this platform, they certainly seem to have a lot of experience.


The idea behind calculating profits is simple, they promise to double your funds in 24 hours and the maximum limit is 5 BTC. According to their claims, anyone can make six figures returns without lifting a finger. Now ask yourself, do you really think it is even possible to make money just like that, out of thin air without any real skills?

All the buzz and exaggeration are done to lure in the investor and convince them to make a deposit. Once you send them your money, then you will never hear back from them again.

Affiliate Program

To grow their client base and increase the reach of their business, this firm employs affiliate program. The main job of marketers is to create false narratives and unethical methods to convince the public into sending money to this platform.

Due to the clear conflict of interest, it is better if you stay away from anyone who is associated with this firm. If you come across any favorable comments about this platform on any forums or find positive reviews about them, then do not believe them for any reason.

Domain Details

Below we have put up the demographics and general information about this website which we gathered using and Unfortunately, the people behind this scam cannot be traced as they have cleverly masked their true identity.

Domain –

Registered on – 05/10/2019

Expiry – 05/10/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,049,332

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is a ponzi investment program. They have no real source of income, they just create cash flow by using the money from the new participant to pay the old ones. As you can see, their entire existence and longevity depends upon their marketing capabilities.

However, once they cannot find enough participants, they will just shut down their website and run away with all the money. So, stay away from them and never give them a chance to dabble with you hard earned money.

Have you tried using Platform? Did you get paid by this firm? Let us know your opinion and thoughts down below.


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