Bitmain.Farm Review – Unreliable Mining Platform

Bitmain.Farm is a cloud mining solution which claims to be operating from China. Any information about the owners or employees of the organisation is withheld from the public. Moreover, there is no evidence or solid facts to verify their mining farms. If we take a peek at the existing comments from the clients of this firm, then know that they are all negative.

They do offer a free plan on their platform, but you just cannot make any kind of considerable amount from it. Cryptocurrency mining is an activity which sparks interest in the retail community. However, know that it is not as easy as it sounds and often contain a huge amount of risk.

Before you decide to buy anything from this service, go through our detailed review once to understand the ground reality.

Bitmain.Farm Review

How does Bitmain.Farm Work?

Bitmain.Farm’s main job is to help people interested in mining activity to make money from it without having to deal with all the hassles and technicalities involved. In simple words, the clients have to pay for the equipment and the maintenance while the firm takes care of the actual physical location and tasks. In theory, it is a win win scenario, but it is definitely not a walk in the park as some firms like to portray.

Nearly a decade ago mining was a venture which could really give you a boost to your income. Nowadays, the competition in the mining space is fierce and unless you have planned out every aspect of the business, you won’t stand a chance of making money. With the growing electricity costs and complex calculation of the blocks, make sure that you understand the landscape before getting involved with it.

Equipment and Profit Calculation

There is a list of different equipment on their website. The general idea is that, if you choose a costlier machine, you are going to earn more money in the short time span. On top of the paid plan, there is also a free mining plan, but as expected it is too slow and certainly not worth your time. Given their anonymous nature and questionable practices, we do believe the free plan might just be a bait.

They haven’t put up any kind of returns per plan because there are a lot of variables present like the costs involved or the volatility of the underlying asset. If you were looking into this firm with the idea of earning passive income, then you will be disappointed. In short, understand that unless you are doing it on a scale which involves a lot of money, you will never see any profits from it.

Customer Feedback

On their platform, they showcase a few comments from alleged earlier clients and of course they all are favorable. The problem with these kind of testimonials is that there is no way to verify the existence of the actual users. For all we know, they could have just used a stock photo with bogus user profiles.

Bitmain.Farm Testimonials

Fortunately, since there are many forums wherein the users and clients can voice their opinion, you can still get a rough idea about the way the service works. Below are the comments made by the users on Trustpilot, check them out and it will tell you a lot about the company.

Liars and cheats – these people are scum. I had a DashMiner fail within a few weeks, created a support ticket and sent the dud boards back. Nothing happened and after repeatedly emailing them, they deleted the ticket out of my support portal, denied they had the boards, said the ticket didn’t exist (which it didn’t after they deleted it from their end) and I never saw the boards again. They should be avoided at all cost – they are human excrement and scum


1/3 of the equipment never worked!!!!


Had my suspects on this company, but at the time some folks would recommend it. And once I made my full payment and they asked for more, saying it was missing money, Immediately I regretted. I made the full payment including all the fees still they demanded one more payment in BTC.


From them on it was my worst experience dealing with a company. Had so many issues default used machines sold has new, lies about schedules, and fees… and so on.

1/3 of the equipment never worked! Even after repaired by them it would work for oone or two days, and back to the same…


Just the pure blatant chinese greed at its best, which is to say non stop criminal behavior, once you send your money to them, it is over you up to a devils ride…


Affiliate Program

It is no secret that a firm needs a lot of visitors to grow. To achieve their marketing goals, this firm uses affiliate model. In simple words, they provide 8% of the cumulative revenue they make to the promoters. So, the conflict of interest is the reason which explains all the positive reviews about them. If you ever come across any review with referral link attached and it is about this firm, then know that their only goal is to make money and they are manipulating you to achieve it.

Domain Insight

Below are the details of this website which helps in painting a picture about the demographics data. The domain owners couldn’t be tracked down as they have employed domain protection services.

Domain – Bitmain.Farm

Registered On – 09/08/2019

Expiry – 09/08/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 154,330

Rank in India – 39,730

Target Audience – India, Russia and Egypt

Bitmain.Farm Review Conclusion

Bitmain.Farm is not a transparent or reliable solution regardless of which way you look at them. The customer feedback is largely negative and that kind of widespread hatred just cannot be faked. There are a lot of reputable alternatives available in the mining sector. So, pick the one which has a long track record and reputation and for your own safety avoid this one at any cost.

Do you have any personal experience with Bitmain.Farm? Would you recommend them to your friends and family? Let us know your answer in the comments section.

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  1. Carl Botha

    Thank you for this review,
    I joined bitmain-farm and i am using their free version I requested this review from you before I buy into this platform.
    I am deleting them now thank you for your help.

    I always look at your blacklist you have for scam platforms, tell me do you have the same list for trustable paying platforms please can you send it to me you are a great help in this dark internet BTC mining,
    thank you very much for your help and insight!
    I asked you to also make an in-depth review of the platform IGTRADE24 I already lost thousands of USD by investing with this platform they are still requesting money from me to get my profits to be released into my wallet this is a never-ending circle of payments
    It was supposed to be an investment for 7 days, to date, it is 14 months if am battling to get hold of my profits in my account with them
    Thank you.

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