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Bitcoin Forever as the name suggests is a firm which is allegedly active in cryptocurrency trading. They are said to be generating profits for their clients risk free.

If you have reasonable experience in trading, then chances are you already know that, they are bluffing. Moreover, all their investment plans start from $1 which has caught the attention of many people who unknowingly fell prey to them.

The returns offered by them goes up to 6,500% every 37 days once. At this rate, you can become a millionaire within couple of months depending upon your starting balance.

However, we all know that, these kind of scenarios are unreal. Read our full review to find out the real motives behind this firm. Bitcoin Forever Review

Company and Customer Support

Due to the ever growing number of scams, it is mandatory for every firm which offers investment opportunities to the retail clients to have proper legal documents. This platform portray themselves to be operating from the UK in a legal manner.

However, the reality suggests otherwise They are not under the supervision of the FCA which means, they are blatantly bluffing about their certificates. There is a phone number put up on their website, but that appears to be non-operational at the moment.

So, the only way the clients can reach them is via email which means it will be hard to trace them out. Moreover, think for a moment, isn’t it strange for an investment firm to operate so anonymously?

Bitcoin Forever Operational Model

Bitcoin Forever does not talk about trading in detail. They only state that, their main goal is to make common people rich by leveraging their knowledge.

The identity of the people running this firm or the ones handling the funds are kept confidential. Moreover, they have not shown any previous documents which supports their claims of achieving consistent returns.

Most of the rational investors will never even dare to proceed with this firm in any way due to their vague way of presentation. Trading involves a lot of risks and the only way to minimise it is by having a clear set of rules governing the decision making process. However, these so called experts have left that part which is a huge red flag in our books.

Investment Packages and Profits

All the investment plans on this platform starts with $1 deposit. The reason as to why these crooks have made it so affordable is to grow their revenue to the maximum level.

After all, they know that, they can’t operate for long. Returns promised by them range from 40% hourly to 6,500% every 37 days once. If you pull out the compounding calculator, at this rate you will become a billionaire within a couple of days.

These type of things are fun to think about, but it is not going to unfold in the real world, right? In short, resist the temptation of making easy money and never give them a dime.

Affiliate Program

Since the amount of revenue each scam platform makes is dependant upon the number of participants, it is crucial for them to find more victims. To expand their reach, these scammers leverage the power of affiliate marketing.

In simple words, they hire marketers who will get a piece of the revenue depending upon the amount of people they bring onboard. So, to make huge commission all the affiliates create fake reviews and mislead the public to make a profit.

Moreover, the affiliates get extra bonus if they achieve certain milestones. In short, if anyone is promoting them, then they are not your friend and they certainly do not have your best interest in mind.

Domain Information

The owners of this domain haven’t left a clue about their identity. However, with the help of and, we gathered the following details about their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 09/05/2019

Expiry – 09/05/2020

Global Rank – 192,206

Rank in Brazil – 42,610

False Presentation and Pyramid scheme

Every investment opportunity carries risk and it is something which just can’t be removed. However, on this platform they claim to offer risk free returns.

This kind of operation is completely against the law and if the owners are caught, they will face criminal prosecution. If you ever wonder how these schemes create cash flow? Bitcoin Forever Fake Statistics

We have the answer for it too. Basically, they are using the cash brought in by the new victim to pay out the old ones while keeping something on top for themselves.

This model is unsustainable and will collapse in the near future. So, ignore all the narratives and understand that, it is just not worth your time or money.

Bitcoin Forever Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Forever is a scam which will separate the investors and their money. It is already unable to find new participants to keep their scheme going. So, they will flee away with all the cash anytime that is convenient for them.

Trading is an exciting opportunity to make a consistent stream of revenue, but if you are not willing to put in the work, do not expect anything huge. At the end of the day, the only thing you can rely on is skill.

Have you lost money to Bitcoin Forever Scam? Feel free to share your thoughts with our community by commenting below.

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