Ween Bitcoin Review – Weenbitcoin.com Fraud Alert!

Ween Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency mining and trading platform which supposedly helps the investors earn easy money. Their trading process is unknown and there is no tangible proof to support their claims.

Moreover, they do not have appropriate licenses as well. They advertise 25% ROI per hour which is obviously ridiculous. It their number was truly sustainable, then everyone can become a millionaire within a couple of days through compounding.

However, those scenarios are nothing more than a fantasy. Read our detailed review to know the way this filthy pyramid scheme works. Ween Bitcoin Review

Registration Details and Customer Support

All the firms which operate in the western sphere have to adhere to strict rules in order to operate in the financial sector. After all, there is no such thing as too safe in today’s world. Since this firm does not disclose their location, we ran a search across all the regulatory authorities to find clues about them.

However, the results were extremely disappointing. Ween Bitcoin is not under the supervision of any governing body which means, they are willingly operating outside the law.

Moreover, to further enhance their anonymity factor they only communicate with the clients via email. The main intention behind operating mysteriously is simple, they know that they are doing illegal activities and to avoid criminal prosecution, they are doing everything in their power.

Ween Bitcoin Operational Model

Ween Bitcoin claims to be working from different angles with regard to the cryptocurrency sector. They talk about mining and trading different coins. However, the explanation they have come up with is not convincing enough.

First of all, the information about the mining part is vague. We are not told the kind of machines and coins they are currently focusing on. There is no clear cut presentation of the potential revenue or expenses.

Moreover, they do not talk about their trading process thoroughly. We do not have a clue about the indicators they use or the quantitative strategies they employ. They haven’t even shown any trading history as well.

In short, they are expecting us to trust them blindly and that is a huge red flag.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are two investment plans currently on offer. The returns are capped at 25% per hour. While we all can agree that these numbers are absolutely amazing, isn’t it impossible to sustain?

From 2008 the market has gone up by 250% roughly. So, if it took roughly more than a decade for the market itself to rise in value, their claims just does not make any sense. Moreover, if they were really able to sustain their returns, then would they offer their services for free?

Affiliate Program

Firms like this one needs a lot of traffic in order to make a considerable revenue and they want to become popular quickly. After all, they know that, they won’t be around for long.

So, to grow their clients list, they use affiliate marketing. In other words, they pay the marketers commission whenever they bring an investor on board.

Usually, these type of scams works with shady affiliate networks which are known to use unethical ways of marketing to make a quick buck. So, if you see any favorable review about this firm, then do not entertain them further because it is just not worth the risk.

Domain Information

Just like all the scams out there, the owners of the platform have successfully masked their identity. However, the following information should give you an idea about their general business targets.

Domain – Weenbitcoin.com

Registered On – 19/05/2019

Expiry – 19/05/2020

Global Rank – 904,351

Rank in Brazil – 221,322

Fake Withdrawals and Comments

This platform showcase many withdrawal transaction and screenshots on their website. They are portraying themselves to be legit and providing the public with proof. Ween Bitcoin Fake Withdrawal Transactions

However, do note that, most of the transactions shown are fake. The main reason behind creating this drama is to manipulate the gullible investors into depositing with them.

Ask yourself, if this firm was capable of achieving the returns they portray, then why would they bluff about the payouts? Since they are a ponzi scam, they might have processed some withdrawals, but that does not mean they are legit.

The way they use to create cash flow is illegal and considering all the factors we have discussed so far, looks like they might flee away with the money in the near future.

Ween Bitcoin Review Conclusion

Ween Bitcoin is a scheme which will lure in newbies by promising them wealth and will ultimately leave them high and dry. Making a fortune or even a decent amount of money through trading requires hours of education, skill and practise.

If anyone claims to provide you with a miracle drug to make money overnight, then it’s most probably a scam like this platform. Remember as a rule of thumb, it is always best to avoid interacting with unregulated entities in the first place.

Do you have any experience with Ween Bitcoin? If yes, then feel free to share it with us below.

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    Weenbitcoin is a SCAM!!!!!!! I invested my money there and the capital has matured as usual. Now guess what! I’ve requested for withdrawal and over a month, they couldn’t process it. One evening I went there to check and they said my withdrawal has been processed so I went and checked my account details but zero. Nothing was there. My $150 is gone just like that.
    I am advising the general public to have no business with WEENBITCOIN. They are nothing but SCAMMERS.

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