BitcoinSolve Review – Embarrassing Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Yes, you read the title of our unbiased review correctly! Yet again are we confronted with another bogus Ponzi scheme that has withered its way into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Boasting some of the most ill-founded and absurd returns for your initial deposit are just among a few of the misconceptions exhibited by Bitcoin Solve.

Possessing all of the traits deemed necessary to be classified at a Ponzi scheme, we will unravel all the fabricated components found at and enlighten you with knowledge backed by facts as to why this operation is one that does not deserve your time or hard-earned bitcoins. - Bitcoin Solve

What is Bitcoin Solve? is an online investment platform that claims to professionally manage your deposited bitcoins through a variety of channels. Claiming to be the number one resource that experts in the stock exchange rely upon, we find these deceptive statements broadcasted on their site ridiculous at best. As with the vast majority of scams that we have blacklisted recently, Bitcoin Solve also employs the desperate credibility builder by making it well-known that they are “operated” by a UK company.

Filed under company number 10591498 and listed as Scure-Investment Limited, Bitcoin Solve claims this corporation to be their overseeing body. Contradictory to this assertion though would be how a WHOIS report will show that was created on October 15th, 2017 while according to the CompaniesHouse search Scure-Investment Limited was incorporated several months before the creation of this website on January 30th, 2017.

To further negate their claim, the Terms and Conditions found at make no reference of Scure-Investment Limited. This indicates to us that their alleged corporation is currently accepting zero liability for the ongoing operations taking place at Bitcoin Solve.

How does BitcoinSolve Work?

Investors who wish to waste away their bitcoins can register for an account through Bitcoin Solve. After you register for your account you must verify your account, log into your account then deposit through their platform. While BitcoinSolve mentions that they invest among numerous investment channels, only bitcoins are the accepted form of deposit at Bitcoin Solve. Prospective investors are able to enroll through 5 separate investment packages which are listed below:

New York Stock Exchange

Duration: 90 business days

Daily Return: 3%

Minimum Deposit: $10

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Accumulative Return: 270%

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Duration: 45 business days

Daily Return: 6%

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Accumulative Return: 270%

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Duration: 20 business days

Daily Return: 10%

Minimum Deposit: $3,000

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Accumulative Return: 200%

London Stock Exchange

Duration: 35 business days

Daily Return: ~14.28%

Minimum Deposit: $20

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Accumulative Return: 500%

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Duration: 70 business days

Daily Return: ~14.28%

Minimum Deposit: $50

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Accumulative Return: 1000%

BitcoinSolve Investment Plan

The Bitcoin Solve Scam Test

Does the website promote unbelievably high returns?

Unbelievably high returns may be a bit of an understatement regarding the ROIs promised at BitcoinSolve. It is evident to us that the returns promised through this site are meant to entice the investor so that they are more likely to deposit a considerable volume of bitcoins into their platform.

Does the site disclose information regarding their owners?

While mentions on their Home page that they are backed by a UK registered company, no reference or verification measures have be carried out to confirm this claim. We have seen numerous scam operations employ this same deceptive technique into the infrastructure of their website in the attempt to build credibility but in reality it only hinders the legitimacy of their operations.

Does the site evasively explain their operational model?

Without a doubt, yes. No reference can be found in relation to which stocks, commodities or options the team of investors allegedly employed through Bitcoin Solve are investing through. All the site really elaborates upon would be their investment plans and what prospective individuals can “expect” to receive for their deposited bitcoins.

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website?

There are no legitimate sites linked with While this is unsurprising, in the future we suspect a good number of illegitimate sites to endorse this operation due to the referral commission structure they have featured on their site.

Bitcoin Solve Referral Commission

How popular is the website? does not possess a SimilarWeb/Alexa global ranking yet due to how youthful of an operation their site is.

BitcoinSolve Review Conclusion

As you can induce from the information disclosed to you above, Bitcoin Solve is just another mediocre and illegitimate Ponzi scheme. While some characteristics featured on their site appear to be legitimate, in reality they are nothing more than easily compromised elements that fail to add any credibility to their outlandish platform. As with all operations that promote returns that appear too good to be true, we encourage all investors to stay well away from this fraudulent investment site!

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Solve is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Have you lost bitcoins to BitcoinSolve? We encourage you to share any feedback, thoughts or knowledge you may possess by leaving a comment below!

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21 thoughts on “BitcoinSolve Review – Embarrassing Ponzi Scheme Exposed”

  1. All is one big fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I invest 200 bugs in january and
    I did not se at penny. big big fraud!!!!!

    1. I did`t invest nothing, but I involve here few peoples. One of them deposit a large amount of BTC and I would like to know how to action against this scammer
      If there is a way to do something, it will be great to know

    1. hello roman . Still bitcoimsolve is paying ? Website is workimg but now more than 18 hours i didnt recieve my withdraw to my wallet .

  2. BT sir, first use website with 5$ , then comment , i am investing on bitcoinsolve the website is paying daily with principle return , if you have doubt so you can start work with 5$ ,
    bitcoinsolve not ponzi website , i have payout prove , i really making money with this website, any one need prove for payouts who can contact me, i will send him all the payout prove ,
    bitcoin solve is legit website, the site , every person not fool , every invester fisrt check the website with little mount then site works well so he will invest more, so please dont miss guide the people , if you hve 5$ so first check website honesty then comment with your experience,

    thanks regard simon

  3. its so funny how everybody is trying to make you believe that they make money by investing into a scam sites. There is no way any site can pay you a daily 10 percent let alone 1000 percent profit in 70 days. There is no way, unless its a ponzi. Thanks but no thanks. All this reviews are probably fake or paid reviews most likely made by the same person using different accounts. Not buying it.

  4. i wanna enter my experience for bitcoinsolve com the website is 100% safe and certified. i recently checked all certificate from the site, the site is geniun and very athentic ,
    also the site paying profit with principal return also we can withdraw our invest deposit any time from the website, excellent website

  5. Trusted website.
    We can invest bitcoins on bitcoinsolve but only invest by bitcoins because other curruncies not allowing bitcoinsolve

  6. hello simon , what amount u r investing on bitcoinsolve ?
    i am investing 0.9 BTC on bitcoinsolve
    site status paying ,
    thank you scambitcoin

  7. Very nice discussion forum
    I will share my story here about bitcoinsolve website.
    I am Genny shom
    I am 34 years old.
    I found bitcoinsolve 2 months ago.
    I made my first deposit 0.001 on bitcoinsolve com and i was checking how it works. Then i am getting my profit for 1 week. And i was finding for my withdraw so i find out an deposit list i saw there an button for release bitcoin so i click on button then my deposit showing on my acount balance for withdraw so i withdrawd my all amount. Then after 2 days i was invested 0.5 site was giving me daily profit. After 1 week i withdraw all again so succesfully i got balance on my private wallet . Then i was sure site is really good and works auto. So i made deposit 3.9 BTC. So i am still getting profit i just withdraw my amount today. So i am really happy my amount approxmatly doubled today
    So finally i am fever on bitcoinsolve com
    Site is really paying.
    Thanks for reading me.

  8. Manooj. I am also making bitcoins with bitcoinsolve .manooj do u have youtube chanel? You can promote this website and make earning with refed program. Bitcoinsolve refer comission is 2%

  9. Hello every One.
    I am doing share my experience for
    The site is 100% true . I started with 0.05 BTC now after 3 months i have 0.175 bitcoins. Site is working perfectly . I made deposite with plan 2 . Plan 2 is daily profit 2.5% . One more thing there are referal commision system too. This system also works perfectly.
    If you wanna invest on bitcoinsolve so please make my refer. [affiliate link removed]

  10. Hello Guys , I am Investing 0.6 Bitcoins On BitcoinSolve , and Getting daily 0.015 BTC , bitcoinsolve is working with honestly, and i checked out how to withdraw our deposit , so i got just go on deposite list and clice on release bitcoin , so we can withdraw our bitcoins same time ,
    so finally i decided this is good working

  11. Read a few reviews on this site. I’m getting my own red flags. Theres a template ye apply that doesn’t actually tell us anything about the company. Even saying where the traffic comes from, what is the data without examing the links to those places. I think ye just run a site of a few clever analytical tools and interprate the reading, but thats not how investigative journalism works. Ive no investment bar a 100 euro in bitconnect so im not biased, but this site is just an ignorant backward pile of shit. i’m sorry but ive read five or sex of these and they aren’t doing anything to help people.

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