Review – Infamous Doubler Scam is yet another well designed fake investment platform that promises to double your funds roughly every 4 days once. They mainly target newbies and naive investors in the sector and based on the current data, their efforts sadly seem to be doing them wonders. We searched for any type of legal documents which might help us trace them out, but as expected, they are operating without any certification and licenses.

Furthermore, they don’t provide a single contact information and in case you are wondering know that, there is no customer support offered by them. It is very obvious that these crooks are shady and are trying their best to maintain their anonymity. As a new participant in the crypto sector, the amount of information available and the choices present are more likely to overwhelm you.

However, if you make the mistake of being impulsive and chase the get rich quick schemes, chances are it will cost you a lot. So, before you make any decision or get caught up in their filthy schemes, continue reading our unbiased review which will enlighten you about their true motives. Review

Company and Customer Support

Cryptocurrency markets have grabbed the attention of the public unlike any other niche in the financial sector. Cryptos have high volatility and if you know how to harness them, then you can make a fortune over the long term. On the other hand, many online crooks use the popularity of this sector to lure in people and since many participants are not educated about the markets, they will get looted blatantly.

This platform claims to trade on behalf of their clients and the instruments they peddle carries high risk. So, they have to be regulated by law in order to raise capital from the public or else they will be put behind bars for their action. We checked the database of every known regulatory authority and still we weren’t able to find any information about them.

In short, the fact that they are crooks is undeniable and given the way their platform works, if you indulge with them, then sooner or later you are bound to lose your money. Moreover, as they don’t provide any contact information, you won’t be able to reach them out in any way. So, given the number of red flags present on their platform, never dare to even indulge with them, because if you don, then all of your confidential information will be put at risk.

How does Work?

No one in the whole world except the creators have an answer to this question. We searched every section of this website to find narratives as to how they handle the funds? As it turns out, these fraudsters are least bothered about giving an explanation to the investors. Cryptocurrency trading is an activity which has immense profit potential, but it also carries high risk and even if you have reliable and trusted strategies, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

Since, we don’t know the parameters used by the self proclaimed experts working for this firm, how can we calculate the win rate, draw downs and the equity growth precisely? Ask yourself, do you really believe any rational and experienced investor would dare to associate with this platform and trust them with their money?

Nowadays, most reputable platforms provide a free trial or demo account to the users in order to market themselves and help users understand the significance of their algorithms. However, this firm ignores that aspect too and in short, it means you shouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt for any reason.

Returns Showcased

The returns promised and advertised on this platform is 100% ROI for every 5 days. Looking at the numbers featured, we are sure that most people can easily be attracted towards them. However, you need to understand that those types of profits are unsustainable and are obviously a lie put up by them to capture your attention. People who run fake investment firms like this one usually tend to be very good at persuasion and manipulation.

Since, the average person does not understand the blockchain technology and mechanisms, the fraudsters orchestrating scams easily exploit their lack of knowledge and end up putting a nasty dent on their bank account. Clearly, there is no shortcut to success and the only way to beat the odds is by building a skill set while educating yourself about the market as much as possible.

If you come across any platform or individual who is trying to convince you otherwise, then turn around and run in the opposite direction. After all, there is no such thing as an easy way to instant riches, right?

Referral Program

Just like all the ponzi programs out there, this platform also gives a lot of importance to marketing and as a result, they heavily rely on affiliate programs. This firm needs to find a lot of new participants on an exponential basis or else their whole scheme will lose steam and collapse. So, they indulge with the dark side of the internet and engage with shady marketing groups to achieve their goals.

All the promoters are paid flat 25% of the revenue brought in by them and all they have to do to get that money is drive web traffic to them. Just to make quick bucks, many marketers give false impressions in the form of reviews and videos to misguide the public. Now, hopefully you have learnt the way these con artists work and this kind of trap is the reason as to why we suggest everyone not to trust random comments and testimonials online. Review Conclusion is obviously the worst type of scam we have ever seen. The traits it carries are crystal clear and if anyone willingly or unknowingly deposits with them, then they will never ever get their funds back. So, be smart and don’t get caught up in their false yet elegant stories.

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