BitDetector Review – HYIP Ponzi Scheme At Large!

Don’t jeopardize the longevity of your Bitcoin wallet by believing the fake reviews regarding BitDetector! To learn the truth behind BitDetector, make sure you read our in-depth and unbiased review! Undeniably, it is evident that this latest Bitcoin Ponzi scheme is powered by affiliate marketers who are looking to earn a quick buck off of your deception. Hint the seemingly endless onslaught of fake reviews and wide scale endorsements that BitDetector has received. - BitDetector

What is BitDetector?

In short, BitDetector is a Bitcoin mining operation that enables investors to amass bitcoins by fulfilling a deposit through their site. According to the About Us page on the site, BitDetector relies upon two departments to generate revenue for their depositors. The first being through Bitcoin mining where their team of cryptocurrency miners will use block-chain technology on your deposited bitcoins to mine additional bitcoins.

The second department being directly involved in the investment of bitcoins through various exchanges. Allegedly these investors speculate and evaluate market conditions to generate revenue through deposited Bitcoin funds to accumulate more profit. Whether there is any proof to these activities, one can only guess since no documented or transparent investment results are shared on the site.

Who is Behind BitDetector?

BitDetector is owned and operated by a company known as BitDetector Limited. The registered office address for BitDetector Limited is 15 Norman Road, London, United Kingdom, SE10 9QX. Currently, this private limited company is exhibiting an active status and was incorporated on September 6th, 2017. Filed under the company number 10948166, it appears that BitDetector Limited is a legitimate and operational corporate entity.

A CompaniesHouse search will reveal that Brian Stepney is the current director behind BitDetector Limited. His nationality is British while his date of birth is March 1972. His correspondence address is the same address provided for the BitDetector Limited office address.

How does BitDetector work?

BitDetector operates under the capacity of two different functionalities: Through alleged Bitcoin mining and investments handled by BitDetectors team of financial gurus. All investors have to do is deposit a volume of at least 0.001 BTC, where according to the site, you will be able to see returns every hour of every day for the rest of your life.

BitDetector's affiliate program

Other ways you can earn through BitDetector, which consist probably of the most pursued avenue, would be through their affiliate program, offering fat commissions for online marketers who secure conversions appears to be encouraged at, no matter how deceptive the tactics utilized are. Fabricated investment photos combined with falsified reviews has resulted in BitDetector to become a viral cesspool of deception that targets novice investors.

BitDetector Warning Signs

If you conduct enough thorough research you will eventually come across a number of warning signs that should not be taken lightly. Due to how relentlessly BitDetector is marketed by their team of corrupt affiliates, finding actual user experience and negative feedback is difficult to achieve to a certain degree. While some other review sites have taken the responsibility to blacklist BitDetector as a scam, this crooked operation still appears to drawing in copious amounts of traffic.

Some trader forums such as BeerMoneyForum has concluded that BitDetector is a scam. Apparently for the first couple of weeks, when the Bitcoin operation was launched, it was acknowledging withdrawal requests, but for quite some time now it has neglected and ignored withdrawal requests for both their investors and affiliates. Other sites like OnlineBitz, which possesses plenty of user-feedback, has also concluded this operation to be a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. Below is some of the most recent investor feedback we found regarding BitDetector:



“Not paying… i have contacted the admin but no reply.”


A SimilarWeb search will show that has a global rank of 59,688 (as of November 21, 2017), making this a rather popular site. Most of the traffic that visits the sites comes from users who reside within Brazil, Russia, the United States, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Of those demographics, most of that traffic originates from users who surf traffic exchange sites, such as MellowAds, where users get paid to browse various sites.

BitDetector Review Conclusion

BitDetector is a Bitcoin investment scam that has been in operation since August 30th, 2017. Perhaps throughout the first couple weeks of operation, this site was a legitimate business venture, but over time it is evident that it has turned into a Ponzi scheme. Ignoring withdrawal requests with failure to acknowledge attempts in communication have certainly resulted in the legitimacy factor of this investment operation to spiral downhill. Do yourself a favor and avoid this phony Bitcoin scam.

Review Verdict: BitDetector is a Scam!

Blacklisted Website:

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