Review – Unrealistic Cloud Mining Hoax!!

Oneex is a malignant crypto cancer site that will be more than happy to steal your Bitcoin deposits. Posing as a cryptocurrency mining operation, asserts returns on investments that reside far beyond the bounds of conceivable. Claiming to generate monthly returns varying between 62% to 155% is bold for any operation to assert, especially considering how most authenticated and proven mining operations only generate an annual return between 25% to 30%.

As you will undoubtedly gather from our all-inclusive review, asserting outlandish falsehoods is common practice when dealing with misleading and illicit cloud mining operations such as Oneex. For this reason, among others we will also discuss, we advice investors not to deposit any cryptocurrencies through the Oneex site until you have read our impartial review.

What is Oneex?

Oneex portrays their operation as a new and innovative platform that allows for the extraction of cryptocurrency, a.k.a. cryptocurrency cloud mining. While most operations only allow for the mining of one cryptocurrency at a time, Oneex claims that their unique proprietary platform enables investors to extract several crypto-currencies at the same time. Furthermore, prospective applicants will allegedly relish daily returns between 2 to 5% while receiving 100 Gh/s for free.

Who is Responsible for Oneex?

The only information of value regarding the operators behind the Oneex operation is found on the News tab on the site. No About Us, Terms of Conditions or any other section on the site divulges any information regarding who is responsible for this operation. According to the News page, a group referred to as the Ilivion Team is behind Oneex. In addition, a domain search will reveal that the site was registered privately so finding information regarding the owners is beyond our reach.

Promises and Features enables investors to get started with a total of 11 separate plans. These varying investment plans are classified into tiers where the more you deposit, the more Gh/s (hashing power) and ROIs you will receive. Among the mineable cryptocurrencies listed on the site would be Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and USD (which is not a cryptocurrency).

Level 0

Deposit: No deposit required

Daily Return: 2%

Hashing Power: 100 Gh/s

Level 1

Deposit: 0.0005 BTC

Daily Return: 2.2%

Hashing Power: 200 to 499 Gh/s

Level 2

Deposit: 0.00075 BTC

Daily Return: 2.4%

Hashing Power: 500 to 1,999 Gh/s

Level 3

Deposit: 0.003 BTC

Daily Return: 2.6%

Hashing Power: 2,000 to 4,999 Gh/s

Level 4

Deposit: 0.008 BTC

Daily Return: 2.9%

Hashing Power: 5,000 to 9,999 Gh/s

Level 5

Deposit: 0.015 BTC

Daily Return: 3.2%

Hashing Power: 10,000 to 29,999 Gh/s

Level 6

Deposit: 0.05 BTC

Daily Return: 3.5%

Hashing Power: 30,000 to 59,999 Gh/s

Level 7

Deposit: 0.09 BTC

Daily Return: 3.8%

Hashing Power: 60,000 to 119,999 Gh/s

Level 8

Deposit: 0.20 BTC

Daily Return: 4.2%

Hashing Power: 120,000 to 249,999 Gh/s

Level 9

Deposit: 0.37 BTC

Daily Return: 4.6%

Hashing Power: 250,000 to 499,999 Gh/s

Level 10

Deposit: 0.73 or more BTC

Daily Return: 5.0%

Hashing Power: From 500,000 Gh/s

Can I Trust Oneex?

Oneex is an anonymous cloud mining operation that doesn’t assume responsibility for their operational procedures. When it comes to the cryptocurrency domain, authentication and legitimacy are everything and it goes without saying that Oneex does not possess either of these traits. Complaints

Not many complaints can be found in regards to Oneex due to how new of an operation this is. While most of the reviews regarding this site can be classified as inconclusive, the incorporation of affiliates links is hard to miss.


A Whois search will show us that Oneex is a relatively new operation that was created on October 23rd, 2017. Due to this, has not ranked on market intelligence sites, such as SimilarWeb. This indicates to us that this new crypto launch receives little to no traffic and has yet to grow into a viral and misleading cryptocurrency operation.

According to, has a global rank of 163,631 as of November 20, 2017. It’s somewhat popular in Russia, India, Brazil, Italy and Azerbaijan. Review Conclusion

Oneex is a new cryptocurrency operation claiming to be a next generation cloud mining site. While Oneex may have created an attractive looking crypto-mining destination, it should be made known that their offer is just as hollowed and diseased as the scammers behind this soon to be bona-fide Ponzi scheme. Perform a considerable service for yourself by avoiding this scam!

Review Verdict: Oneex is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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