BitGenX.Pro Review – BEWARE! Scammers Are Back!

The scammers behind Limited Bitcoin Generator and BitcoinSwap.Online are back at it with a new iteration of their previously engineered scams known as BitGenX.Pro. Masquerading their platform as a Bitcoin generator that injects exploits into Bitcoin pools and blockchain technology, the whole operational concept behind BitGenX.Pro is unethical to begin with. As we will make point blank to you throughout our irrefutable review, BitGenX.Pro is a vile scam operation that should not be toyed with!

About BitGenX.Pro

BitGenX.Pro portrays their operation as a Bitcoin generator that operates with complete anonymity and is based upon an unethical Bitcoin acquisition model. Allegedly, all investors have to do is enter their Bitcoin wallet address then select the number of bitcoins they wish to have exploited and select “Start.” After a few minutes of supposedly exploiting bitcoins, users on the site will receive a notification interface that their exploited bitcoins have been sent to their desired wallet address. Notification Interface

However, just like with Limited Bitcoin Generator and BitcoinSwap.Online, these illicit Bitcoin generators require a very small miners fee of at least 0.002 BTC prior to users being able receive their exploited bitcoins. This is where the trap sets in, once users send their miner fee payments to BitGenX.Pro wallet address, they believe they will have their bitcoins sent to their wallet when in actuality they never receive their exploited bitcoins.

Now, the question you should be asking yourself would be why would BitGenX.Pro needs to request a small miners fee from your wallet address when they just exploited an “x” amount of bitcoins for you? If they were indeed a legitimate Bitcoin generating operation, then certainly they could deduct the alleged miners fee from the Bitcoin sum that they just exploited for you.

Related Scam Operations

The creators behind BitGenX.Pro were lazy and appear to be just creating as many spawns of their Bitcoin generating funnel as possible. Deliberately trying to coax investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins, BitGenX.Pro is the spitting image of the Limited Bitcoin Generator and BitcoinSwap.Online, which are two Bitcoin generators we have previously blacklisted as scams! - Related scams

The BitGenX.Pro Scam Test

Is there information regarding the owners behind the site?

BitGenX.Pro does provide a bit more information regarding their operation than Limited Bitcoin Generator and BitcoinSwap.Online by revealing a technical support email address of Besides this anonymous contact method, BitGenX.Pro does not disclose any information regarding current owners or operators responsible for their fraudulent Bitcoin generator.

Does the website promote unrealistic returns?

BitGenX.Pro promotes the illusive assertion that their site can generate users between 0.1 BTC to 2.5 BTC every few minutes. Being able to utilize their platform to endless means, in theory investors are lead to believe that they can exploit 100’s of bitcoins per day which is perhaps one of the most absurd promotions we encountered.

How old is the website?

According to a WHOIS report, BitGenX.Pro was a privately registered site that was created on January 30th, 2018.

What is the community consensus regarding the site?

BitGenX.Pro hasn’t been in existence for 2 weeks and already review sites are exposing their operation as a vile scam. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we predict more community feedback to surface to reinforce the undeniable truth that BitGenX.Pro is a scam.

Does the site evasively portray their operation?

“Injecting Exploits to Bitcoin Pools and Blockchain,” is the only information we are provided regarding the functionality of BitGenX.Pro. So yes, just like the other connected scams, BitGenX.Pro without a doubt evasively portrays their operational model.

How popular is the site?

BitGenX.Pro possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 7,261,297 with a Russia rank of 1,443,757 as of February 12th, 2018. According to the market intelligence report, approximately 82.64% of the sites traffic is derived from referral based sources and as reflected in their ranking the operation appears to not be a popular cryptocurrency site.

BitGenX.Pro Review Conclusion

BitGenX.Pro is a malicious and deceptive scam operation! Deceiving cryptocurrency investors into believing that their platform can effectively and ethically exploit Bitcoin pools and blockchain technology, not one characteristic regarding BitGenX.Pro is trustworthy or legitimate. Our two cents regarding cryptocurrency generators or doublers like BitGenX.Pro would be to avoid them and report them authoritative entities who make it a common practice to deal with their fraudulent scam operations.

With this in mind, if you have your suspicions regarding a peculiar operation or need to report a scam, please contact us or leave an inquiry below! The more we can warn the cryptocurrency community and our readers about potential scams, the safer we can make the online investing community as a whole.

Review Verdict: BitGenX.Pro is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: BitGenX.Pro

Bear in mind that vast sum of cryptocurrency generators or doubler operations are misleading and malicious scams. If you are looking to consistently supplement your income through the utilization of cryptocurrency investing services, then we recommend you to visit our Cryptocurrency Investment Guide to learn about not only legitimate but readily available investment opportunities.

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  1. boros

    It is a big Scam. I have been scammed twice £63 in total. Please do not be a victim like us here

  2. Klaus8888

    YES this is a Fraudulent Site! They are Scammers!!!!!!

  3. Sergey

    Thank you people, what I didn’t scammed 0.0002 btc

  4. Monyr

    شكرا اخي للشرح كنت ساقع في هذا الفخ لولا قراءة مقالك
    شكرا لك

  5. Robertson

    I was tempted, but I had to search Google bfoe investing my Btc. Thank God I was smart. are scammers



  7. mkaren0009

    Right you are. I was just scammed .0002 bitcoin.

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