Review – Fraud Investment Firm is a platform which is gaining a lot of attention in the forex and cryptocurrency trading sector. This firm is run by people with no regulatory status and the worse part is, the names of the employees are not revealed. The information about their actual strategy or approach itself is very limited.

They claim to be operating legally from the UK, but know that they are just registered there and certainly aren’t regulated. If you think the list of flaws with them ends there, then you couldn’t be more wrong. So, to know the real nature of this platform and understand the dangers involved, read our entire review. Review

Legal Status, Creators and Support Details

Numerous events and efforts are made by every regulatory authorities all around the world to educate people about the financial sector. After all, education is the basis for every field and without it, the odds will be against you. Sadly, the scammers always have managed to take advantage of loopholes present in the system.

This firm which boasts of being licensed is just bluffing about themselves. We checked the FCA and the FTC databases about this firm, but nothing relevant showed up. So, it is undeniable that they are a scam and eventually they will hurt the investors financially. The owners of this firm are maintaining anonymity just to protect themselves from legal trouble, but that doesn’t concern us, right?

This firm can be reached via telephone, email and live chat. However, note that currently their phone number doesn’t seem to be operational. The contact information are as follows.

Phone – +16075661993

Email – Operational Model

The actual so called miraculous strategy of this firm is kept hidden from the public. Technically speaking, most of the legit firms do not give away their strategy to the public. However, they do have the courtesy to showcase their verified performance report and trading history.

Since this firm hasn’t published anything which could act as evidence and earn them credibility, it is a huge red flag from the investors perspective. Trading forex or any other instruments in the financial sector can be extremely beneficial or risky to the people depending upon their skill set. However, never expect to get rich quick using these leveraged markets because just like many things in life, it’s not easy.

In short, know that trading requires certain skill set and if anyone is promising you easy returns, but has no evidence, it is most probably a scam.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 3 types of investment plans on their platform. At first glance, if you are new to the trading sector, then you might feel like you found a reliable solution. However, things are not so straightforward with them. For starters, they do not showcase the time for each individual plans and secondly, they are not at all impossible to sustain them for a considerable period of time. Investment Plans

1000% returns sounds awesome, but do not let your greed blind you from seeing the truth. Compounding the small gains will add up to a big amount over time, but if you are looking into the market without realistic expectations, then chances are you will never make it big.

Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most important ways to create trust among the potential customers. Recently, many fake services are using this aspect and are manipulating it to suit their needs. There are numerous positive feedback from the alleged clients on this website. However, note that all of them stem from bogus profiles with stock photos attached. Fake Testimonials

Ask yourself, why would they lie about themselves unless something shady is going on? Looking at the way, they have lied all across their platform, seems like the people running this firm are professional crooks.

Domain Insights

Since this website is new, there is a shortage of data. As a result, we couldn’t identify the customer profile of this firm. Below are the general information about this domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 01/09/2019

Expiry – 01/09/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed Review Conclusion is a ponzi program which inevitably brings nothing but disaster to the investors. This firm uses the cash brought in by new investors to pay the old ones while keeping something on top for themselves. Since there is no real cash flow coming in, they will eventually be unable to keep finding new participants and will flee away.

So, stay away from them and generally speaking, stick with only regulated and properly licensed companies and exchanges.

Did you invest with Were you able to get your money back? Let us know your experience in the comment’s section.

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  1. Leann

    The site is now closed and is changed to a whole different website. It’s called platinumprime. They are requiring me to insert more funds in order to upgrade. Only if I pay that fee I am allowed to had me pondering…g

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