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Hedge Coin is an alleged Bitcoin mining pool which provides an easy way for everyone to profit on a tremendous scale. The physical location of their farms is unknown and as expected they haven’t left a clue about their whereabouts. From newbie’s perspective, this website might seem like the holy grail at first as it doesn’t contain much flashy content.

However, if you dig deep enough, you will come to know that almost everything about them is sinister. The opportunities in the financial markets are endless, but you shouldn’t jump on them based upon pure impulsiveness. Join us in this review to understand the flaws of this platform and the reasons as to why you need to avoid them.

Hedge Coin Review

Legal Status and Customer Support

The definition of an investment firm depends upon their location and for the most part, they are required to be regulated. This platform raises money for their so called investment activities from the public. So, if they do not hold proper legal certificates, the owners will have to face criminal prosecution.

Since this company accepts people from all over the world, we searched the FCA and FTC to find any data about them. However, the results were disappointing and it is clear that they are nothing more than a scam designed to rip people off. There are two ways of reaching the support team of this platform and they will be listed below.

Note that, their phone number is not operational which means email is the only mode of communication.

Phone – +44 76586787

Email – info@hedge-coin.com

How does Hedge Coin Work?

Hedge Coin is marketed as an ultimate way to make money from popular cryptocurrencies with the least amount of effort and risk. If you are an experienced investor, then you already know that the kind of impression they are giving to the public is outright false. They claim to be an industry leading mining pool, but there is no data to support that. For starters, the specifications of the machinery they use is not mentioned and there is no rundown of the costs involved.

Given the volatility of Bitcoin, you need to have a very strategic plan and a single mistake might make the entire venture drown. So, it is very clear that the risks are present and in reality for retail investors, it might be hard just to break even on their investments. Many people still think that cryptos are the way to easy money, but just like anything in life, if you are not putting in the effort, then most probably it will fail.

Profits Advertised

The profits on the mining contracts is clearly proportional to the capital. There is a profit calculator on their website which will show your projected equity curve till the plan you have purchased expires. Funny thing about them is that they promise more than 100 times your initial deposit after one year.

Hedge Coin Mining Plans

Do the math, does the kind of numbers they project seem statistically possible? While it is true that Bitcoin created a wave of millionaires, it doesn’t mean everyone will get rich from it. The crooks running this firm are just trying to tap into the greed of the average investor and are blatantly cheating them to make money.

Domain Insights

This fake mining platform hasn’t left much clues about the creators behind. However, thanks to whois.com and alexa.com, we found the following details about their website.

Domain – Hedge Coin

Registered On – 02/06/2018

Expiry – 02/06/2021

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Target Audience – Currently Unknown

Hedge Coin Review Conclusion

Hedge Coin is a ponzi scam which by nature is unsustainable and is even considered illegal in many countries. They might pay few clients randomly to create a good impression, but one fine day they will crumble to pieces. There is no official app designed by them as shown on their website.

Even the testimonials featured by them are absolutely fake and the images are nothing more than stock photos. So, their desperate attempts to lure in investors means that they are at the end of the tunnel. For your own safety stay away from them at any cost.

Did you buy any mining contracts from Hedge Coin? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Liza

    This site is definitly a scam i withdraq and been told money been sent or process but its been 2 weeks no money been deposit..they fooling people so be aware in this site not really trusted.

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