Review - Scam Review is a crypto mining solution which claims to provide an easy way to mine bitcoins in the most effective way possible.

You should just enter your Bitcoin wallet address, select the amount you want to invest and get started right now. Sounds pretty simple and straight forward, right?

While we were investigating this service, we were convinced that this platform is a fake investment platform and has similar characteristics to the much hated ponzi scheme. This service has been active for more than 6 months as of publishing this review.

Continue reading our complete review to find out why you should never indulge with this service and never buy any mining contracts from these scammers for any reason.

Company and Support

There isn’t any information about the creators behind this platform. The level of anonymity and mysteriousness surround this service is not only disturbing but also strongly encourages the investors to question the legitimacy of their operations.

Any sort of investment companies which raises money from the public have to be regulated and authorized in most countries. This firm basically offers mining contracts and according to the type of contract chosen by the investor they are entitled to get certain amount of returns.

The address of their office is unknown. Since this firm does not feature any details regarding the registration, we believe that they have no rights to take money from the public and are operating illegally.

The only contact detail provided on this website is an email address.

Email –

How can they expect the investors to trust this platform without revealing any of the details about their firms or provide some sort of guarantee for their funds?

How does work?

This service is a cloud mining platform which offers the individuals a way to earn bitcoin with just their personal computers or laptops. This firm uses the funds raised from the clients to maintain the mining rigs and upgrade to sophisticated machines to ensure the maximum profitability.

The major red flag we came across in this platform is the fact that they have not revealed any of their mining capabilities and the details about where their farms are located.

Promises and Features

The amount of returns in mining depends upon the has rate, electricity cost and the duration of the operation. In the promotional video put up on this website they show that the hash rate can be increased by optimizing the power and the number of threads.

If you check any of the legitimate mining solution they you can easily see that fabricated lies on this platform. Even with a considerable amount of hash rate, it takes a significant amount of time for reaching break-even point let alone profit. The ambiguity on this platform is just intolerable.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The only payment method accepted by this platform is Bitcoin. Since this platform does not have an Frequently Asked Question section we do not know if there is any transaction fees on deposits and withdrawals.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is not specified.

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 19/01/2018 and it expires on 19/01/2019.

This website has a global rank of 124,259 and it ranks 55,328 in Russia according to

The majority of the traffic to this website are coming from Russia, Lithuania, United States, Indonesia and India.

The website is available in English and Russian language.

The main reason why this website has gained so much popularity in such a little time is because they have invested significant amount of money in ad networking websites like

Affiliate Program

Viral ponzi schemes like this firm are aware of the fact that they can’t operate for long. So to earn maximum amount of money before they get shut down, they have to keep on finding more victims. In order to reach more people, they offer attractive incentives to anyone who promote their platform. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid a percentage of deposits made by their referrals. The exact commissions percentage is not specified by them anywhere on their platform. It is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to collect their commissions.

Can I trust

The short answer is NO.

Seriously, take a look at their platform. The whole website is nothing but a sleazy sales page with just a edited promotional video which promises to earn 1 Bitcoin in less than a day depending upon the contract you enter.

Most of the information put up on this platform is either fake or highly misleading to say at the least. Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which is currently paying some of the investors but once the deposit amount drops below the withdrawal requested they will shut down and disappear with your money.

If you were scammed by, Please share your opinions and feedback by commenting below.

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  1. Danial sobhgol

    من ۱۱میلیون تومن بیت کوین خریدم و به کیف پولم تو این سایت ریختم . دو تا از سرور هاشون رو خریدم. بعد از ۲ روز اکنتم غیر فعال شده و میگه برای هزینه تعمیر و نگهداری پول باید بدی و پولی هم که خواسته از کیف پول خود سایت پرداخت نمیشه و دوباره همون خطا رو میده. پشتیبانیش هم غیر فعال شده. پول مردم رو میخوره

  2. Aila

    Scammer!!! After deposit and clik mining first withdraw your account was suspended wihoutt any reason. Contact support suddenly disable.

  3. Elias

    Its a big scam, when u deposit for 0.05 and above they freeze your account, u can’t withdraw and the ticket place is closed for u.ur money means its gone and they tell u the reason is maintainance fee and when u pay u inform through the ticket which they have already disabled. Avoid it like plague.

  4. mofiz muhammad irfan

    trust me they r totally scam my money stuck in it they r not paying if any one want proof just contact me
    please dont invest with them my 3000$ stuck plus earning

    • Nik

      The have no invest option!
      So, how they can scam you?

  5. Jac

    It is scheme
    I send 0.05 to account for buy 30,000GH
    but my account deactivate and say” Your account has been temporarily disabled for not paying the server maintenance fee.”
    This site is scheme

    • Nik

      The site have no option to receive funds from users. And have no contracts to buy. This is no cloud mining project.

  6. ratna jp

    I have tried it since April. I just want to try to be able to rate Fortunately, they always pay for mine until today. I do not deposit. just use my computer to mine. The first time I used a browser. After that I use the software they provide. I hope my experience is useful and we also have to be careful about this website due to lack of information about this website. thanks.

  7. marcos

    I am tring to withdraw my money. They are charging me more 0.02525. They dont answer any email sent. SCAM for me

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