BTC-Supermining claims to be a trading solution which is said to be involved in trading digital currencies as well as binary options.  However, note that trading binary options is illegal in most of the countries. They advertise returns ranging from 12% to 24% daily which is preposterous and unsustainable to say the least.  

We did a little background check on this service but unfortunately we could not find any details about the people responsible for running them.  Novice investors might be tempted to try out their scheme as it promises shortcuts to building wealth but before you jump into any decisions read our review which will unravel their true nature. - Scam Review

License and Support

All the companies which offers investment services has to be properly licensed and regulated as the services they are indulged with carries a high degree of risk.  BTC-Supermining represents an ICO wherein the money required for trading the crypto markets are raised from a pool of retails investors.

To check the legitimacy of this firm we searched the FCA database to see whether they have the authorization to collect and utilize money from the public but nothing relevant showed up so the bottom line is that they are in direct violation of law.

On this platform you will find a registration certificate but do not get intimidated by that.  Registration certificate from UK is very easy to get and does not mean that they are a regulated entity.  Here are the contact details put up on their website.

Phone – +44 1245807991

Email –

Address – 74 Chancery Lane, London, United Kingdom, WC2A 1AD

How does BTC-Supermining Work?

BTC-Supermining is supposedly involved in trading digital currencies and binary options.  Apart from a lousy one line narration they haven’t provided any details. Assuming that they are actually trading with the funds we still do not know the strategy they follow or the kind of profits they might achieve.  

The names of the fund managers are not revealed.  As far as binary options are considered there is nothing to talk about it either.  Trading is a profitable venture but if you do not have the necessary skills and plan then it will quickly turn into a regrettable activity.  

Since time decay is present in options the risk of losing the funds is higher than ever.  Due to lack of clarity it is not at all advisable to stick with them despite what they promise you.

Profits Advertised

There is just two investment plan wherein the returns offered are either 12% or 24% per day.  If you do the math it adds up to an impressive number of 720% monthly. We know that this kind of numbers are absolutely stunning but it will never happen in reality.  

Everyone likes to earn money without actively involving with any work and that is just not the way the world works.  The top hedge funds who have billions of dollars cannot reach these type of targets and there isn’t any way these crooks will achieve that.

Referral Program

The core business model of this platform is that of a ponzi and as such they need a lot of traffic to survive for a long time.  To grow their client base they offers a referral program wherein they provide a lot of incentives for their promoters and marketers. - Referral Program

Affiliates gets 10% of the cumulative revenue amount brought on to the platform by them and if they want to they can further increase it by recruiting more people under them.  Usually these kind of schemes does not last for long and are heavily dependent upon their marketing ability. Note that the promoters are not required to be an active investor.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 10/07/2018 and it expires on 10/07/2019.  All the registrant information are masked. A search on reveals that this website currently ranks 356,315 globally and has secured a rank of 23,588 in Pakistan.  

They have used as-networking sites to blow their traffic stats.  Majority of their traffic is currently originating from Pakistan, Philippines, Tanzania, Indonesia and South Africa.

Red Flags

One of the main reasons because of which we are advising all our readers to stay away from this service is because this platform does not have any required licenses so if a problem arises in the future you cannot do anything about it.  Whenever there is a lot of anonymity surrounding an unregulated entity then it is not at all worth the risk to proceed investing with them.

Another concerning reason is the lack of evidence to support anything they say.  Even if we were to give then the benefit of doubt they still could have at least provided the investors with a demo account, without any sort of way to verify their statements how on earth can they expect us to trust them with our money?

BTC-Supermining Review Conclusion

BTC-Supermining is not at all the investment program you want to get involved with.  They are undoubtedly a ponzi scheme which will eventually run away with all your funds.  Fake scheme on the internet is something which cannot be eliminated completely but you should be very cautious while dealing with them otherwise it will damage you financially.

Have you lost money to  Feel free to share your experience by leaving us a comment.


  1. Bright Kersh

    Don’t think is a best platform, first I use to trust them when I forget my password I request to get my password reset they are not sending me the link to get my passport reset

  2. Hamza Hamza

    Btc-supermining is not a scam it’s legit and i have fully evidence about this site. i had tried to insert bitcoin and i was waiting within one month i saw the profit and now i still enjoy with this site .
    and if u have willing to enjoyo register here: [affiliate link removed]

  3. Enema Gideon

    Plz I want to know more about pivotbtc

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